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Scheduling Orientation

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1 2015-2016 Scheduling Orientation
Bryan Station High School

2 Scheduling It’s time to get ready for the school year!!!

3 Graduation Requirements
4 credits of English 3 credits of Math (Plus 4th year of instruction) 3 credits of Science 3 credits of Social Studies 1 credit of Visual Performing Arts ½ credit of Health ½ credit of PE 11 credits of Electives Pre-College Curriculum also requires completion of two years of a foreign language.

4 Credits Students can earn 8 per year 6 Credits = Sophomore 12 Credits = Junior 18 Credits = Senior 26 Credits = Diploma!

5 Scheduling 15-16 Let’s review your transcript to make sure you have all the right classes to graduate.

6 Transcripts Your transcript is a permanent record of your overall academic performance at BSHS. Please review your transcript for accuracy. Keep track of your credits so that you can have a clear understanding of your academic progress. If there are mistakes, deletions, or other problems with your transcript, make your guidance counselor aware when you meet with them to return your schedule card. Keep your transcript with you as you select your courses for next year.

7 Transcripts Check credit summary to make sure you have been awarded credit for the classes you have taken. Foreign language counts towards elective credit. If you did not pass a core class, you need to put that back in your schedule for next year.

8 Scheduling 15-16 Take the scheduling process seriously and choose classes that will help you determine what you want to do when you graduate from Bryan Station. College admissions counselors look at an applicants strength of schedule when deciding if that student is capable of handling a rigorous course load in college. Challenge yourself! Try an advanced or AP class if you haven’t before! Your electives are exploratory and will help you investigate a range of interests!

9 Scheduling starts today!
After you receive your scheduling materials today, you will need to take those materials to your classes so that you can obtain signatures from your teachers for courses that need approval. (S) You should also have a parent signature to ensure that a parent/guardian has reviewed your selections. You will meet with your counselor to turn in your schedule requests. A time has been scheduled with your Social Studies teacher. During that time you will meet one-on-one with your counselor to discuss course selections for next year.

10 Scheduling starts today!
Your Social Studies teacher will inform you as to when your scheduling materials are due. After your conference is complete, you will turn in your scheduling materials to your guidance counselor. Be prepared and on time for your conference! Please do not come to your conference empty handed! This is your schedule and it is imperative that you have input

11 Let’s get started! The Instructional Course Directory is a user friendly guide for the scheduling process. The full directory is on line on the Counseling web page. ( Some courses require a signature from a teacher. (“S”) Some courses require a pre-requisite course. (“*”) Some courses are for specific grade levels. (10-12) Some courses are offered for one semester only. (S1) = Semester 1 (S2) = Semester 2

12 Special Programs and Programs that need applications.
Scheduling 15-16 Special Programs and Programs that need applications.

13 Applications are required!
Opportunity Middle College (10-12): Dual enrollment partnership through BCTC. See your guidance counselor for details. Technical Centers(10-12): Locust Trace, Eastside, and Southside technical schools. All program information is in the course directory. Counselors will provide application when we collect cards. Business Co-op and EBCE (Seniors only): See Mr. Rushin in room 133. Child Care Co-op (Junior/Seniors only): See Mrs. Alley in room 522. Commercial Foods: See Ms. Fuqua in Room 520

14 Classes that require an application!
Child Care Services Room 522 Commercial Foods Room 520 Dual Credit English (Must Qualify on ACT) Dual Credit Math (Must Qualify on ACT) Peer Tutoring Career Development (Teacher Aide/Non-credit course/Seniors only)

15 Career Pathways = College and Career Ready!
Goal: Help students explore an area of interest in order to plan for the future career opportunities Students should take a cluster of four electives that fit into the same pathway. Typically, those would be taken one or two per year. Career Pathways = College and Career Ready!

16 Career Pathways Family and Consumer Science Air Force ROTC
Culinary Arts Consumer and Family Management Early Childhood Education Fashion and Interior Design Health Sciences Allied Health Nurse Aide Informational Technology (IT) Web Development StationARTS Theatrical Technology Air Force ROTC ROTC Business Accounting Administrative Support Business Management Marketing/Sports Marketing Engineering and Technology Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering

17 JROTC Goal: To develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community. Values of citizenship Service to the United States Personal responsibility Leadership/Fellowship

18 Business and Marketing
Goal: to help students develop skills and knowledge in personal finance, time management, and goal setting as applied to the business and marketing industry. Relates academic subjects to the real world and shows how reading and math can be applied in "real world" situations. Learn self-confidence, self-awareness, good work habits, problem solving, critical thinking, punctuality, reliability, teamwork, and leadership. Pathways Accounting and Financial Services Administrative Support Services Business Management Sports Marketing

19 Engineering Academy Construction Engineering
Goal: To provide an environment where students develop critical thinking skills through a hands on project based learning, preparing them to take on real world challenges in the field of engineering. Construction Engineering

20 Family & Consumer Science
Goal: Prepare students for successful careers, build awareness and develop leadership skills through classroom instruction, laboratory experiences and work based learning experiences. Pathways Child Development Foods and Culinary Arts Fashion and Interior Design Consumer Management

21 Information Technology Academy
Goal: Provide students with the skills and knowledge to enter college or the workforce upon graduation while equipping them with the technology skills that will be invaluable regardless of their career path.

22 Family & Consumer Science
Goal: Prepare students for successful careers, build awareness and develop leadership skills through classroom instruction, laboratory experiences and work based learning experiences. Pathways Child Development Foods and Culinary Arts Fashion and Interior Design Consumer Management

23 Medical Sciences Academy
Goal: Achieve college and career readiness by exposing students to occupations within the healthcare industry. Principles of Health Science (9,10,11) Course available for Freshmen to take Medical Terminology/Emergency Procedures (10, 11) Medical Science (11, 12) (Vocational Center) Medicaid Nurses Aide (12)

24 Medical Sciences Academy
Additional Advantages First Aid Certification CPR Certification Dual credit with BCTC Certified Nursing Assistant: Industry Certification CNA needed for college programs Skilled waged for High School graduate

25 StationARTS & Fine Arts
Goal: Prepare students to excel in the field of music and visual art. Music – Dance  both instrumental and vocal Drama Technical Theatre Visual art – either Art or Drawing is pre-requisite for most other art classes

26 Finalizing your choices!
Schedule Card 15-16 Finalizing your choices!

27 Schedule Card Mark all of your class choices clearly. On the back of the card it is imperative that you write out 8 class choices along with 4 alternate choices. Not completing this step could result in you not getting a class of your choice. Pay attention to special notations next to certain courses: (S1), (S2), (A), (S), (*). Your choices are not complete until you have teacher signatures on courses with (S) Turn in applications to the correct teachers

28 Schedule Changes are made on a very limited basis! Choose Carefully!
Schedule changes are only issued for the following reasons: You are missing a course necessary to meet graduation requirements. You have previously attempted a class with the same teacher and you weren’t successful. You have in incomplete schedule ( no class in one block). You are double-blocked (scheduled for two classes during the same block). You have already completed a course listed on your schedule (previous year, summer school, PLATO, e- school). You have been placed in an incorrect class level (general, advanced, or AP). *AP classes require a parent/teacher conference (prior to the 6 week progress report) after interventions have been documented by the AP teacher.

29 All of the information and materials provided in today’s presentation can be located on the counseling office website. DEFENDERS: Believe and Achieve Strive and Excel Have Honor and Integrity Serve and Contribute AND TURN YOUR SCHEDULE CARDS IN ON TIME!

30 Guidance Office Staff Freshman: Lori Daugherty
Students last name A-D: Brandy Jones Students last name E-K: Denise Lawless Students last name L-R: Yvette Thompson Students last name S-Z: Dana Lawrence Spanish Immersion: Ann Hurt Scheduling/Infinite Campus: Barb Stenzel Registrar: Terri Hockensmith Administrative Assistant: Amy Sommer

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