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Volunteer feedback questionnaire analysis September 2009.

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1 Volunteer feedback questionnaire analysis September 2009

2 Our volunteers have spoken. They’ve given us a valuable insight into the experience of being a part of Reef Check Australia’s monitoring. This is what they have to say:

3 My time is limited by family and work commitments but my interest is still strong The current processes are complicated, often rushed and quite daunting It is difficult to accomplish all the survey tasks within the constraints of the big commercial operator day schedule. Would like to see the data/results out in the public arena. Thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 season surveys and hope to be involved in many more-Keep up the good work Reef Check!

4 Need more feedback on the usefulness of the data I collect… to determine whether the effort is worthwhile. I really think the key is planning the dive days further in advance and actually letting us (the volunteers) know when these might be so we too can plan ahead. I think the social side of things is really important and suggest more social events outside of monitoring. Keep up the great job you guys are doing! The cost of courses are sometimes prohibitive. For the most part, all of my experiences with RCA have been very positive.

5 I have only had great experiences so far with RCA surveys. I really enjoy seeing our reefs in a new light and really getting to know them better, with like minded-people who are an inspiration. Strengthening the social aspect of volunteering, would greatly enrich the volunteering experience. I think the cost of training and certifications is very high for a community- based volunteer program I love surveying, I love being in the water, I love the experience of collecting data and I love meeting people who are just as interested in conserving reefs as I am.

6 Our volunteers are mainly around North Queensland but there are a significant number who participate in both regions.

7 Personal recommendation is vital. We need all our volunteers to promote RCA to their friends.

8 Our volunteers value conservation above all other benefits of participation. We must ensure we achieve this aim.

9 Nearly ¾ of our volunteers intended to participate in 5 or more surveys each season…

10 …yet less than 1/3 managed to achieve this rate of participation.

11 More than half our volunteers would prefer to join more surveys than they already do.

12 Our volunteers are mostly available during weekends and the majority are able to join both Saturday & Sunday surveys.

13 Less than a quarter of our volunteers are prevented from surveying by external factors…

14 Of these, only a small proportion are no longer able to dive…

15 ..only a small percentage have been lost to relocation…

16 …and very few of our volunteers are no longer participating due to emigration.

17 I haven't had the time or money to renew my certifications and unable to attend the last pre-season briefing due to working nights and Saturdays. It seemed most surveys required a two, two & a half or three day commitment. I am committed to RCA but for daily weekend diving. Due to my availability…and SEQ weather…staying current and confident in my identification skills is hard. I am currently writing up my PhD and spend every living breathing minute dedicated to that. If there is another reason you are no longer able to participate in RCA Surveys, please explain here: Finding it difficult to find provider to update my certification.

18 100% of our volunteers are keen to stay involved with RCA and participate in future surveys!

19 Very few volunteers feel the surveys are too taxing for their dive experience. There is a significant belief that ancillary costs of surveys are offputting, as well as the maintenance of certifications – the cost of these being a barrier to participation. By far the greatest problem volunteers face is finding the time to join surveys. Score range: 0-5, where 0 is disagree and 5 is strongly agree.

20 Our volunteers would generally appreciate our assistance in contributing to the costs of surveys and certifications. There is also a strong interest in the provision of social events for volunteers. Score range: 0-5, where 0 is disagree and 5 is strongly agree.

21 Our volunteers firmly believe that the work we do benefits the local reefs, as well as the local community. Score range: 0-5, where 0 is disagree and 5 is strongly agree.

22 The data we collect is perceived as valuable by our volunteers and the majority of them would be interested to see the results of our monitoring, particularly from the surveys in which they participated. Score range: 0-5, where 0 is disagree and 5 is strongly agree.

23 What happens now? Develop a strategy for subsidised certification courses Plan a series of social events Prepare a communications strategy for pre- season advance survey notifications Identify opportunities for subsidising travel/accommodation survey costs Provide access to data reports Source funding for all of the above.

24 Thank you to all our supporters, sponsors & volunteers

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