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Best practice teaching CVs: An employer’s perspective (AKA The 30-second sell)

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1 Best practice teaching CVs: An employer’s perspective (AKA The 30-second sell)

2 Objectives To provide you with advice and resources for the job application process By the end of this session you will: – Develop an awareness of critical value factors – Distinguish the elements of an effective CV – Know how to structure a concise cover letter – Gain an appreciation of the application process in the independent sector

3 Your journey from today Self- development Self- promotion Self-service Self- preservation Self- achievement

4 Self-awareness The world Your world Your teaching Your subject Your class Your lesson

5 What’s the right job? Factors to consider – State, Independent or Catholic – Academic or broad emphasis – Career opportunities – Size – Location – Last but not least…. People

6 A Principal’s perspective You will see two applications for each of the following jobs: Primary, Graduate, Maths, LOTE, Leadership position. Decide which person you would employ? You have 10 seconds per position.

7 Purpose? What is the purpose of: – The Cover Letter? – The CV? – The KSC? Which is the most important? Why? Which do employers read first?

8 Dispelling the myths of job applications True or false? 1.The employer reads the cover letter before reading the CV 2.The school may receive 30 – 50 applications for some vacancies 3.It is possible to make an employment decision in less than 30 seconds 4.Presentation is more important than content 5.Each application receives an equal amount of consideration 6.Employers are rational, unbiased, unemotional machines

9 Conclusions Be strategic, be sincere Make every word count Put your best foot forward Spell-cheque, poof-reed, spell-check, proof- read Network, baby If they don’t want you, it’s their loss: Try not to take it personally.

10 Your CV part 1: The basics DoDon’tDepends Keep to 2 – 4 pages Put Résumé or CV at the top Use minimal colour Give your file a suitable name Put your photo Hyperlink to portfolio page Keep it ‘clean’ not busy Use fancy fonts and graphics Link with social media Keep formatting consistent: Bullets, fonts, tables and tabs

11 Sections to include Personal Details (no need for a heading) Personal statement Qualifications Teaching strengths (optional) Employment history (or ‘Professional experience’) Professional development and memberships Activities and interests Referees (3 max.)

12 Your CV part 2: Maximising ‘Brand YOU’

13 What does a great CV look like? Answer: How do you like your coffee? Know your strengths and lead with them: Academic? Experienced? Sporty? Blow your own trumpet funky horn! Banish bashfulness. Your CV is PRIME REAL ESTATE. It is the cover of Time magazine. It is a Nobel Prize winner. Don’t waste it!

14 Your cover letter Introduction (2 lines): This is why I am writing to you and it will be worth your while. Body (2 short paragraphs): I can bring the following attributes to the role. Here are a few of the achievements you’ll read about in my CV. This is why I would like to work at your school. Conclusion (2 lines): By now you should want to read my CV if you haven’t already and you should be dying to meet me. I am serious about wanting the job and want to meet you.

15 The application process Job-hunting Where do I look? Recruitment Online, The Age, ISV, Seek, SchoolJobs, CEO, school websites... Better still… NETWORK!

16 Self-service Register on a job board; create job alerts – – – – – – – – – –

17 Self-promotion The school recruitment landscape is changing Use a recruiter to help you find work – – – – – – Ask yourself who they are working for and why?

18 The application process Applying What do they want? Value for money! Tried and tested. Zero risk. How can I improve my chances? Offer something different. Be specific. Be yourself.

19 The application process Interviewing Behavioural-based interview: Situation ActionOutcome Principal or Vice-Principal or Dean of Staff/HR Manager/Head of Department

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