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Group Wellness Program 60-DAY. How smoothies can change your life.

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1 Group Wellness Program 60-DAY

2 How smoothies can change your life

3 What’s So Good About Smoothies? Having a smoothie is an efficient way to deliver nutrients to your system. A smoothie can significantly bump up the amount of nutrients you get each day. A smoothie provides lasting energy. A smoothie can be surprisingly filling. It can also help prevent snacking and overeating later in the day. Smoothies create an alkalizing effect in your body, due to the alkaline ‘ash’ left by the minerals in the fruit and vegetables. An alkaline body is a happy, healthy body which is less stressed and less prone to disease.

4 What’s So Good About Smoothies? Smoothies are made from raw fruit and vegetables, which have particular health benefits such as higher levels of certain antioxidants, a good content of enzymes, and excellent-quality fiber. Having a daily smoothie is a great way to boost your intake of raw foods. Smoothies are quick and easy to make. Smoothies taste good!

5 Smoothies…NOT Juice! Smoothies use the whole fruit or vegetable so you get the fiber and other goodness. Nutrients are often concentrated just under the skin of a fruit or vegetable. Sugars in smoothies are released more slowly than in juice. Fruit juice can upset blood sugar levels. This may make you crave sugary foods. Juices can damage tooth enamel and cause dental caries. Always dilute juice with water and restrict your juice intake.

6 I have completely got into the routine of a smoothie first thing in the morning and this seems to make me eat more healthily for the rest of the day. Since starting the smoothies three weeks ago I’ve lost half a stone [7 pounds] – and I haven’t once felt that I had to ‘diet’ or go hungry. What People Say About Smoothies “ “

7 I have not been able to eat everything that I have put on my plate for lunch and dinner since starting the day with a smoothie. I feel more content with what I am eating, do not have cravings, and never feel hungry. What People Say About Smoothies “ “

8 I’m snacking less after meals as I’m more full. What People Say About Smoothies “ “

9 My sweet cravings have significantly reduced. What People Say About Smoothies “ “

10 With the smoothies I’ve really noticed that I’m not that hungry any more between breakfast and lunch. What People Say About Smoothies “ “

11 Smoothie Rules Sip don’t gulp Have your smoothie first If you skip breakfast, have a smoothie before mid-morning If you like having an unhealthy breakfast…

12 Make Smoothies a Part of Your Routine Obtain a blender. Organize your shopping so that you have a regular supply of fresh produce.

13 Great Smoothie Combinations Mango + banana + papaya + live yogurt Apple + grapes + celery + lettuce + spinach + cabbage + cucumber + mint + water Berries + yogurt

14 Make Your Smoothie Extra Nutritious

15 Akea Essentials The power of synergy: Studies have shown that the beneficial effects of nutrients in food are greatly enhanced when eaten together in the whole food, rather than being isolated in supplements. For example, the vitamin C in an apple is much more effective in the body than vitamin C taken as a supplement. Vitamins, minerals, and thousands of phytochemicals work together to powerful effect in whole foods in a way that they cannot do in supplements. Essentials captures the entire fruit and vegetable to bring you the power of all the phytochemicals combined within them for maximum effect. Taking Essentials is also a convenient way to help reach your five-a- day goal. Add 1-2 scoops to your daily smoothie.

16 Akea Essentials anti-inflammatory anti-cancer antioxidant cholesterol-lowering boost immunity aid insulin sensitivity improve brain sensitivity aid liver detoxification contain fiber to cleanse the intestinal tract lower blood pressure

17 Akea Essentials boost circulation anti-clotting reduce atherosclerotic plaque detoxifying protect against radiation aid digestion boost levels of beneficial bacteria anti-viral anti-bacterial

18 Akea Essentials Amaranth American ginseng Apricots Beet juice powder Blueberries Broccoli seed sprouts Brussels sprouts Buckwheat Cacao bean Chia seeds Chicory root Chlorella Cinnamon Papaya Pomegranate Quinoa Reishi Mycelia Resveratrol Spirulina Sweet potato Tomatoes Turmeric Probiotics Enzymes Cranberries Elderberries Ginger Goji berries Grapes Green cabbage Green tea Kale Mangoes Millet Noni fruit Oat bran Okra

19 SERVING in one simple

20 Boost Your Smoothies! Add protein and healthy fats Ground flax (linseed) adds protein and essential fatty acids – both omega 3 and omega 6 Chlorella and spirulina add protein and essential fatty acids Nut butter – protein and beneficial fats Coconut oil

21 NEXT WEEK: get moving

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