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Congratulations You have passed you Amateur Radio License Test So, what now?

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1 Congratulations You have passed you Amateur Radio License Test So, what now?

2 Getting your call sign. Rules state that you may not transmit until your call sign has been posted on the web. So, when will I see it you ask? That depends. Only once it showed up the next day. That was a miracle. Most of the time it will be from 3-7 days. Check out this sites for your new call. Click or Copy and paste into your browser

3 Getting on the Air The way to get on the air is getting a radio. What kind of radio do you need? It all depends on several things. Your license class privilege. (What bands can you use) Location of your station. Having room to put up a station antenna, or do I just go mobile? Cost factor. Radio vary in cost that many of us have to budget it in to living.

4 Radio, Radio,Radio There are several kinds to consider. Handheld …… Mobile…. Base station…..

5 Handie Talkie (HT) Handhelds are handy. HTs are small portable but sometimes not practical for use in a car or home. HTs are only as good as the repeater system that is in your area. Most amateurs do get a HT sooner or later. Some of them have more than one band and become handy.

6 Mobile Radio Mobile Radios are the most common Amateurs will purchase for their car or home. In your house there is also a need for a power supply. Don’t forget the antenna. Antennas come in either Omni directional or a Beam. In a car a mobile 5/8s antenna will do fine.

7 Base Station Radio As you move up in the ranks you will want to get a Base Station. Because of the bands that come with the radio the cost of this type of radio can vary. Having UHF/VHF and HF can be a good thing. Remember that only one band will be able to operate at a time.

8 Extras Now that you have some idea of what you want in a radio go ask another ham before you buy one on your thoughts. Most of us have a computer that will work right in with getting on Echo link for instance. This doesn’t need a radio unless you have a node and set it up for interfacing with one. Your computer will have answers to many questions that you have.

9 Operate as much as you can! Good operator get on the air as much as he can. This is how we get better as a operator. Operating isn’t all that is needed to become a good operator. “Listening” can be the best what to learn from other operators. Be careful not to follow others that some how haven’t learned good operating skills.

10 Less POWER vs More POWER Just how much power do you need? That depends on several things. How much power is you antenna rated for? FCC rule is ‘just enough to make the contact’. What modes need more power? Some modes do better with less. QRP vs QRO

11 Getting involved There are clubs and groups that do things all year long. Our website: will post many of things that you are welcome even if you don’t do like CW. The Flying Pigs will be glade to see ya join in their fun. The CATS club will always love to see ya. If you would like to do some kind of mode that you need help with come to a

12 Links where to find things – CATS Club website – ARRL website – QRZ website these are just a few.

13 Our Last words Again we would like to Congratulate you and remember you have taken your first step into Amateur Radio. Keep up the good work and stay Radio Active. It will always be our honor to serve.

14 73s This Power Point is free to anyone wanting to use it for your group as lone as you let me know. Please e-mail me at n4gxe@bellsouth Thanks: Dan Baker Press escape to end the presentation

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