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1 General Education Office LA.121 / LA1301 English 1 Unit 1 Greetings and Small Talk.

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1 1 General Education Office LA.121 / LA1301 English 1 Unit 1 Greetings and Small Talk

2 2 Form the present perfect with have (‘ve) or has (‘s) and a past participle. For regular verbs, the past participle form is the same as past simple form: (open – opened, study – studied) We ‘ve met them. She‘s called him. haven’thasn’t Have you met them? Has she called him? Yes, we have. / No, we haven’t. Yes, She has. / No, she hasn’t. Use the present perfect to talk about an indefinite time in the past. Use the past simple to talk about a definite or specific time. Present Perfect: indefinite timePast Simple: definite time I’ve met Bill twice.We met in 1999 and again in 2004. Grammar: Present Perfect

3 3 Remember the Pairwork exercise on P4? a) __________________ our new teacher? b) Yes, _____________. He _____ her in the office this morning. a) a)____________________ to this class before? b) b)No, _________________. They’re new at this college. a) a)____________________ in the new college restaurant? b) b)No, _________________. Is it good? Jake / meet meet they / be you /eat Has Jake met hasmet Have they been haven’t Have you eaten I haven’t

4 4 Present Perfect Speaking / Listening Exercise Complete the Have you ever_____? worksheet provided Use ever and never as appropriate

5 5 Present Perfect with already, yet, ever and before Use yet or already in questions about recent experiences. Have you toured Quito yet?Has she already tried Korean barbecue? Use already in affirmative statements. Use yet in negative statements. I’ve already tried sushi.I haven’t tried sashimi yet? Use ever or before in questions about life experiences. Have you ever eaten Indian food? Has she ever been to London? Have you eaten Thai food before?Has she been to Paris before? Use already or before in affirmative statements. Use have never or haven’t ever in negative statements. I’ve already tried Indian food three times, but I’ve never tried Thai food. I’ve tried Indian food before, but I haven’t ever tried Thai food.

6 6 Present Perfect Grammar practice On a sheet of paper, or in your book, use the words to write statements or questions in the present perfect. 1 1(you / go sightseeing / in London / before) Have you gone sightseeing in London before? You’ve gone sightseeing in London before. 2 2(she / already / try / Guatemalan food) Has she already tried Guatemalan food? She has already tried Guatemalan food.

7 7 Present Perfect Grammar practice 3 3(they / ever be / to Buenos Aires) Have they ever been to Buenos Aires? They have been to Buenos Aires. 4 4(we / not take a tour of / Prague / yet) Have we not taken a tour of Prague yet? We’ve not taken a tour of Prague yet.

8 8 Present Perfect Listening practice Vocabula ry The Great Pyramids (of Egypt) The Pyramid of the Sun (Peru) The Forbidden City Ceviche

9 9 Present Perfect Listening practice Listening Comprehension 1. 1.Listen to each conversation and complete the questions. 2. 2.Then listen again and complete the short answers. QuestionsShort Answers 1 Has she ____________________of the great pyramids yet?________, she _________. 2 Has he ____________________ in Kyoto yet? ________, he _________. 3 Has she ever ___________________ceviche? ________, she _________. 4 Has she already ________________the Pyramid of the Sun?________, she _________. 5 Has she ever ________________to Beijing before? ________, she _________. 6 Has she _________________________ of the forbidden city yet? ________, she _________. taken pictures Yes has No hasn’t Yes has No hasn’t gone sightseeing tried climbed been taken a tour

10 10 Review Listening Comprehension 1. Listen to the conversation with a tourist in Vancouver, and check Yes or No 2.Listen again and write they answers to the questions, using yet or already Has she…Ye s No been to the Vancouver Aquarium? Yes. She’s already been to the…… visited Gastown? been to the top of Grouse Mountain? seen the Capilano Suspension Bridge? tried dim sum? gone to the top of the Harbour Centre Tower

11 11 Review Use the photos to write questions using the present perfect with ever or before. Don’t use the same verb more than once. Thai food Mount Aconcagua Argentina The Tower of Pisa, Italy 1. ___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 3. ___________________________ 4. ___________________________ 1 234

12 12 Further Listening Exercises http://www.esl- http://www.esl- ningenglish/radio/specials/1646_gramc hallenge17

13 13 Summary Now you can: Get reacquainted with someone Greet a visitor to your country Describe an interesting experience

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