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WBC SALES MEETING 2012 WELCOME GERRY UDELL INC.. Agenda Welcome –Introductions Sales Presentation –2011 Year in Review Top Performer –2012 Goals Marketing.

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2 Agenda Welcome –Introductions Sales Presentation –2011 Year in Review Top Performer –2012 Goals Marketing Presentation –70 th Anniversary –Show Deals –Product News –Miscellaneous Discussion


4 2011 Year in Review 1)2011 Sales Increase Goal= 11.5% 2)Increase the # of new accounts, with a goal of $300,000 in additional sales 3)Fill in gaps so we maximize the number of accounts that carry these 6 key Spilo brands: 1.Flowery 2.Spilo Foil/Color Accessories 3.Personna 4.Mehaz 5.Toolworx by Personna 6.Hairware

5 2011 Year in Review 4)Increase the sales of these key Spilo brands: Colora Flowery Hairware Hot Sock Mehaz Melting Pot Personna Speed-O-Guide Spilo Color Accessories/Spilo Foil Toolworx by Personna

6 How did Gerry Udell Inc. do? 1)2011 Sales: -5.5% 2)New Account Performance: – Sales of New Accounts were -47% compared to the previous year 2010: $60,282 2011: $32,221 – The # of New Accounts opened in 2011 was -44% versus 2010 2010: 18 2011: 10 3)19 accounts carried all 6 key brands in 2011, which was -14% versus 2010 2010: 22 2011: 19

7 How did Gerry Udell Inc. do? 4)Increase the sales of these key Spilo brands:



10 2012 Sales Goals Increase Overall Sales –Goal= 9% Positive New Account Growth –Goal= $100,000 in New Account Sales 10% Increase in the Number of Accounts that Carry All 6 Brands: Flowery, Spilo Foil/Color Accessories, Personna, Mehaz, Toolworx by Personna and Hairware –Goal= 21 Accounts 19 Accounts in 2011 x 10% (2)= 21 accounts in 2012

11 2012 Sales Goals 15% Increase in sales of accounts carrying Spilo’s key brands:

12 2012 Sales Goals 15% Increase in sales of accounts carrying Spilo’s key brands:



15 70 th Anniversary Promotions “Hunt for the Spilo Carnation” –This promotion forces the customer back to the Spilo catalog, where they may discover other items they want to purchase Catalog Two will be sprinkled with different colored carnations featuring certain products The July, September, and November Hot Sheets will indicate what the discount percentage is and what color carnation it applies to The customer needs to go to the catalog to find the matching carnation to discover what product the discount applies to

16 “Hunt for the Spilo Carnation” Hot SheetCatalog Two

17 70 th Anniversary Promotions 7-Day Deals –This promotion will help you get Spilo proprietary lines into your accounts that do not carry them –It leverages hot deals on top selling open line items to gain distribution on proprietary lines –Example: “Buy any Toolworx by Personna product and qualify for 25% off our #1 selling Hot Tools blow dryer”* –Beginning in April every other month until the end of the year –Customers will be notified by direct mail, email, telemarketing, and customer service *deal pending

18 70 th Anniversary Promotions 7 Deals at 10%-25% Off Build your sales with hot deals! Every Hot Sheet beginning with March/April will have 7 deals ranging from 10%-25% Featured in the center spread of the Hot Sheet celebrating Spilo’s 70 th Anniversary

19 70 th Anniversary Promotions Online Promotion –Encourages customers to utilize our online ordering service who haven’t previously been registered –Customer receives a 2% discount on their first online purchase Announced in the March/April Hot Sheet Promotion good through end of April Customers will also be notified by direct mail, email, telemarketing, and customer service –And Remember! To take advantage of more timely orders, cost efficiencies, fewer errors, and …. you still get the commission!! Exclusions: –Personna factory orders –Customers with contract or redistributors' pricing (including hip pocket deals) are excluded

20 70 th Anniversary Promotions Sales Increase Contest –Level 1: Increase sales of Spilo products by 70% One Week Hawaiian Vacation for two –Airfare, hotel, spending money –Level 2: Increase sales of Spilo products by 50% Alaskan Cruise for two – 7 days –Upgraded cabin, airfare to port, spending money –Level 3: Increase sales of Spilo products by 30% New Orleans long weekend getaway –Hotel, airfare, spending money

21 The calculation of any increase in sales is based on comparing full year 2012 net sales (sales less returns) of all accounts on a sales reps’ account list at the end of 2012 to 2011 net sales of those same accounts (baseline) – i.e. If a sales rep acquires an account in 2012, the 2011 sales for that account will also come along with the acquisition and be included in the total 2011 baseline Minimum sales increase of $50,000 Prizes must be redeemed within 12 months of award date Trips need to be planned 60 days in advance Sales Contest Rules


23 WBC Show Deal 3 % on orders over $2,500 2% on orders over $1,500 Effective January 16 – January 31, 2012 Account must attend show and sign our log book to qualify for this discount - no exceptions. Excludes Personna® Hair Shaper Blade Orders, as well as contract and hip pocket pricing. All show orders must be received in house by February 3, 2012 for immediate shipment to receive the show discount. Invoice must be paid in terms.


25 Gravity Feed Display Compact display loaded with 24 5-packs of Personna Blades Secure and convenient way for your customers to increase impulse sales Mount on peg or slat wall or display on counter or shelf Measures only 3-/14” (w) X 6-1/4 (h) X 5” (d) Distributor Price:$54.98 ds Suggested Salon Price : $4.50 per 5 pk

26 Pink Ribbon File Catty We’re doing something new and different! Fashion print on one side mixed with ribbons on the other side! –Leopard –Daisies –Gingham Sell sheet available in January Distributor Price: $29.16 ds ($1.62 ea) Suggested Salon Price: $3.99 ea

27 Holiday File Catty Overview: –Three new exclusive holiday designer nail files with coordinating designer cases –Compact 18-piece display features 6 each of the 3 new designs –Sell sheet available in January –Samples available in March Pricing: –Distributor Price: $29.16 ds ($1.62 ea) –Suggested Salon Price: $3.99 ea

28 Sales Goals for Seasonal File Catty Displays Increase Distribution – File Catty Pink Ribbon Display 2012 Goal= 75 – File Catty Holiday Display 2012 Goal= 300

29 Packaging Update Clamshell Format: –Bringing a consistent look to our large and small packaging footprints –Reducing the depth of the large clamshell by half (will be ½” thick) –Securing closure to eliminate safety band from large packaging –Timing: May 2012 Artwork: –Adding design elements and accent colors for a more feminine appeal –Organizing pertinent copy for better legibility –Adding QR code to link to Facebook page –Timing: Q4 2012 OLD NEW

30 Rake Comb 100% Hard Rubber Comb from Germany –All Master Barber combs have burr-free, saw-cut teeth rounded by hand for a smooth, even finish –Will not snag or scratch the scalp 9” comb. Long enough and big enough to distribute conditioner or blend and smooth the hair when styling Distributor Price: $9.99 ea Suggested Salon: $19.99 ea

31 Comfort Grip Alligator Clips Holds thin, thick, straight or curly hair with ease Perfect for sectioning and clipping all types and lengths of hair Rubberized coating for extra comfort 4 – 4 ½” Clips Distributor Price:$2.24 pk Suggested Salon Price : $4.48 pk


33 HOT SHEET DEALS – JAN/FEB “REPEATED” Mini Trim Grooming Kit $3,967 I-Stubble - $2,668Easy Cut - $3,028 TOTAL INCREMENTAL BUSINESS - NOV/DEC - $14,431 10 in 1 system - $2,590 7 in 1 system - $2,178

34 HOT SHEET DEALS – JAN/FEB Eye and Face Make-Up Remover Wipes 25ct. Purchase 25ct @$6.60 and receive 25 “FREE” No-Tweeze® Hair Remover 4oz. Dist. Reg. Price $4.29 / Sug. Salon Price $8.60 Dist. Reg. Price $3.43 / Sug. Salon Price $6.86

35 HOT SHEET DEALS – JAN/FEB Buy any 2 Ardell Lashes and get a “FREE” LashGrip Glue Dist. Price $4.20 (2x $2.10) Poshé was purchased by a new Company and they’ve re-launched the product. “It’s Back” $1.95 VALUE


37 Your 14 Proprietary Brands


39 Your 9 Exclusive Brands



42 We made the catalog more user-friendly by matching each product picture with each product description OLDNEW

43 We grouped complementary products together such as razors with razor blades to maximize cross-selling

44 And we unified brands and products together under hot categories like Gel Polish Treatments

45 QR Codes Coming in future Spilo hot sheets and catalogs, and being phased in on Spilo proprietary packaging and advertising –Customers can scan the QR code and go directly to the Spilo website to order online

46 Online Update It’s Growing! –2011 sales were up 36% –More and more customers are signing up and ordering more often What’s Coming in 2012? –You’ll be able to order online for your customers right from your iPad or laptop –You and your customers will have more visibility to stock status information –A new Pop up Welcome Screen will give your customers more real time updates –Your customers can join our Email Sign-Up to get great deals and updates by email –An enhanced suggestive selling screen makes it easier for your customers to purchase complementary products The more they buy, the more commission you make!


48 Why You Should Follow Spilo on Twitter We will be posting 70 th Anniversary deals on Twitter Your customers will hear the news first on Twitter You need to be in the know about what’s happening at Spilo We are continuing to aggressively pursue more customer sign-ups

49 Why You Should Follow Spilo on Facebook Announce new accounts that carry these brands Tell about customer promos & sales Link to customers’ Facebook page and websites Customize programs to drive pull through at your accounts

50 Discussion Forecasting –Timely We need information early, well in advance, to plan properly and meet ship dates Especially for seasonal purchases and customized programs –Accurate and Realistic Consult with your customer’s buyer Decision Feedback from Buyers Faster turnaround regarding samples presented to buyers When there are delays in the approval process, help us understand why so we can follow-up accordingly Customized Promotions / Products –Provide complete details of proposals upfront i.e. warehouse and store introductory dates; pipeline and replenishment quantities; special packaging details –Include realistic timelines To determine urgency of projects and whether feasible –Be more responsive and timely to requests for updates on pending issues Need to keep projects moving to make ship dates

51 Thank you!!!

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