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Next The Descendants of Jehiel Woodruff Randall A Living Family Scrapbook.

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2 Next The Descendants of Jehiel Woodruff Randall A Living Family Scrapbook

3 NextPrev. The descendants of Jehiel Woodruff Randall (1813 - 1879) have provided us with a rich and comprehensive chronicle of a family dynasty. From public and museum records, family bibles, diaries, letters and photographs, we have pieced together their story. Jehiel was the great-great-great grandson of John and Elizabeth Randall, the first Randalls to arrive in America. This makes Jehiel a 6th generation American.

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5 NextPrev. Jehiel Woodruff Randall was born in Ridge, LI and settled on the paternal estate in Ridge with a farm of about 200 acres. Jehiel was a man of intelligence, genius and a great fund of good humor and sociability. He was a farmer and politician. He held office in the Town of Brookhaven for many years and was president of the Board of Trustees of the public school for years.

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7 NextPrev. Jehiel Sturgess Randall, Gen 7 Jehiel Sturgess Randall was born in Ridge, LI. He and his wife lived in South Norwalk, CT, where he was a grocer and in the real estate business. He helped to build and develop the city of Norwalk. He was a trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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9 NextPrev. Stephen Morehouse Randall, Gen 7 Stephen Morehouse Randall was born in Ridge, LI. He and is wife, Kate, lived and died in Brooklyn. He was a builder, dealer in real estate and contractor. He helped to build the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. Stephen and his brother, John Jay, were contractors and builders of the county almshouse at Yaphank, LI in the 1870's and other buildings. Stephen was the compiler of the first book on the Randall family entitled "Genealogy of the Descendants of Stephen Randall and Elizabeth Swezey," published n 1906, a genealogy of 64 pages. In Brooklyn, he was director of the Seventeeth Ward Bank, trustee of the East Brooklyn Savings Bank, member of the Building Trades Club and Manufacturers Association of New York.

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11 NextPrev. Catherine “Kate” Jane Davies, Gen. 7 Unconfirmed Identification

12 NextPrev. Catherine Jane Davies’ Brother, Gen. 7 Unconfirmed Identification

13 NextPrev. Catherine “Kate” Jane Davies, Gen. 7

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15 NextPrev. John Jay Randall, Gen. 7

16 NextPrev. John Jay Randall, Gen. 7

17 NextPrev. John Jay Randall was born in Ridge and lived in Ridge, Brooklyn and Freeport, LI. The Randall home in Freeport was named Woodbine. He learned the trade of carpentry and engaged in business with his brother, Stephen under the name of Randall Brothers. Later he formed a partnership with his brother-in- law, William Glassell Miller under the firm name of Randall and Miller, 16 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn. The firm was extensively engaged in the construction in Greater New York and on Long Island. In 1885, John Jay and his partner came to Freeport and bought several large tracts of wood and farm land. These tracts were cleared and laid out with broad avenues for development into building sites for residential areas, including Randall Park and Woodcleft Avenue. John Jay was a progressive citizen and instrumental in having the village incorporated, having a water and electric light plant installed. He organized the Freeport Bank of which he became President and many other projects, including the public schools and Fire Department.

18 NextPrev. The offices of John Jay Randall and his partner and brother-in-law, William G. Miller in Brooklyn, NY.

19 NextPrev. John Jay Randall gets a well deserved front seat (look for the whiskers) at the opening of a new trolley line in Freeport, NY.

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21 NextPrev. Sara Jane Davis Randall, Gen. 7

22 NextPrev. Sarah Jane Davis Randall Gen. 7

23 NextPrev. Sarah Jane Davis Randall Gen. 7

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25 NextPrev. Ernest Sturgess Randall, Gen 8 Ernest Sturgess Randall was born in Brooklyn and died in Freeport, LI. He lived in Freeport, LI where he was a merchant banker, realtor and architect.

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27 NextPrev. Ernest Sturgess Randall, Gen 8 Five Dollar Bill, issued 1929 By First National Bank and Trust of Freeport, NY Bearing the signature of Ernest Randall, President

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30 NextPrev. Russell S. Randall, Gen 9 Russell was a lifelong resident of Freeport, LI. From 1931 to 1933, he was Mayor of that town.

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33 NextPrev. Letter from Ernest S. (Jr) and Lois Randall, Gen. 10 To Phil (Randall) Stockhausen, Gen 10

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35 NextPrev. Clyde and Alma Randall Gen, 9

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37 NextPrev. Clyde Stuart Randall, Gen. 9 Like his cousins, Jack and Bob Randall, Clyde was sent to Bordentown Military Academy, NJ.

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40 NextPrev. Florence LaMasa Randall, Gen. 9 Clyde and Florence had 2 sons, Lawrence and Philip. Clyde passed away shortly after Philip’s birth. Florence later married Frederick Stockhausen. The two sons adopted the name, Stockhausen.

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42 NextPrev. Florence’s Parents, Joseph and Blanche LaMasa, Gen. 8

43 NextPrev. Joseph LaMasa was a kind and well loved man. He came to America as a young boy from what is now Italy in the late 1870’s. He enjoyed telling us how, as a child, he got to sit on Buffalo Bill’s lap in Madison Square Garden.

44 NextPrev. Blanche spent her last year in a sanitarium suffering from tuberculosis. She died in the 1918 flu epidemic. Shortly before her death, she sent this letter to her oldest daughter, Florence who was only 5 at the time……

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48 NextPrev. Phil adopted the last name, Stockhausen, upon the re-marriage of his mother, Florence, to Frederick Stockhausen. Phil was born in Rockville Centre, LI and lives in Grants Pass, OR. He graduated from MIT and worked in San Francisco as a marine engineer. Philip J. Stockhausen, Gen. 10

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50 NextPrev. Lucy A. Randall, Gen. 8 In 1922, just after becoming President of the 1 st National Bank of Freeport, Ernest Randall left his wife, Bertha for the “younger woman”. This caused quite a bit of unexpected publicity….

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52 NextPrev. After his marriage to Lucy A., Ernest Randall made extensive ocean voyages world-wide. On one such voyage, Ernest passed away while enroute. The standing rules of the sea at the time dictated that he be buried at sea. An exception was made in Ernest’s case. His remains were carried to the nearest port of call and then transported back to Freeport. He was interred at Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead, NY.

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54 NextPrev. Mary Frances Overton, Gen. 7

55 NextPrev. Mary Frances Overton, Gen. 7 Mary Frances was a good friend of John Jay Randall’s first wife, Sarah Jane Davis. Sarah passed away in 1876 after 10 years of marriage. Three years later, in 1879, John Jay married Mary Frances.

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57 NextPrev. Lena Frances Randall, Gen. 8 Lena’s class picture, 1892. She is in the 1 st row, 6 th from your left.

58 NextPrev. Lena Frances Randall, Gen. 8

59 NextPrev. Lena Frances Randall, Gen. 8 Lena Avenue in Freeport was named after her.

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61 NextPrev. Lena Frances Randall, Gen. 8 Lena with her husband, Frank Willets, their son, John Randall Willets and daughter, Elizabeth Frances Willets.

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63 NextPrev. Elizabeth Frances Willets, Gen. 9

64 NextPrev. Elizabeth Frances Willets, Gen. 9

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66 NextPrev. Thomas F. Miller, Gen. 9

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68 NextPrev. Thomas F. Miller, Jr., Gen. 10

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70 NextPrev. Mary Miller, Gen. 10

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72 NextPrev. Christopher and Jennifer Fields, Gen. 11

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74 NextPrev. John Jay Randall, Jr., Gen. 8 John Jay Randall, Jr. was born in Freeport. He was a banker and realtor. Martha Ruth Godfrey was born in Bordentown, NJ. She was a teacher in Freeport.

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76 NextPrev. John Jay Randall III, Gen. 9 Robert Godfrey Randall, Gen 9 A Tale of Two Brothers Both Jack and Bob attended Bordentown Military Academy, NJ. Jack served under General Patton in WWII but had enough spare time to find himself a young bride while overseas. Bob became a well known plastic surgeon, but retired early due to Parkinson’s disease.

77 NextPrev. The family story goes like this: When their mother asked the two boys to do something, they would respond in two ways: Jack would argue, get bothered, grumble and beef while he did what was asked. Bob would say “All right, Mother”, and then leave happily…..and not do it. Times change for all of us, but people stay remarkably the same. Jack and Bob

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79 NextPrev. John Jay Randall III, Gen. 9 John Jay Randall III was born in Freeport, LI. Annalie M. Weiss- Bottler was born in Munich, Germany. They reside in Old Brookville, LI. Her son by a previous marriage was adopted by John Jay in 1950. They both became citizens in 1952. John Jay is an attorney.

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81 NextPrev. Frances E. “Muzzie” Hendricksen, Gen. 7

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83 NextPrev. Mary Esther Randall, Gen. 8 Mary Esther was born in Ridge, LI. She and her husband, William Glassell Miller, lived in Freeport, LI.

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86 NextPrev. William Glassell Miller, Gen. 7 William Glassell Miller was a builder, real estate dealer and prominently identified with the enterprises of Freeport. He was president of the Water Board, president of the Village Trustees, trustee of Bushwick Savings Bank, director of the Freeport Bank, president of the Queens and Suffolk Counties Fire Insurance and Assemblyman to the State Legislature.

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88 NextPrev. The William Glassell Miller Family Standing: Raymond J. Miller and Dr. William G. Miller, Jr. Seated: Mariette Miller, Mary Esther Randall Miller, William Glassell Miller and Florence Elizabeth Miller

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90 NextPrev. Circa 1889 “I haven’t been to the city yet. Don’t know when I shall go—so much to do. Want to make sweet tomato pickles, catsup and chow chow this week besides. My little Jay is is just splendid. He sits on the floor all alone and plays. Lena plays about as rough with him as Ernest does with her. Baby Jay says “Mom Mom” and “Boy Boy”. Ernest is studying like a good fellow. He had 48 examples to do this evening. He has answered 26 alone and is still working. He likes school very much. We have quite quiet days. Lena often talks of you. She is quite nervous and has to sleep with us. I must fix bottles. Good night.” Excerpts of a letter from Mary Frances Overton (John Jay’s 2nd wife) to a friend, Agnes Homan talking about her infant children, Lena and John Jay, Jr., and her older stepson, Ernest:

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92 NextPrev. A Family Vacation in Orchard, ME circa 1898 Standing: John Jay Randall, Unknown, John Jay Randall, Jr. Seated: William Glassell Miller, Jehiel Sturgess Randall(??), Muzzie Hendricksen (??), Mary Esther Randall Miller, Mary Augusta Davis Randall(??) Front: Unknown, Lena Randall

93 NextPrev. The wife of Jehiel Sturgess Randall, Mary Augusta Davis was also the older surviving sister of his brother, John Jay’s deceased wife, Sarah Jane Davis. Notes for the Previous Photograph At the time of the photograph, John Jay Randall was married to Mary Frances Overton, (not pictured). Muzzie Hendricksen was their housekeeper. John Jay later married Muzzie in 1906 after the passing of Mary Frances. Mary Augusta Davis (Unconfirmed ID) Sarah Jane Davis

94 NextPrev. William Glassell Miller, Mary Augusta Davis Randall(??), Elliot Ross (son of a business associate), John Jay Randall, Jr., Muzzie Hendricksen(??), Jehiel Sturgess Randall(??), John Jay Randall, Mary Esther Randall, Unknown Family Vacation

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96 NextPrev. An interesting gathering on S. Grove St., Freeport John Jay Randall, Jr., Leo Fishel who pitched for the NY Giants in 1899, Birdsall Jackson, a noted chronicler of LI history, Amos C. Baldwin, Frank Willets, Capt. Abe Smith and Capt. John Whaley

97 NextPrev. An interesting gathering on S. Grove St., Freeport Capt. Abe Smith and Capt. John Whaley, two of Freeport’s venerated pioneers Capt. Abe’s Oyster House 1885 John Whaley’s Hotel 1888

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99 NextPrev. House Construction Daytona Beach, FL Circa 1917 Lena and Frank Willets, probably their daughter, Elizabeth Frances and Frances E. (Muzzie) Hendricksen

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102 NextPrev. Sightseeing on the Tomoka River, Ormond Beach, FL John Jay Randall is the bewhiskered gentleman at the stern

103 Prev.Exit Credits Music:“Bergrosa” performed by Sven Nyhus Biographical Input:“A Randall Family of Long Island, NY” by Lanyon and Wells Randall Assn., LI Branch, Inc. Photo Source:Freeport Memorial Library Special Thanks to Mary Miller- Chiao, Gen. 10 for sharing her extensive collection of historical family photographs.

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