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Ch 9 PP1 The Cultural Geography of Latin America Unit 3 – Chapter 9.

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1 Ch 9 PP1 The Cultural Geography of Latin America Unit 3 – Chapter 9

2 Ch 9 PP2 I. Section I Population Patterns

3 Ch 9 PP3 A. Human Characteristics Blending of People Indigenous People – the area’s native people European settlers Mostly Spanish & Portuguese Also Italians, British, French, & Germans Asian settlers on many of the islands Language Most countries have Spanish as their primary language Brazil – Portuguese Some English & some French countries Dialects – different versions of the same language

4 Ch 9 PP4 B. Where Latin Americans Live South America’s Populated Rim Densely populated area around the continents edges (coasts) Why do you think that people live here instead of the continent’s interior? Population Density Varies greatly throughout Latin America! Look at the map on pg. 184

5 Ch 9 PP5 C. Migration Migrating North Many people try to enter the U.S. looking for a better life California, Texas, New York, Illinois, & Florida have the highest populations of immigrants Internal Migration Rapid urbanization

6 Ch 9 PP6 D. Growth of Cities Urban Setting Megacities – cities with more than 1 million people Primate City – influences other cities Mexico City – 18 Million –List 5 reasons people would move to a city –List at least 5 problems this overcrowding can cause 4 of the 20 largest population cities in the world are located in this region! #2 – Mexico City, Mexico #4 – Sao Paulo, Brazil #10 – Buenos Aires, Argentina #19 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Make sure you read pgs !

7 Ch 9 PP7 II. Section II History & Government

8 Ch 9 PP8 A. Native American Empires 3 Native Groups Maya A.D S. Mexico & N. Central America Tikal (Guatemala) was their greatest city Skilled in math –Developed a symbol for zero –Created a calendar based on 365 days! Conquered by the Spanish

9 Ch 9 PP9 Native American Empires (Cont.) Aztec A.D Tenochtitlan – capital city – now Mexico City Grew beans & rice on chinampas – floating islands Developed a class system Spanish defeated them

10 Ch 9 PP10 Native American Empires (Cont.) Inca A.D Cuzco – capital city – Peru Cut terraces in the Andes mountains to grow crops Built irrigation systems to bring water to desert areas No written language – kept records on quipu Built Machu Picchu in Peru Conquered by Spanish

11 Ch 9 PP11 B. Empires to Nations European Conquests Conquistadors – Spanish conquerors Conquered many of the native people in the 1500s Viceroys – Royal appointed officials Gaining Independence In the late 1700s, resentment grew against the Europeans The first country to earn independence was Haiti Many of he islands of the Caribbean did not gain their independence for much longer & some still haven’t today!

12 Ch 9 PP12 C. Era of Dictatorship Caudillo – dictator Made all of the decisions

13 Ch 9 PP13 D. Movements for Change Panama & the U.S. signed a treaty creating the Panama Canal Zone Slavery still existed in many countries Communism in Cuba – still today!

14 Ch 9 PP14 III. Section III Cultures & Lifestyles

15 Ch 9 PP15 A. Religion Roman Catholicism During the colonial era (when Latin America was being colonized by European countries), many of the Latin Americans became Christians Most Christians are Roman Catholic Protestantism Mixing of Religions Syncretism – mixture of religions Look at pie graph on pg. 227

16 Ch 9 PP16 B. The Arts of Latin America Traditional Arts Weaving, woodcrafting, pottery, & metalwork Murals & Mosaics Modern Arts Artists, architects, dancers, musicians

17 Ch 9 PP17 C. Everyday Life Family Extended family – includes grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins Latin Americans have a strong sense of loyalty to this Education & Health Care Education quality varies greatly! Malnutrition – lack of proper food Sports & Leisure Sports Futbol – Soccer Jai Alai – Fast-paced game like handball Fiestas – festivals Best known is Carnival Marti Gras – Rio de Janeiro

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