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4 Growing old is the only way to live a long life.

5 Maturity is that age when we are is still young but being so takes more effort.

6 What bothers me most about the foolish actions of my youth is not what I did but not being able to do it again.

7 Growing old is moving from passion to compassion.

8 Many people never reach 80 because they waste too much time trying to stay 40.

9 coimbracity.olx.p t 20 year olds are ruled by desire, 30 year olds by reason and 40 year olds by common sense.

10 He who is not handsome at 20, strong at 30, rich at 40 nor wise at 50 will never be handsome, strong, rich nor wise. …

11 When we reach 60, few things seem absurd to us.

12 The young think that the old are fools; The old know that the young are.

13 Maturity in man is being able to find again the same serenity that we enjoyed in childhood.

14 Nothing passes more quickly than time

15 When I was young, I used to say” “they’ll see when I’m 50”. I’m 50 and they haven’t seen anything.

16 In the eyes of youth a fire burns, in the eyes of the old, a light shines.

17 Initiative in youth is just as valauble as experience in old age.

18 There will always be a child in every man.

19 Every age calls for a different behaviour.

20 The young walk in groups, adults in pairs. The old walk alone.

21 Happy is he who was young and happy in his youth and wise in his old age.

22 Everyone wants to get to be old... And everyone denies when he is.

23 Even though you may not understand the passing of time, Live it well...



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