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You may be asking yourself, why should I take Latin? We’ll Tell You.

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2 You may be asking yourself, why should I take Latin? We’ll Tell You

3 Smart Educational Type Benefits Latin Moment Benefit from the Latin word bene meaning well. Studies show that students who take Latin do better on the S.A.T.S. (Big scary high school tests that determine your future LIFE.) It allows you to have better vocabulary because 60% of English is Latin in origin.

4 Life Benefits You can impress your parents by knowing more than they do if they haven’t taken Latin. You gain a basic knowledge of Italian and the other Romance languages.

5 Books Gravestones Building Foundations Clocks Statue of Liberty Dates Superbowl Copyright Dates

6 Latin Connects to Everything Math= Roman Numerals L.A.= Poetry (Look Up) If you’re in the Latin room. Science= Scientific Names of Organisms S.S.= History of the Roman Empire Reading= 60% of English Words are Latin Derivatives


8 Semper Fidelis Tempus Fugit Carpe Diem Veni Vidi Vici You will………..



11 Persephone Atlas Arachne

12 Latin Teacher Historian Archeologist Doctor Scientist Anything

13 WE Latin

14 You get to try on a tunic/toga. You get an awesome teacher. (hint hint Mrs.. Hightower) Cool movies occasionally. You get lollipops when you take tests.

15 Medals from the national and state Latin exams can be put on college applications and can earn scholarship money. It is unique and is impressive to people that you have tried something harder and new.

16 Three Types of Columns Aqueducts Arches & Famous Buildings

17 Hadrian’s Wall Roman Forum Amphitheater

18 “Latin has improved my English vocabulary immeasurably” Mark Rushton age 16 “Translating Latin is satisfying- it’s like a puzzle” Ann Khan age 15 “Some of the best works of literature ever written are in Latin” Tom Cary age 15 “Latin opens up a whole new world as it introduces you to a different language, a different time and a different culture” Julia Rosenbaum age 13 “ Latin helps you with your other subjects, like Modern Languages, Science or Music” Claire Pinches age 16

19 See we told you we’d tell you why you should Take Latin


21 (people (and a dog)are running to take LATIN!!!)

22 P.S. TAKE LATIN Made By: Anonymous Eighth Graders of the Graduating Class of 2007

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