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Tombs and bones! What Bible fundamentalists can believe! (Gimme a break!) Tombs and bones! What Bible fundamentalists can believe! (Gimme a break!)

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1 Tombs and bones! What Bible fundamentalists can believe! (Gimme a break!) Tombs and bones! What Bible fundamentalists can believe! (Gimme a break!)

2 We know it’s a myth of course! But the Turks don’t seem to think so! You ever heard of Noah’s Ark?

3 WE know Noah was a legend right? But then they do have his shrine around Mt. Ararat! The oldest place names of that area preserve antique meanings that translate as 'Noah's Village', 'First Vineyard', 'House of Shem' (Noah's son), 'First Market Town' 'Place of First Descent' etc. Most of these names are no longer in general use but are very specific in old Armenian. Awesome!

4 They even have his tomb!

5 The Flood covered Mt. Ararat & the World’s highest mountains! Pfff… Remarkable though is the persistence of his biblical name Noah. Particularly so when you consider the language differences between peoples, and the local distortions which developed in flood legends. Yet Noah’s name survived virtually unchanged in such isolated places as Hawaii (Nu-u), the Sudan (Nuh), China (Nu-Wah), the Amazon region (Noa), Phrygia (Noe) and among the Hottentots (Noh).The Bible calls him Noah! He survived this worldwide flood on a boat full of ALL existing & extinct animals! Can you believe it?

6 Now this is supposed to be the 4.400 year old remains of Noah’s Ark on the mountains of Ararat! It It seems to be petrified wood and of the same length as recorded in the Bible! Huh?

7 Y’all heard the story how Lot was told by angels to leave the wicked city of Sodom and to not look back? Well, his wife did look back at the destruction! The Bible says she turned into a salt pillar. This pillar is still called “Lots wife!” Still stands there today! Superstition of course! Ha!

8 Most of us heard how Lot’s uncle, Abraham, was father of Arabs and Jews? Another legend Well guess what? Here’s his tomb, worshipped by Jews & Arabs alike! Simple people no? Thank Evolution for modern education

9 It is in the Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem. This is supposed to be the rock where Abraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac

10 They believe his son Isaac is buried in there too! Of all things!

11 Isaac is the father of Jacob who dug a well near Sychar, where Jesus is supposed to have talked to that woman of Samaria 1000 years later. Bedouins in this 1884 AD picture believed that this is the well. Simple people! It still exists today within the walled complex of a Greek Orthodox Monastery.

12 You know what this 1880 pic shows? This Jacob married a girl called Rachel. Can you believe it? These Fundamentalists claim this is Rachel’s tomb. Wow?

13 Jacob & Rachel had a son called Josef. He was sold to Egypt as slave but became under-pharao! Moses carried his bones with him when they left Egypt. This 1865 pic shows Josef’s tomb in Palestine! hi

14 Amram? He was the father of Moses who must have loved him very much! It’s the longest tomb in the world! This appears to be Amram’s tomb.

15 Now Moses had a brother called Aaron, who helped him lead the Hebrews out of Egypt? … Yeah right! Well, guess what! This is supposed to be Aaron’s tomb. 400 years after Joseph got there, 2-3 million Children of Israel left Egypt escaping the Egyptians via the desert.

16 They traveled from Goshen via Succoth through this wadi arriving at Nuweiba beach

17 Nuweiba beach at the gulf of Aqaba from where they presumably crossed over… Pretty big beach no? For 2 million people? I always did wonder how that pillar of fire could have stopped the Egyptians by night. Just go around it! No sir! Those hills were too steep for their chariots!

18 That’s not all. Archeologists found 2 pillars that King Solomon put on both beaches to commemorate the Red Sea crossing! — He wrote the whole story on them! I guess Solomon believed in it

19 God divided the sea with a storm exposing this underwater land bridge & Moses went over it as if it were dry land! So this is how 2-3 million of them supposedly crossed!

20 Here’s another side view of that land bridge and an original pic of Pharao’s chariots Guess what they discovered under water! Pharao’s chariots tried to pursue them

21 The wheels of Pharao’s chariots that got drowned when these dudes tried to pursue them! The Bible says the sea closed over them! The upright standing axle is covered with coral. Cool!

22 They crossed the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia where according to these archeologists the real Holy Mountain Sinai is. From here Where Moses got the 10 commandments

23 The rock split and the water gushed out This they say is the rock at Horeb that Moses hit twice to get water for the people!

24 Yup! That’s what this is! Ever heard of King David?

25 He tried to steal the Kingdom from his father and was killed. David loved him anyway! And sure enough… David had a long-haired son Absalom This is this dude’s tomb!

26 This is King Darius who Daniel also served! At least the people & places were real! Kinda amazing though! These are remains of the city Babylon where this prophet Daniel lived! Below appears to be the tomb of that prophet Daniel in this shrine in Susa Iran! How do they manage to get so many tombs of all these guys?

27 King Cyrus ordered the rebuilding of Jerusalem! Daniel This tomb belongs to King Cyrus whom this prophet Daniel served in 600 BC.

28 As was prophesied in Ezekiel 44:1 “Then he brought me back to the outer gate of the sanctuary, which faces east; and it was shut. And he said to me, "This gate shall remain shut; it shall not be opened, and no one shall enter by it; for the LORD, the God of Israel, has entered by it; therefore it shall remain shut. The East gate was walled up in 600 AD by Muslims after Jesus had entered it in 30 AD You must admit that this is quite awesome! It’s still shut… Man, these Christians got it all backed up to the detail…

29 The media still seem to like to ‘debunk’ this, but the Shroud is now dated to about 30 AD. Before photography had been invented, it already had a photo of a dead man in it! He has wounds from nails in his wrists & feet, from thorns in his head, a spear wound below his heart, & blood smears on his back from stripes. But the most amazing of all is the face! Look at it! But this takes the cake! Dan Brown.

30 I have decided to become a believer after all. My name? You know what? Oh, just call me, Dan Brown.

31 Just say: Dear Jesus! Please forgive me for my unbelief! Help me to believe and come into my heart and save me! Give me eternal life! In Jesus Name I pray! Amen! Why doubt? Just believe! If you can’t, just ask Jesus to help you believe. He also wants to come into your heart! PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO OTHERS For more powerpoints visit

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