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Register of Educational Personnel (REP) Info Session for EOY 2011 Submission Due: June 30, 2011 04/20/20111.

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2 Register of Educational Personnel (REP) Info Session for EOY 2011 Submission Due: June 30, 2011 04/20/20111

3 2 Select CEPI Applications/REP/EOY 2011 Data Field Descriptions

4 04/20/20113

5 A. X06SCR 04/20/20114 Changes: Educational Setting is a dropdown, Title I/II moved to X07SCR

6 04/20/20115 B. X07SCR – New Screen Changes: PIC# Is a New Field on X07SCR, loaded from your CEPI File EG-SCR User Field is now on X07SCR as Personnel Type EF-SCR Ethnicity/Race Field is now on X07SCR, in Compliance with CEPI X06SCR Title I/II is now on X07SCR Educator Effectiveness is a new field and is on X07SCR

7 A. PIC# Added Next to Employee # B. Demographics Tab ‘Before’ and ‘After’ 04/20/2011 6 1. Title I/II moved to Ethnic Tab

8 C. Ethnic Tab ‘Before’ and ‘After’ 1. Ethnicity Ranking Removed; Races re-ordered 2. Title I/II and Educator Effectiveness 04/20/2011 7

9 CYBORG Rep Information is Entered into CYBORG Screens X06SCR, X07SCR, X28SCR, and 30-SCR Updates Nightly to SMART if Refresh is “ON” and Personnel Type is valid. Changes in CYBORG won’t be reflected until the next day. SMART Loads into appropriate SMART screen based on Personnel Type District creates SMART Rep File. Some programming is done behind the scenes based on CEPI Edits SMART FILE District submits Smart File to CEPI 04/20/20118

10 CYBORG = X07SCR Personnel Type Report ID = REPLIST CodeEmployees AAdministrators I Instructional - All FTEs N Non-Instructional – FTE >.50 P Instructional Paraprofessionals - All FTEs S 00SUB – Day to Day Sub Teachers on Payroll X <.50 FTE Non-Instructional on Payroll Y 00PAR – Sub Paraprofessionals on Payroll BLANK Do Not Bring Over to SMART REP 04/20/2011 9

11 10

12 A. Professional Development is reported in the End of Year Submission B. Administrators – Update the Admin Cont Ed field on X06SCR C. Teachers 1. PD Tracking Website – PD is “automatically” included in the SMART Rep 2. HR Enters the PD on the SMART Tab for each Teacher 3. Send file to CDOT to load (KALPA) 04/20/201111

13 SMART “EMPLOYEE ANALYSIS (EA)” FOR REP WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE Use the four TSO jobs to edit for omissions/errors on CYBORG REP Screens Do the REPJOB first; the other three can be done in any order. A. REPLIST – shows you who should be sent to the SMART REP Screens (Active, LOA, Termed between 12-1-10 and 6-30-11). Look for blank Personnel Type Field….these people won’t be pulled into REP unless they are changed. Edit as necessary (students, board members, and some “active” people don’t get pulled into REP). B. REPEDUC – shows omissions/errors on 30-SCR Education Screen C. REPCERT – shows omissions/errors on the X28SCR Assignment Screen D. REPJOB – shows omissions/errors on the X06SCR 04/20/2011 12

14 A)NOW: 1) Turn on SMART Rep Refresh 2) Contact Carole if you want all your contractors terminated 3) Use: REPLIST, REPJOB, REPCERT, and REPEDUC for Errors/Omissions 4) Correct CYBORG Screens as necessary, at least for the REPLIST B)NOW to June 15, 2011 1) Continue Correcting CYBORG Screens 2) Submit “early and often” 3) Correct all submission errors FIRST 4) Turn SMART REP Refresh Off 5) Do final corrections at CEPI Website (L/T Subs, LOAs) 6) Correct red X’s LAST C)June 15, 2011 to June 30, 2011 1) At least 2 weeks prior to the deadline, print and verify CEPI Reports D)Submission Due: June 30, 2011 04/20/201113

15 A. CYBORG B. C. D. 04/20/201114  Pull Up Each Survey and Compare; Change as needed  Visual Compare  Enter Changes Visual  Compare  Enter Changes surveys District Spreadsheet surveys D. Analyzer EMPRACE  Direct Load to CYBORG District Spreadsheet

16 A. EMPRACE Decision Analyzer (Excel Dump of X07SCR) 04/20/201115 1.Available in Common Library of Decision Analyzer. 2.Carole will run for you if your district isn’t familiar with Decision Analyzer 3. Can be sorted the same way as the district spreadsheet (or paper survey) and visually compared. Also a good time to look for empty PICs and personnel types

17 A. Contractor files from PESG/PCMI/Kelly have people who haven’t worked during this submission period 1. PESG creates file from “Approved Contractors for the F/Y”, not from their billing/payables files 2. PESG doesn’t put a termination date in unless formal paperwork is filled out by the contractor – contractors like to keep their options open and “re-up” every year 3. Subs can elect up to 10 districts, and can be reported up to 10 times if all districts don’t edit the files Solution: Work with A/P to determine who has actually worked this fiscal year. EDIT the files before loading or entering into SMART, or submitting directly to CEPI. 04/20/201116

18 B. Contractor Records are over-writing Employee Records when CEPI processes our bulk files i.e. An employee also coaches. Some districts contract out non-instructional pay. Currently, the coaching record is read last on the file and “overlays” the instructional record Solution: Our programmer is re-ordering the file… will be read first followed by employees….therefore employee information will always be the last record read. 04/20/201117

19 C. Contractor Tab in SMART is “Growing” Every Year 1. Contractors currently on SMART, but not on the new PESG file are not being automatically terminated when we load the new file. Therefore, the file grows larger every year. Solutions: 1. Quit using SMART to track load instead a. Terminate ALL* contractors as of 11-30-2010 (contact Carole to do this behind the scenes). Contractors won’t pull into SMART Rep this submission. b. Get current file from PESG, and edit for accuracy c. Submit direct to CEPI (but not as the last bulk load!!!) 2. Clean up SMART a. Use SMART contractor list to compare to current PESG file b. Work with A/P to determine who really worked this fiscal yr c. Terminate contractors who haven’t worked this fiscal year 04/20/201118

20 A. PIC #s can now be generated between submission periods (i.e. at time of hire, monthly, etc.) 1. 3 levels of PIC# access – see CEPI email or website 2. If not done at time of hire, reports are available to find empty PIC # fields in CYBORG 3. Right now, EMPRACE in Decision Analyzer shows empty PICs B. HR Departments Requesting Ability to Assign the Employee # and fill out 4 REP Screens before sending paperwork to Payroll: 1. Payroll Ramifications 2. District Decision & Agreement between HR and Payroll 3. CDOT Training (Have Document, Re-do the “Blue Sheets”) 04/20/201119

21 A. Information on CEPI Website B. Districts must implement an annual performance evaluation for teachers and administrators B. For 06/30/2011 – All district PRINCIPALS must be reported C. For 06/30/2012 – All Educators must be reported 04/20/201120

22 A. Allows user to create their own reports by “point and click”. B. User Chooses Fields, Selection Criteria, Sort, and Subtotaling Features C. Allows Exporting to Excel D. Example 04/20/201121 E. Demonstration Select Fields Export to Excel

23 ??? 04/20/201122

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