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Genre Comprehension Strategy Comprehension Skill.

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2 Genre

3 Comprehension Strategy

4 Comprehension Skill

5 Why do we make generalizations? We make generalizations based on the facts of characters, setting and events in a story to relate it to our lives.

6 Objective: I can write a generalization based upon facts from a read aloud.

7 Generalizations usually begin with words like Most, Many, Most of the time, Almost always, Some, Usually…

8 Read Aloud: The Fastest Cat on Earth Detail Generalization

9 Read Aloud: The Fastest Cat on Earth Detail Generalization

10 Read Aloud: The Fastest Cat on Earth Detail Generalization

11 Objective: I can read and write the vocabulary words and their definitions in my academic vocabulary notebook.

12 adj. not stopping; constant; unstoppable; The water from the brook was ceaseless. ceaseless

13 adj. friendly; This cat and dog are companionable with each other unlike other cats and dogs. companionable

14 v. having little hope or enthusiasm; Don’t let one bad grade discourage you from trying your best. discouraged

15 adj. gloomy; miserable; The dismal day put everyone in a gloomy mood. dismal

16 adj. gloomy; bleak; dull; It was a dreary afternoon with all the snow. dreary

17 v. very tired; He was so exhausted he just fell asleep where he was. exhausted

18 v. Beating against again and again; The leaves were pelting down from the sky. pelting

19 adj. in a bad-humored way; unhappily; gloomily; He pouted sullenly because he was in a bad mood. sullenly

20 Objective: I can write the 2 words that make up a contraction and its letters that have been left out.

21 Popular Contractions Contractions are cool… WordShortened FormWordShortened Form notn’t would, could, should ‘d is, has‘shave‘ve will‘llam‘m are‘re

22 Ramona, why haven’t you cleaned your room. Which 2 words make up haven’t.. – have not Which letters are left out – o from not  haven’t Contractions. I do.

23 Mother I think you’re mean. Which 2 words make up you’re… – you are Which letters are left out – a from are  you’re Contractions. We do.

24 1.Don’t press your nose. 2.It’s none of your business. 3.There’s no reason why we can’t have a treat. 4.Ramona didn’t like it. 5.I’m trying to study. 6.I’d like a hamburger. Contractions. You do. Write the contraction from each sentence. Then rewrite the sentence using the two words it comes from.

25 ContractionRewritten sentence 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Contractions. You do.

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