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School system in eu.

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1 School system in eu

2 Estonian education system
Positive points Negative points - school starts at 8.00 o´clock for everyone -it takes a long time to study (12 years) -lessons long 45 minutes -no choice of subjects to learn (we study subjects that we don´t need) -we don´t have any works/tests on Monday and Friday -very few English lessons -we use high technology in our school (laptops, tablets, smart boards in some classrooms) -complecated timetable (fysics, maths and all difficult subject have to be at the begining of the school day) -we have electronic school -too many students in one class

3 German Education System
Positive Points Negative Points Free Education (everybody can afford) School starts at 8 o’clock Different types of school for everybody (Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium) Hours are too long Accepted Education on high level Classes are too big – too crowded Compulsory school attendance for all children until grade 10 To many subjects and homework If you have problems at school you will get help from the teachers People are not allowed to retake the year

4 Romanian School system
Positive Points Negative Points Well trained and good teachers We have short brakes about 10 minutes we can’t do anything in this short period of time 1st to 10th grade the school is free and mandatory We don’t have a school cantina where students can eat and relax The teachers grade students accordingly We don’t have a school bus so some students have to walk long distances. We have exams 4 years apart We can’t use the calculator during math exams The schools help poor students with money and school material In 11th and 12th grade we have to pay for our books

5 Czech education system
Positive Points Negative Points Free education for everyone Our education starts very early at 8 o´clock. Including national minorities to czech schools. Not too much teachers for foreign languages Eu grants and cooperation another countries 9 years of basic school education Two foreign languages 30 students are so much in one small class. Good technical equipment Limited range of voluntary subjects

Positive Points Negative Points We use technology in our classes. There are smart-boards in all of our classes. Our library is always locked. We have spring fests where we sing, dance, eat and enjoy the moment with our friends. Also we improve our trust to our bodies. Our teachers always teach us theory. They don’t teach us how to practice. We don’t learn only Turkish culture, we learn other cultures worldwide too so lessons improve our general culture. Some teachers are responsible for 2 lessons. In certain times, we start an event which we cook bakeries, make small toys, make traditional clothings and sell them. So we learn how to gain money and help charity. We haven’t got a computer lab. The government helps when a student can’t afford an instrument. We haven’t got any security guard.

7 portuguese education system
Positive Points Negative Points Computer in every classroom School ends at 5:45 pm some days Extracurricular Activities It rains inside of the school Free education (Everybody can afford) Good students get distracted by bad students Free study room with teachers The school sistem is desorganised Grants (if someone can’t afford to buy books you have grants) High school and secondary school are together

8 Spanish school system Positive Points Negative Points Free afternoons
We start too early (8 o’clock) Only contry (also Estonia) that can study regional languages A lot of morning classes with only 30 min break A lot of differents opportunities too study with differents levels. Too many exams in the same day Respect every cultures without racism. School material is too expensive Many infrastructures No support overtime

9 The Ideal common european school system
Individual Support of the pupils Valid graduations on the same level Lessons start at 9 o’clock Less lessons a day Specialisation of the subjects Teachers no civil servants Small classes No marks until grade 6

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