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Leadership Development Training: What To Expect in Your First Year October 23, 2014.

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1 Leadership Development Training: What To Expect in Your First Year October 23, 2014

2 Overview What do former Fellows wish they had known at the start of their Fellowships? –Personal reflections of alumni to come –Start with refresher on key terms of the Memorandum of Agreement –Reporting requirements What data should you be tracking starting now

3 Memorandum of Agreement Signed by each of you and your host organization Re-read it now that you have started the Fellowship! Critical components –Commitments you have made –Commitments your host organization has made

4 Your Commitments Take and pass the bar exam –Notify staff immediately if you haven’t taken or haven’t passed the bar exam Serve as Fellow for two years –Discuss impact of medical or personal leave on term of Fellowship with staff Work on project, at chosen host organization, under the supervision of specified individual –Any changes require prior approval

5 Your Commitments (cont.) Support Equal Justice Works Always identify yourself as Equal Justice Works Fellow sponsored by …. Attend meeting with supporters or prospective supporters as requested Follow our sponsor relations rules to maximize your chances of success and to ensure sponsors will renew their commitment and give a future candidate a shot at their dream job

6 Host Organization Commitments Train and support you to fulfill project goals –You are not a Staff Attorney –Limited time on non project matters Compensate you per the certification Allow you to fulfill your obligations to Equal Justice Works, including reporting and sponsor relations Standard employment relations issues resolved between you and your employer

7 Reporting Requirements Comprehensive reports –After six months, one year, and end of Fellowship –Quantitative and qualitative information Don’t wait until the deadline approaches to start collecting the data! –Review of six-month report today –Report is on module now –Start tracking the pertinent data now

8 Six-Month Report: Qualitative Describe your “most meaningful experience” Review three most important goals and assess progress Describe three primary goals for next six months and activities required to achieve them Describe contacts with your sponsors

9 Six-Month Report: Qualitative (cont.) Tell a “great story” demonstrating your impact Describe media coverage Provide confidential assessment of your experience with specific reference to your satisfaction with host organization, supervisor, and Equal Justice Works Supervisors asked to provide assessment of your progress in consultation with you

10 Six-Month Report: Quantitative Representation of/advice to individuals Number receiving brief advice Number receiving full representation Organizational clients Number of nonprofit organizational clients Number of people benefitted High-impact litigation Number of cases Number of people benefitted

11 Six-Month Report: Quantitative (cont.) Legislative work –Number of educational presentations given –Number of policies implemented –Number of administrative agencies with which you worked Community education/outreach –Number of presentations/workshops given –Number of attendees

12 Six-Month Report: Quantitative (cont.) Allies, other service providers –Number of presentations/workshops given –Number of attendees Training or educational materials –Number developed and number distributed Coalition building –Number of meetings attended outside organization –Number of groups with which you collaborated

13 Six-Month Report: Quantitative (cont.) Pro bono resource development –Number of law students recruited –Number of volunteer attorneys recruited –Number of other volunteers recruited –Number of recruitment presentations given to any audience Other resource development – such as grants or in-kind donations

14 Six-Month Report: Quantitative (cont.) Client demographics –Age range –Percentage identifying as persons of color –Percentage identifying as LGBTQ –Percentage identifying as veterans Sample spreadsheet for tracking data is on module along with full report

15 One-Year and Final Reports Same information Submit cumulative data from start of Fellowship

16 One-Page Handouts Prepared at same time as six-month, one-year, and final reports –Similar to the one-page profiles –You will receive template; do not change formatting –We edit and then provide them to sponsors –Also used to help recruit new sponsors –Information forms the basis of your presence on our website


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