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IT’S MORE THAN JUST A PHONE CALL Roger Whiteman Head of Profit Protection

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1 IT’S MORE THAN JUST A PHONE CALL Roger Whiteman Head of Profit Protection

2 RETAIL 467 Stores - £746m sales 10,000 colleagues30,000 SKU’s AUTOCENTRES <300 Autocentres - £126m sales 1700 colleagues Over 100 years of history Trading in UK & Republic of Ireland Trading Office in Hong Kong Previously owned by Burmah Castrol, Ward White, Boots, CVC Capital Partners and now we are a FTSE 250 Company.... And that’s in my time!

3 WHAT is Whistle-blowing? No absolute definition – but I like; “Speaking up about a wrong doing, inappropriate risk taking or malpractice to someone in authority.” (Internal or external)

4 Legislation Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 Key changes from June 2013; A qualifying disclosure means if in the reasonable belief of the employee it is in the public interest. WB no longer has to be in good faith Own employment contract is a grievance not WB Employers must protect WB from actions of other employees (Previously just employer)

5 PIDA only becomes an issue when things go wrong...... And 70% of all claims are settled ‘out of court’! Whistle-blowing is about getting the silent majority to speak up – offering them a safe alternative to staying silent.


7 Why is effective promoting of your Whistle-blowing Policy key?

8 My team tell me what frauds they are discovering. Whistleblowers tell me what ‘colleagues and externals’ are getting away with – and how!

9 I have a Policy – I’ve launched it I have a Policy – We get some calls I have a Policy – We’re doing what we need to Is keeping the message fresh & alive important?

10 Is your package & fit for purpose? Employee confidence Line Management support Board / Regulator Assurance Ofsted NHS Local Government

11 What else could you do to publicise Whistle-blowing in your organisation?

12 Many ways to get the message across. Constantly thinking and talking Not social media...... Yet!!

13 Current categories of wrong doing (PIDA) (for each – has been committed, is being or likely to be.) ; 1.Criminal offence. 2.Failing to comply with a legal obligation. 3.Miscarriage of justice has occurred. 4.Health & Safety of any individual is being endangered. 5.The environment has been damaged. 6.Information showing any of the five above has been deliberately concealed.

14 What we say; If the caller wants to talk – we want to listen! Discrimination Inappropriate Behaviour Fraud Victimisation Malpractice

15 A nurse has raised a number of concerns, some involving specific members of the team. You’ve been given the information Signing for medicines that haven’t been used. Cover up of prescription application errors. Poor recording of patients notes. Dressings noted changed frequently enough. Deaths not reported to family members What do you do?

16 Let’s talk about a couple of other stories that have been in the papers

17 A few questions – just take a couple of minutes; Do you think that “the better internal routes are publicised, the less likely the external route will be the preferred option?” How important is it to ensure WB’s understand what next steps will be, how they can further communicate and when they should hear some more?

18 And closer to home – for me!!

19 We all like feedback we ask the Whistleblower for theirs;  What outcome they want?  How they feel after the first call?  When all is finished how they feel  Do we say Thank You?? Does Whistle-blowing help to formulate your strategy into the future...... Or is your Policy and approach static?

20 Successful arrangements provide colleagues with; -a safe alternative to staying silent -Deter wrong doing -Identifies issues early -Supports & utilises management -Caring organisation


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