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Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 1 Don Jacklin August, 2014 Office & Industry Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED Recessed luminaire family.

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1 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 1 Don Jacklin August, 2014 Office & Industry Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED Recessed luminaire family

2 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 2 1.Introduction/ Overview 2.Product details 3.Competitive Overview 4.Marketing support materials 5.FAQs PRESENTATION OUTLINE

3 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 3 Product Overview Target Audience Specifiers who value high performance LED technology Specifiers who value versatile options Specifiers who value harmonious style and clean aesthetic End-users who value ease of maintenance and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

4 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 4 Product Overview Positioning PLS – Lensed recessed LED luminaires Design Build Contractor Distributor Large End User Engineering Firm Lighting Designer Architect HVA DayLine CORE PERFORMANCE STATEMENT Commodity products where price is the most important thing Total cost of ownership products where specification is key Products sold on the basis of design or innovation ArcForm VersaForm SofTrace DuaLED

5 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 5 Product Overview Design LED design from the ground up Architectural grade performance and versatility to suit a wide range of areas and applications Fully luminous appearance Quiet, clean aesthetic < 3 ½” housing depth

6 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 6 Product Details Performance Up-to 115 lm/W Batwing distribution from nadir to 35 degrees Wide row spacing Improved work plane uniformity Ultra low energy densities

7 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 7 Product Details Technology – Optics Light is coupled and transmitted thru panel via TIR Graduated, engineered surface structures homogenize and extract the light Smooth, homogenous aesthetic Wide batwing distribution

8 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 8 Product Details Maintenance Light engine separate from housing Driver access from below the ceiling Ease of maintenance or upgrade without expensive rewiring or total fixture replacement

9 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 9 Product Details Technology – Integrated Controls

10 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 10 Product Details Options 3 sizes: 2x2, 1x4, 2x4 T-Grid and Slot Grid ceilings Static and Air Return 3000, 3500, 4000K CRI >80, >90 (3500K) 3000, 4000lm (2x2, 1x4) 4000, 5200, 6800lm (2x4) Chicago plenum V Integrated battery packs Response Daylight and Philips Actilume Occupancy sensors No charge dimming (0-10V)

11 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 11 Product Details Applications - Classroom

12 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 12 Product Details Applications – Open Office

13 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 13 Product Details Applications – Health Care

14 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 14 Product Overview How to Win Win on Performance: high efficacy + wide spacing criteria = low LPDs Win on Aesthetics: clean, homogenous, fully luminous appearance Win on Versatility – all 3 main sizes (2x2, 1x4, 2x4), multiple lumen packages, color temps, 80 and 90 CRI, all ceiling types Win on a complete Philips system: Philips platform LEDs, Philips platform driver, Philips luminaire and optics, Philips integrated controls options Win on ease of maintenance and upgradability Win on Peace of Mind: Lighting facts, DLC, 3 rd party verified photometry and testing Win on $$ and sense: Low LPDs + Ease of maintenance + Integrated controls + Long life = Low TCO

15 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 15 Product Overview Competitive Analysis

16 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 16 Product Overview Competitive Analysis

17 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 17 Product Overview Competitive Summary – Performance VersaForm Peak distribution at 35 degrees 36W per luminaire 1.29 max:min No wasted light below luminaire

18 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 18 Product Overview Competitive Summary – Performance Competition Peak distribution at 0 degrees 46W per luminaire 2.26 max:min Wasted light below luminaire 13% less light between luminaires 22% more energy

19 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 19 Product Overview Pricing and CSO 2x2 pricing starts at $220 USD 1x4 pricing starts at $250 USD 2x4 pricing starts at $290 USD All prices DN, for base configurations CSO lead time: 4 weeks shipping from factory from released order Inventory to support all main runner types right away

20 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 20 Marketing and Support Materials Literature and others Brochure and technical bulletin: ProLibrary and Hart Hankes Spec sheets ies files Revit files Product Images Application images Install instructions Sales presentation LightXpress and SAP loaded and ready

21 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 21 Marketing and Support Materials Sales Kits All main sales offices receiving samples On-demand samples available from Ledalite factory Sample kit includes – 2x2 3000lm, 3500K – Integrated Response DS – Cord and plug with dimmer switch – Table cloth – Display hooks and feet stands – Demo instructions

22 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 22 We primarily use MesoOptics when cut-off is most important. In this case, the Light Guide technology we’ve engineered has structures to achieve a slightly wider distribution for wider row spacing. It is for this reasons we chose to use Light Guide technology. ? Why haven’t you used MesoOptics We wanted to achieve a very clean, homogenous aesthetic. We know this is very popular in design today. That is the reason we haven’t used hard rails in the lens frame. We also needed some central element for structural support – especially in a 2x4. We also liked how the vertical wall of the center channel provides just a hint of brightness. ? Why have you chosen to do an aesthetic similar to Vectra Samples are shipping in three Waves. Some offices in Wave 1 should already have samples. Wave 2 and 3 are shipping next week and the week after. ? When will all offices receive their sales samples The IES recently issued a technical memorandum for projecting long term lumen maintenance of LED sources. It essentially said projected lifetime claims beyond 6x measured test data does not have any practical or meaningful value and are therefore removed from the reporting tables. Reported Lumen Maintenance life will be limited to 6x the total test duration. The lumen maintenance as reported according to IES TM-21 is therefore L70 (9K) > 54Kh. ? What is the lumen maintenance claim of the LEDs DLC, Yes. All configurations. Energy Star, No. Energy Star is only applicable to residential luminaires. All of our products are sold through the Professional channel. ? Is VersaForm Energy Star and DLC compliant. FAQs

23 Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED 23 For questions, please

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