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Welcome Class of 2019!. Introductions NHS ~ Name and role at Napa High 8th Grade Students share out: One thing you want to learn about Napa High.

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1 Welcome Class of 2019!

2 Introductions NHS ~ Name and role at Napa High 8th Grade Students share out: One thing you want to learn about Napa High.

3 After today students & parents can... Ask a NHS representative a question Name the graduation requirements & elective classes they are interested in State ways to get involved at NHS Submit course requests in Naviance

4 9th Grade Schedule & Course OfferingsCourse Offerings English (4 years required) Math (3 years required) PE (2 years required. 1 year required in 9th grade) World Language (2 years required, 3 recommended) Science (2 years required, 3 recommended) Visual & Performing Art (1 year required) Social Studies (3 years required starting sophomore year) Other Special Programs open to 9th grade (Elective Credit) AVIDLAYLA ISA Yearbook Journalism Career Tech Education

5 UC Davis College Readiness Academy Who: students entering Math 1 in 9th Grade received an application When & Where: June 16 - July 14, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm at Napa High Goal: Help prepare students for the transition to high school, transition to high school math, and immerse in college requirements Includes: Individual tutoring, pre-college advising, and college field trips Fill out application & return by March 13, 2015 at 4:00 pm to Napa High. Space limited, get your application in early! Questions, please call Napa High at 253-3713


7 AVID STUDENT (AVID Rooms Only) Purpose: At Napa High, the AVID program supports the students’ desire to enroll in a 4-year college after graduation. Traditionally these are first generation college bound students. An AVID student will: ~Take the AVID elective class all 4 years with the same AVID teacher ~ Fulfill the A-G Requirements (passing all classes with a C or higher) ~ Enroll in Honors & AP classes throughout their high school career ~For 9th grade: Honors English, Honors Math, Honors Spanish (Level 2) ~Apply to a 4-year college Fall semester of their 12th grade year

8 AVID FAMILY (AVID Rooms Only) The AVID family will: ~Understand & Support WICOR Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading ~Commit to attend a minimum of 3 parent meetings per year Student Led Conference Nights (September, January, May) ~Visit college campuses at least once a year ~Be active participants in learning ~Provide an electronic device (laptop) for their AVID student by August ~Complete the AVID application online by April 1st at

9 Freshmen Success 9th grade students will be assigned to a Freshmen Success Team Student Leader Mentors (11th & 12th grade students) lead the Freshmen Success Teams Freshmen Success Teams meet once a month during Early Release (1:50 pm - 2:20 pm) Students must sign up for Freshmen Success in the Electives Tab when you register for classes. Freshmen Success = 2.5 credits per semester.

10 Napa High Athletics

11 Napa High Clubs

12 GET INVOLVED Students who are involved do better in school! 8th graders, be thinking about what you want to be involved in outside of the classroom... The Arts? Athletics? Career Pathways? Clubs? Leadership programs: LAYLA, JOURNALISM, YEARBOOK, AVID?

13 Stay Connected with NHS! @NapaHigh @napatribe @PadresdeNHS @nhs_beat @napa_football @NHSSpiritleader @NapaHighAVID @NapaHighBand @NapaChoir @napahightrack @NhsBreakers @NapaHighLibrary @napatribe @nhs_beat @napahighlayla @napahigh_football @nhsspiritleaders @napahighchoir @nhsdrumline @nhscolorguard @napahigh_basketball @napahighsoccer @nhstrack @nhsbreakers Napa-High-School nhsbeat Napa-High-Choir NapaHighFootball Napahighwrestling Napa High Band napahighathleticboosters Napa High Alumni Association NapaHighHOF

14 Student Email In August, you will be assigned an academic email address ( You can still keep your personal email address but you will use your email address for school. You will also be assigned an ECHO account. ECHO is our student learning management system where you can access class agendas, assignments, projects, grades, and more.

15 Bring Your Own Device NVUSD Tech Connection is HERE TONIGHT! Visit Tech Connection in the H-porch You can purchase a ChromeBook for your student tonight or you can put a plan in place to purchase a chrome book by August!

16 Napa High Blue Card You all received a Blue Card with your room location for Wednesday Also on the Blue Card are you English & Math recommendations as well as other class recommendations. Please write down your Naviance Username & Password on your Blue Card so you remember it for Wednesday night. Remember on Wednesday night you are going to show your courses to your parent for final approval

17 Naviance 9th grade students select classes in their Naviance Account If you brought your own device for Wednesday night here is the Napa High WiFi Password: N@p@-p41^@23

18 Naviance Go to your Middle School’s Naviance Website: Harvest: Redwood: River: Silverado: Naviance Username: Firstname.Lastname Naviance Password: Middle School Acronym + 6 digit student ID# Harvest: Hms Redwood: Rwms River: Rms Silverado: Sms

19 Naviance Once students are logged in: 1. Go to Courses Tab at the top 2. Go to manage my course plans. 3. Select Add a New Plan 4. Choose High School Plan 5. Choose Napa High School in the drop down menu 6. Create new draft plan 7. Choose This One

20 9th Grade Course Selections 1 of 3 1.Click on the English Requirement Select your English Class based on teacher recommendation. 2. I SA students select Geography History/Social Science 3. Click on the Life Science Requirement Biology is recommended but not required for 9th grade students. 4. Click on the Math Requirement Select your Math Class based on teacher recommendation. 5. Click on the World Language Requirement Select your World Language based on teacher recommendation. If you don’t have a recommendation, select level 1 in the language you would like to take.

21 9th Grade Course Selections 2 of 3 1.Click on the Visual & Performing Arts Requirement Select your first choice for a visual & performing arts. Please note that VPA classes are by space available & you may not get your first choice. 3. Click on the PE Requirement 9th grade students must take PE/Health 4. Click on Electives If you haven’t selected Biology, you must choose an Elective. If you are in AVID, you must choose AVID under this requirement. 5. Under the Electives tab, you must select Freshmen Success

22 9th Grade Course Selections 3 of 3 All 9th graders must be enrolled in 6 classes + Freshmen Success! DON’T TAKE EARLY FLIGHT IF YOU ARE NOT AN EARLY RISER! After you have reviewed your course, click the Review & Finalize tab. Make sure you have green check marks all the way down.

23 TIME FOR A RAFFLE (March 4)

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