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SCDE Office of Finance Update SCASBO – November 6, 2014.

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1 SCDE Office of Finance Update SCASBO – November 6, 2014

2 EFA/Employer contributions – maintain at least the current base student cost at $2120 - $22,808,691 Instructional Materials - $73,952,095 Transportation Operations - $11,950,000 Assessments - $7,300,000 CATE Equipment - $2,000,000 Servers for Districts - $1,200,000 Reading - $1,228,448 Teacher Evaluation $3,000,000

3 Virtual Education $2,876,200 EIA TSS Fringe - $12,161,939 Other Bus Purchases - $34,000,000 IDEA Contingency - $36,202,909



6 LEA’s will be required to upload the required SCDE supplemental schedules into a web-based system SCDE Member Center will be used for the upload Deadline – December 1, 2014 Possible notification of late audit submission by State Superintendent to LEA Board of Trustees and legislative delegation Training video on the new system will be posted to the SCDE Office of Auditing Services website at Template provided by the SCDE Office of Auditing Services must be used LEA’s account established by district’s WAA CPA’s must create community account in member center




10 Fiscal Year will be pre-populated Must select type of auditee Regular - (LEA with no charter school data included) Charter - (Charter school data only) Both – (LEA with charter school blended) If object code 140 for unused leave payments or revenue code 1140 or 1240 is not used, select box and explain why

11 Once data has been uploaded, an e-mail will be sent to user to acknowledge upload has been received All accounts must be used even if no revenue or expenditures Error messages will be sent to LEA for invalid account types Errors must be cleared before template can be submitted Warning messages will be sent to LEA for accounts with $0 to verify amount should be $0

12 Full audit report (including corrective action plan) and data collection form must also be uploaded as.pdf Data from the supportive information sheet must be keyed

13 Only report funds actually due back to the SCDE Funds sent in error can NOT be returned to the LEA ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NEEDED FOR FOOD SERVICE AMOUNTS DUE BACK: Include site name, month, meal type (free, reduced, paid), in addition to the amount of overclaim

14 Melissa Myers, Audits Manager (803) 734-8453 Debra Wolfe, Administrative Assistant (803) 734-8180 Nancy Williams, Director (803) 734-8108

15 PCS

16  Corrections to PCS staff data can only occur in the current school year. Once PCS closes, no changes can be made to prior year data.  Experience discrepancies-contact the SDE Office of Educator Services person assigned to your district for assistance. Corrections can ONLY be made in the Certification Portal System (CPS). Once the correction is entered into CPS, when PCS updates, the staff record should reflect the change.  Position Code 12-Effective August, 2014 interventionist positions will be placed in position code 12. Interventionists can teach students and teachers.

17  Teacher Supply Reimbursement – Not sure who gets the money? Teacher Supply Listing report lists PCS position codes eligible to receive teacher supply money.  Report any technical issues you are having by submitting an IT request directly to:  Notify Ann Castro at of any change to your district’s PCS User Staff list. (Those that have access to use PCS)

18 Position Code 87 READING COACHES  Effective August, 2014 the only people that go in this code are the ones being paid for with the new reading funds. Reading coaches will be funded after all intent forms have been returned by the district.  The employee can be split coded. Do not use 87 and 08 simultaneously. Reading coaches can coach teachers and/or assist students.  Inconsistencies currently detected in some districts — Reading Coaches are not listed in PCS. Reading Coaches are not listed at the correct school location. Reading Coaches are coded as 08, and 97.


20 Digital Instructional Materials Deadlines NBC Renewals Reading Coach Funding Technology Survey Technology Funding Professional Development Funding Lottery Funding Funding Manual

21 3332 – IB; GT; AP A different function code will be used to record expenditures IB – 144 GT Academic – 141 GT Artistic – 148 AP - 143 3334 – ESOL – function code 162 3351 – Academic assistance – no specific function code 3352 – Poverty – no specific function code

22 All grants dated July 1, 2014 and later will be in the new system – both state and federal Filing on old grants still use Please share all GAPS info with those that are part of the process – program folks; other finance folks; technology folks Deadlines are still the same File quarterly August 15 Will be able to upload documents for grants where documentation is required – i.e. Math & Science Expenditures can’t be sent until budget is approved.

23 Training all grant department staff later this month although most already know about the system Training Modules available Grant Coordinators – Grant Finance – If you don’t see specific buttons, then you aren’t assigned that specific role.

24 Grant Coordinator – Grant specific – will have access to create budget/budget amendments Grant Finance – Grant specific – will have access to create budget/budget amendments SCDE Program – approve budget/budget amendments E-mails will be sent throughout the workflow process to inform the next person there is something to approve

25 Grant Finance – Grant specific – access to file claims Grants Accounting Finance approver – can be the SAME person across all grants – claim approver – triggers workflow to SCDE finance SCDE Finance – approves expenditure for payment Several districts have filed claims Still working on interface to SCEIS – if it becomes a couple of weeks and you haven’t seen a payment – LET US KNOW

26 Timely information to SCDE and districts Everyone can see everything at the same time. Edits built in for expenditure claims against budgets

27 Indirect Costs – guidance guidance Unpaid Meal Balances CEP

28 MEDICAID SERVICES SNT (Special Need Transportation) Reimbursement delayed due to changes in the application. Application revisions have been made. Payments for FY14 are expected to be made in November. For assistance with the SNT application, please contact Quinton Harris @ or call Page 28 Other Updates – Medicaid Services

29 MEDICAID SERVICES SDAC (School District Administrative Claiming) Close out for the JAS 14 is November 12 th. Application enhancements have been made. 79 districts will be submitting claims totaling over $2.7 million based on last year’s submission. For assistance with the financial section of SDAC, please contact Loretta Dykes, at, or call Page 29 Other Updates – Medicaid Services

30 Alternative Fuel Memo Bus Purchases – 281 Regular buses last year’s funding; additional - distributed on age of bus and mileage 186 with FY 15 funding – should be delivered in February 60 special needs buses – replacing side-facing wheel chair seats and less safe hydraulic break systems. Add’l lottery funding will be used to purchase 54 additional buses.

31 That’s all folks!!!! Questions?????

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