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Book Summary By Muhammad Noer

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1 Book Summary By Muhammad Noer

2 About The Author Recognized as leadership expert, speaker and author with 30 years experience in this field Speaker to many Fortune 500 companies, international government and organisation Founder of Injoy Stewardship Services and EQUIP One of 25 authors named to’s 25 th Anniversary Hall of Fame Dr. John C Maxwell

3 Why Talent is Not Enough Talent without action will never get result Talent without focus will never improve Talent without practice will never excel Your Talent Right Action Your Strength +=

4 First Steps On Talent PotentialYourself Mission Belief will determine Expectation, Action and Result Expectation Action Result The Power of Belief Most people fail not because lack of talent, but lack of trust

5 Ignite Your Talent PassionInitiativeFocus Energy Will Power Contagious Passion + limited talent > Passive + greater talent The only first step Close fear, open opportunity Direct Strength Increase Energy Initiative is the difference between success and failure Focus make laser light can cut almost everything

6 How To Utilize Your Talent PreparePracticePerseverance Best musician prepare hours for 5 minute show Best swimmer prepare everyday for 25 second race Practice sharpen your talent and lead to discovery Practice means discipline Perseverance ensure your talent will create sustainable success

7 Enhance Your Talent Courage Teachability Character Courage and taking calculated risk will produce higher result Talented doesn’t means stop learning but keep develop even if you think you are the expert Talented people without strong character will rarely stay there long

8 Magnitude Your Talent Relationship Responsibility Team Work Good relationship give positive influence to your talent Irresponsible talented people can fail because of bad conduct No “super talent” can outperform “super team” Teamwork multiply your talent and add value to everyone

9 13 Crucial Things to Maximize Talent 1. Belief Lifts Your Talent 2. Passion Energizes Your Talent 3. Initiative Activates Your Talent 4. Focus Directs Your Talent 5. Preparation Positions Your Talent 6. Practice Sharpens Your Talent 7. Perseverance Sustains Your Talent 8. Courage Tests Your Talent 9. Teachability Expands Your Talent 10. Character Protects Your Talent 11. Relationships Influence Your Talent 12. Responsibility Strengthens Your Talent 13. Teamwork Multiplies Your Talent

10 Wrap Up – You Are Gifted Everybody has talents Find your talent and belief in yourself Only right action will make your talent give benefit and work for you Don’t be too proud since if you have talent, everyone else’s also does Maximize your talent, share it and take benefit from other people talent

11 Thank You

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