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Ending With a Cliffhanger

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1 Ending With a Cliffhanger
How to Leave Your Reader Wanting More  Time4Writing provides these teachers materials to teachers and parents at no cost. More presentations, handouts, interactive online exercises, and video lessons are freely available at  Consider linking to these resources from your school, teacher, or homeschool educational site. The rules: These materials must maintain the visibility of the Time4Writing trademark and copyright information.  They can be copied and used for educational purposes. They are not for resale. Want to give us feedback? We'd like to hear your views:     Copyright 2012                                       Copyright 2012 

2 Both an essay and a story need a good conclusion.
In an essay, the conclusion sums up your main ideas In a story, it brings the tale to a complete ending A cliffhanger is an interesting way to end either an essay or a story.  Copyright 2012                                       Copyright 2012 

3 make a challenge the reader wants to act on
A cliffhanger is used less often in an essay, but it can still be an effective conclusion to make a challenge the reader wants to act on leave an opening for more developments in the future end with a question for the reader to ponder or wonder  Copyright 2012                                       Copyright 2012 

4 1. Using descriptive scenes 2. Using character dialogue
In a story, there are several ways to create the effect of a cliffhanger: 1. Using descriptive scenes 2. Using character dialogue 3. Using unanswered questions  Copyright 2012                                       Copyright 2012 

5 Descriptive Scenes Describe changes in the scene that readers will know happened because of the story Describe the story's end in a way that leaves the door open for future actions (maybe even a sequel)  Copyright 2012                                       Copyright 2012 

6 Sample Descriptive Scene
"He had finally found her after all these years of searching. With shaky hands, he stood in front of her door, and then he knocked." Just be sure the main story is complete, so your readers don't feel cheated out of a proper ending.  Copyright 2012                                       Copyright 2012 

7 Cliffhanger Dialogue
Use conversation to introduce the unexpected: "But that was just a small deposit," she informed them. "We haven't even found the real gold mine yet." OR "Stop talking for a minute," he cautioned. "Do you hear footsteps?"  Copyright 2012                                       Copyright 2012 

8 Questions as Cliffhangers
Sample questions to leave the reader 'hanging': "Now that he had finished his quest, what was he going to do with himself?" OR "She had finally gotten her wish. But had it really made her happy?"  Copyright 2012                                       Copyright 2012 

9 The end. More free WRITING BASICS resources: starting with a grabber
prompting creative writing painting a picture with words developing typing skills Eight-week WRITING BASICS courses: elementary school middle school high school  Copyright 2012                                       Copyright 2012 

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