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THE 10X CEO What Exceptional CEOs Do Differently.

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1 THE 10X CEO What Exceptional CEOs Do Differently

2 4 Questions About Your CEO Life #1 – Can your CEO effectiveness be measured, practiced, and elevated (like an athlete)? #2 – What does CEO work (and effectiveness) consist of? #3 – What personal factors predict your CEO success? #4 – If you were forced to reduce your work hours by 50%, how much effectiveness would you lose?

3 10X CEO – “An Accelerated Learning and Practice Environment for High Growth CEOs” 10X Member Companies (37) Over $100 Million – 13 (35%) $25 - $100 Million – 15 (39%) Under $25 Million – 9 (26%) 2012 Annual Growth Rate – Revenue or Profit Growth over 20% - 24 (65%) Growth under 20% - 13 (35% ) Why this level of performance?

4 A True Picture of Your CEO Effectiveness Personal Predictors Passion – For the Work “Top 3” Time CEO Learning Ability CEO Work Business Model Core Processes Talent Environment Business Results Customer Value Profit Growth & Innovation

5 Your CEO Work… Producers of Your Financial Results Customer Value/Profit Model Customer Delight Sticky Ratio High Profit Margin High Return on Capital Core Processes Product Creation Sales Customer Delight Support/Overhea d Talent Environment Purpose/Values Company Goals & Roles Execution & Learning Environment Individual Fit (Motivation & Skill)

6 Company Growth Stages Business StageObjectiveCEO RoleFatal Flaws I – Prototype Sales <$3 Mil Employees <20 Venture Stage- Angel, A 1.Validated Need/Solution 2.Delighted Customers 3.Reasonable Profit/Value Assumptions One (or two) Man Band1.Customer need isn’t there. 2.Solution doesn’t work II – Business Validation Sales $3 - $20 Mil Employees 20-100 Venture Stage B,C, D 1.Predictable Delivery Engine 2.Predictable Sales Engine 3.Profit/Growth Model Validated 1.“Emergency” Player 2.Selector of Players 3.Coach for Players 4.Process Engineer 1.Competition gets tougher. 2.CEO is a good Player but lousy Coach or Architect 3.Return on Investment isn’t good enough. III – Growth Sales $20 - $100 Mil Employees – 100-500 Venture Stage – D or Later 1.Business Grows without CEO Involved in Operations 1.Chief Culture Officer 2.Selector of Coaches 1. CEO becomes bottleneck (can’t hire leaders or let go). IV – Maturity Sales +$100 Mil Employees – 500+ Venture Stage -Public or Sale 1.Leaders and Process Still Work. 2.Innovation happens faster than existing business dies. 1. Seeing what’s next1.Leaders get distracted 2.Processes rust out 3.The ability to create dies.

7 Becoming 10X – The Practice of a CEO Athlete Employ a consistent model that analyzes your business AND also your true CEO effectiveness. Spend more than 50% of your CEO time on your highest leverage “Top 3” Priorities. Apply an accelerated learning process to those Top 3 Priorities. Replicate the 10X Discipline throughout your organization.

8 A Few Reflections If you haven’t improved your business model, your core processes, or talent environment each quarter, you haven’t really improved anything…and you’ve wasted your time. The mix and nature of business model, processes, and talent environment is different based on the particular growth stage of your business. Your essential personal skills are focusing on the few right things and applying accelerated learning to those things. CEOs who understand these concepts and train like a CEO athlete will have a huge advantage over their CEO peers. Investors place higher value on 10X CEOs

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