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Boğaziçi University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

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1 Boğaziçi University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department
İstanbul, TÜRKİYE Presented By: Prof. Dr. Avni Morgül

2 Turkiye 1333km

3 İstanbul

4 İstanbul

5 İstanbul 2nd Bridge on Bosphorus

6 Boğaziçi University Campuses
Bosphorus Bridge North Campus Hisar Campus EE Department South Campus Dorm.&Stadium

7 Boğaziçi University 237 full time Professors
412 full time Assoc./Assist. Professors Students

8 Wiews from the campus

9 Wiews from the campus

10 Wiews from the campus

11 Wiews from the campus

12 Wiews from the campus

13 Wiews from the campus

14 Wiews from the campus

15 EE Department 15 Full Professors 2 Associate Professors
9 Assistant Professors 320 undergraduate students 125 graduate students

16 Undergraduate (Electronics Lab)
Major Fields of Study: Electronics Communications & Signal Processing Control

17 Undergraduate (Networks) Lab

18 Research Labs BETA: Bogazici University Electronics Design Laboratory
Electronic design automation systems for analog and digital circuits Low-power design, power aware design methodologies Analog-to-digital converter circuits and architectures especially Sigma-Delta ADC's Speech processing hardware, embedded systems and mixed-signal industrial oriented designs.

19 Research Labs BUSIM: Signal and Image Processing Laboratory
speech processing, statistical signal processing, video coding, computer vision, biomedical signal/image processing man-machine interfaces. hosting a number of international conferences and funded by national and international (European Framework) projects. speech transcription and speaker alteration, watermarking and steg analysis, 3D shape retrieval, multimodal biometry for identification/verification, Bayesian signal processing for brain interfaces quality control in textile industry, seismic source separation, intrusion detection and array processing.

20 Research Labs VAVlab: Volumetric Analysis & Visualization Group
Analysis and visualization of multidimensional 3D data ranging from scalar fields to tensor fields and video. Medical decision support systems, Virtual/augmented reality for medicine, video enhancement, etc. VAVlab runs projects in collaboration with academic partners both from Türkiye and abroad.

21 Research Labs ISL: Intelligent Systems Laboratory
Automation systems for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from automated inspection to robotics. Attentive vision, The design and development of mobile robot prototypes, Autonomous robots, automated inspection, teleoperation, Sensory and motor driver systems, Computational biology.

22 Research Labs LAL: Lung Acoustics Laboratory
Hardware development for lung sound acquisition and diagnosis instrumentation and algorithm development for further processing of acquired lung sounds with the final aim of building an “intelligent stethoscope”. Online processing and classification of respiratory sounds using digital signal processors, Multi-resolution analysis of respiratory sounds, System development for multi-channel acquisition of respiratory sounds Modeling air flow-lung sound relationship.

23 Research Labs Mechatronics Laboratory
Bogazici University UNESCO Chair on Mechatronics focuses on developing new methodologies in the areas of intelligent systems and mechatronics. Robotic manipulators (2 DOF SCARA, 5DOF CRS/Quanser and Inverted Pendulum), Electromechanical system (Antilock Braking System) Flexible manufacturing system (MPS 500).

24 Research Labs BUMEMS: Bogazici University Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Laboratory MEMS-circuit integration and polymer microfabrication. Polymer electronics, polymer light emitting diodes, Tactile imagers Various integrated micro systems with polymer sensors and actuators

25 Research Labs BUSIM / SPG: Speech Processing Group Speech recognition,
Voice conversion, 3-D audio-visual synthesis, speech synthesis, Speech therapy and speaker identification. Biometrics, Natural language processing, Information retrieval Turkish sign language processing. There are two spin-off speech research companies from the group: GVZ ( and SESTEK ( Both companies have products based on speech recognition, speech synthesis and voice conversion technology.

26 Research Labs WCL: Wireless Communication Laboratory
Established in 2005 high-speed wireless/mobile/satellite communications. UWB communication systems WCL also has close collaborations and joint projects with the VLSI Design Lab (BETA), the Computer Network Research Lab (NETLAB) and the Satellite Communications Research Lab (SATLAB).

27 My Research Group Prof. Dr. Avni Morgül Asis. Prof. Dr. Turgay Temel
PhD Student, Uğur Çini PhD Student, Emre Arslan PhD Student, Fatma Sarıca MSc Student, Yavuz Delican

28 Implementation of Multivalued Logic Circuits (MVL), Using Current Mode CMOS circuits
3(ternery) or more logic levels Comparison with binary: Pros: Less number of transistors (smaller area) and less interconnections required to implement same function Faster (if current mode is used) Cons: Static power dissipation Smaller noise margins Level restoration required

29 Implementation of MVL, Using Current Mode CMOS circuits
Gate library for Current Mode combinational logic has been developed. Arithmetic units such as full adder and multiplier circuits has been designed. Presently we are trying to design sequential MVL circuits such as flip flops & counters And, at the same time, trying to optimize and find simpler circuits for the sequential MVL.

30 Design of high frequency, high order active filters using Current Mode CMOS circuits
New CCII circuits with higher frequency bandwidth (above 1GHz), lower input resistance and higher voltage swing, has been developed. Presently we are trying to design high order-high frequency filters, by using these CCII components, for realistic applications Calculating the noise figures and dynamic ranges of the new circuits and see if they are suitable for real applications.

31 Recent Publications Jurnal Papers:
Turgay Temel, Avni Morgul, Nizamettin Aydin; “Signed Higher-Radix Full-Adder Algorithm and Implementation with Current-Mode Multi-Valued Logic Circuits”, IEE Proc.-Circuits Devices & Syst., Vol. 153, No. 5, pp: , October 2006. Avni Morgul, Turgay Temel; “Current-mode level restoration: circuit for multi-valued logic”, IEE Electronic Letters, Vol.41 No.5, pp: rd March. 2005 Turgay Temel and Avni Morgül, “Implementation of Multi-Valued Logic Gates Using Full Current-Mode CMOS circuits”, Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, No:39,pp: , Apr. 2004 Turgay Temel, Avni Morgul; “Implementation of multi-valued logic, simultaneous literal operations with full CMOS current-mode threshold circuits”, IEE Electronic Letters, Vol.38 No.4, pp: th Feb. 2002

32 Recent Publications Conference Papers:
Ugur Cini, Avni Morgul and Mustafa Aktan, “Design of a Current-Mode Multi-Operand Adder Using Signed Digit Arithmetic”, International Workshop on Analog VLSI Design 2008 July 30-August 1, 2008 (Accepted) Emre Arslan, Avni Morgül, “Wideband, Self-Biased CMOS CCII”, The fourth conference on Ph.D. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (Prime 2008), Istanbul; Turkiye, June 2008 Avni Morgül, Fatma Sarıca; “Optimization of Current Mode Multivalued Logic Circuits”, GAP V. Engineering Congress Proceedings, s: , Nisan 2006, Şanlıurfa, Türkiye A. Morgül, T. Temel, “A New Level Restoration Circuit For Multi-Valued Logic”, International Symposium on Circuit and Systems, ISCAS’2004, pp:II , Vancouver, Canada, 23–26 May 2004

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