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By Janet Hugo CFP ® Finweek Wealth Forum March 2011 Investing for More Making it Work.

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1 By Janet Hugo CFP ® Finweek Wealth Forum March 2011 Investing for More Making it Work

2 Welcome Janet Hugo Herman Steyn Walter Aylett Questions

3 Wealth Forum Sponsor Best of breed TM : Partnering with the best available investment managers Making your investment choices easier Monitoring and replacing the investment managers so that you don't have to

4 Boutique Managers Nedgroup Investments select Boutique Managers Niche investment managers Independent Proactive Investment decision expedited “The table on page 2 shows our 46-year record against the S&P, a performance quite good in the earlier years and now only satisfactory. The bountiful years, we want to emphasize, will never return. The huge sums of capital we currently manage eliminate any chance of exceptional performance. We will strive, however, for better-than-average results and feel it fair for you to hold us to that standard.” Warren Buffett Surely the only large investor in the world to admit that success in AUM makes further investment success extremely difficult. Independent Investing

5 Janet Hugo Hugo Capital Investing for More – Making it Work Janet Hugo CFP®, Certified Financial Planner, Investment Manager and Director of Hugo Capital, Investment Chair of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa - will present on practical aspects of private investor strategy and advisor perspectives, based on the speaker content. How can one actually put this information to work?

6 Herman Steyn Prescient Investment Management Managing a Balanced Mandate Herman has more than 25 years experience in the investment industry. He is the Executive Chairman of Prescient Investment Management, whose team manages various investments including the Nedgroup Investments Bond Fund, which won various Raging Bull Awards in recent years. Herman will share the benefits of choosing a Balanced Fund versus a Specialist Fund; and his views on what works in a Balanced Fund.

7 Walter Aylett Aylett & Co Rational Decision-Making – Allocating for Success Walter is a Director of Aylett & Co., asset managers. He is an experienced fund and pension fund manager, whose team manages the Nedgroup Investments Bravata Worldwide Flexible Fund. Walter is regarded as an independent thinker, with an investment approach driven by strong conviction and a clear set of principles and values. He will share some of his perspectives on investing in the current environment, as well as some key dynamics going forward.

8 Where do we stand now… Independent Investing



11 $1.4 Trillion $236 Billion $867 Billion $1.1 Trillion $286 Billion

12 PIIGS problem Independent Investing Source: Credit Suisse European Economics Team PIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland Greece Spain

13 Early Warnings Independent Investing

14 $1.4 Trillion $236 Billion $556 Billion $1.1 Trillion Japan in same situation with (by one calculation ) 220% GDP $286 Billion

15 So lets talk about opportunities Independent Investing


17 Risk Profiling Paper based risk profile forms – What was your best investment – Do you like to drive fast – From the four charts on the last page choose the type of investment you would like Independent Investing

18 Choose the investment return you want Independent Investing



21 It is confusing out there 1 yr track record 3 yr track record 5 yr track record 9 yr track record 15 yr track record Number of available Funds87676754323544 % of total Funds at 31 December 201095%83%59%25%5% Independent Investing

22 Risk and Time Horizon Independent Investing 7 years and more

23 Independent Investing





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