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Welcome to: The Virtuoso! Experience What you can expect How it works Q&A.

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1 Welcome to: The Virtuoso! Experience What you can expect How it works Q&A


3 “Knows how to set a company apart from its competitors.” S. Young, Acordia/Wells Fargo “Impressed with the onsite training and follow-up coaching.” J. DiMatteo, DiMatteo Group “Teaches how to connect with people through relationship, not price.” M. Huff, R&K “Their straight forward, honest, solution-based approach … was exactly what we were looking for. The use of ‘real world’ examples and more importantly solutions, made this personal for everyone involved … a must have for all to grow both professionally and personally.” R. Tedder, BB&T Cool things people say about us

4 Our library of resources and our straight talk help agents, brokers & carriers nationwide achieve their goals in a difficult market. I am an active learner who values building relationships with other forward thinking individuals.

5 A little surf but sure prefer turf !

6 Coaching | Training | Educating Technology | CRM | Process Improvement Creating | Innovating | Connecting What is The Virtuoso! Experience ?

7 MOVING YOUR DREAMERS TO DOERS. A TEAM WHO:  understands all sides of the business  has the fortitude to have tough conversations on accountability  uses a very different approach  instills consistent methods for all departments vs. ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ ‘same teach for the past decade’ approach  comes up with new material all the time! A NETWORK: of agents, brokers, principals, staff and company people who are willing to help you with real world issues. HELP WITH HOW TO’S: how to hire and retain good sales people telemarketing training from a 14 year veteran prospecting and marketing expertise getting back to doing what you love not letting market conditions drain your resources understanding your company relationships getting more from your contingency contracts proposal docs, surveys, CRM, Stewardship Reports, and lots more Ask me for a copy of the article.

8 We have been conditioned to accept philosophy without action as innovation. Brandie-saying

9 This is WHY your team gets excited then does not follow up. you get excited and don’t follow up. leaders are discouraged at the lack of results. This is WHY

10 Adults and kids learn differently.

11 Go ahead, ask your kids to clean their room! Why TELL DO method does not work!

12 A fascinating discovery. After coaching hundreds of salespeople, account service managers and their principals, I realized something… confidence and accountability are... connected?! Strange way to build confidence

13 Why coaching works A recent Richardson study revealed the following: - 43% of salespeople receive little to no coaching; - of the 57% who are coached, 97% attribute their success to sales coaching they receive. ___________________________________ The Sales Executive Council's research with 2,000 sales professionals showed that salespeople who are coached for three (3) hours a month, on average, achieve 104% of their quota as compared with 83% for salespeople who are not coached. 75% of salespeople feel they could be more productive if they were coached.

14 Within the next 10 years, over 1,000,000 [that’s right, ONE MILLION] people will leave the insurance industry!

15 Reality for the Buyer They hear: The same approach several times a day. They avoid: Clichés and common language. They want: Sincerity, authenticity and the how’s not just the what’s.

16 Classroom training programs do not teach you how to implement change back at the office CSRs, Producers, & Owners are busier than ever Your customers are being enticed by your competition for things you could offer them but don’t Focus on price is too prevalent and unhealthy Reality for You

17 There is a formula The Virtuoso! Experience


19 $2,200/mo*

20 The value you will receive: CONSISTENT NEW REVENUE Exclusive producer development (new & experienced alike). GENUINE CLIENT ATTENTION Staff efficiencies, including CRM, workflow, procedures, productivity — you name it. AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP Leadership training on how to run a more profitable business and cohesive work environment where your team does not have to be ‘managed’. Thousands of documents, Power Points and webinars at your fingertips that can be used to increase professionalism with your clients, prospects, carriers and staff. Thousands of documents, Power Points and webinars at your fingertips that can be used to increase professionalism with your clients, prospects, carriers and staff.

21 Now that you are a member, you will receive some very cool benefits.  Bi-annual on site visits.  LIVE monthly Producer Development webinar designed to accelerate your results and gain an enhanced perspective as you listen to what others are doing all over the country.  One on one Personalized Coaching for your team(s).  A Comprehensive Library filled with hundreds of individual templates, reference material and sales tips spanning from HR, hiring tools, evaluations, goal setting, sales tools, presentation material, service standards, procedures, and workflow, all compiled over a15 year period and no kidding, worth well over $100,000 in consulting fees alone.  Access to our exclusive on line Pipeline and Relationship Management technology.  Participation in a national live chat to answer your industry challenges in real time. How it works

22 What you have access to

23 How to Say It Thank you for meeting with me today, Sean. One of the things I’d like to accomplish is to just sit down, learn a little about you, what ‘s important to you about your [insurance] program, and see if our approach matches up with yours – whether or not we’d be a good fit to have another conversation after this one! Is that ok? What would you like from our time together? (prospect speaks) So, I have a different approach than many out there. See, my perspective is that unless I listen to what you want, I can’t really provide any council on your coverages/situation and once I can hear you, then I can design what you’re looking for in the market, if it’s available. If I can’t help, I’ll let you know right away, is that all right? (gain agreement) So, first off, is it okay that I’m totally honest and tell it like I see it – you know, up front if I hear or see something that I think may help you (save money, get a better deal, decrease exposure, etc.) Great! Would it be okay if you’re the same, you know, totally upfront, tell me right away if you like or don’t like where I’m going with things? (gain agreement) Terrific. So, let’s start with you. Tell me a little about you, where you started, how you… (prospect speaks) THAT’S THE BEGINNING! “ ”

24 This 6 weeks in the biz producer used our Virtuoso! Experience program and the tip on HOW TO ask for referrals. Our producer was amazed at the willingness and speed from which he got these responses via email from his referral source. In fact, he received 20 from a different person the week before and 5 via text on his cell, then these – can you believe it – 39 ! **As always, we changed the names to protect our clients. Any resemblance to actual companies or persons is just a resemblance; these were made fictional – so don’t go trying to look them up for new prospects! Experienced guys/gals: this new producer showed us all up in 6 short weeks ~ what are you doing to double your book this way?!


26 Hilarious NON PC email response to my producer/owner who asked his client for help. Notice that this contractor knows MOST of who’s listed here…and is honest.

27 This is a VERY COOL recent email chain from a principal/producer, Paul. Note the details here – and the speed from which he got these responses via email from his referral source as well as the willingness from the clients to meet! Experienced guys/gals: Paul’s been bummed by the market, too. He’s a good guy with good clients and a good reputation but really struggling with what to do to get out of the slump he’s been in lately. Check it out!



30 1 year contract with 30 day cancellation clause. Willingness to do the hard work to get the results you want. Participation in our national Straight Talk forum. Connection to other Virtuoso! Organizations you may know.

31 Some things to consider Hoping for things to change isn’t changing things. Consider: 1.carrier or multiple company sponsorship op funding 3.a combination of you and other groups sharing the Experience There are realistic and affordable options for you to get help from people who genuinely care about your progress. Check out our testimonials at


33 The Virtuoso! Experience Thank you for joining us! Brandie Hinen, IPV (208) 316-7656 passcode: purePRM

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