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LET’S PLAY JEOPARDY!! Acts Part 2 PeterPaulPlacesConvertsCommentary $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Final Jeopardy $$$

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3 PeterPaulPlacesConvertsCommentary $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Final Jeopardy $$$

4 Peter : $100 According to Acts 9:32-24, who did Peter heal in Lydda who was bedridden for 8 years and paralyzed Aeneas Get Answer

5 Peter : $200 According to Acts 9:40 – 41, even though she had died, who did Peter present alive to the saints and widows of Joppa? Tabitha/Dorcas Get Answer

6 Peter : $300 According to Acts 10:32, where did Peter stay while he was in Joppa? At Simon the tanner’s house Get Answer

7 Peter : $400 DOUBLE JEOPARDY According to Acts 10:28, Peter says God has shown him he is not to call any man what? Common or unclean Get Answer

8 Peter : $500 According to Acts 12:13 – 14, as Peter knocked on the door of the gate, who came to answer but did not open the gate because of her gladness? Rhoda Get Answer

9 Paul : $100 According to Acts 8:3, who made havoc of the church, dragging off men and women to prison? Saul Get Answer

10 Paul : $200 Paul : $200 According to Acts 9:1 – 5, where was Saul headed when Jesus asked him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” Damascus Get Answer

11 Paul: $300 According to Acts 9:23 – 25, how did the disciples help Saul escape the Jews who were plotting to kill him? They let him down through the wall in a large basket Get Answer

12 Paul : $400 According to Acts 12:25, who was with Saul after he had fulfilled his ministry? Barnabas and John Mark Get Answer

13 Paul : $500 According to Acts 13:9, Saul is also called what? Paul Get Answer

14 Places: $100 DOUBLE JEOPARDY According to Acts 11:5, where was Peter when he saw a vision while he was praying, of an object like a great sheet let down from heaven? Joppa Get Answer

15 Places: $200 According to Acts 8:1, when great persecution arose against the church in Jerusalem, where did they scatter to? Judea and Samaria Get Answer

16 Places: $300 According to Acts 9:26, where was Saul when he tried to join the disciples but they were afraid of him and did not believe he was a disciple? Jerusalem Get Answer

17 Places: $400 According to Acts 11:19, those who scattered after the persecution that arose over Stephen traveled as far as what 3 places? Phoenicia, Cyprus, Antioch Get Answer

18 Places: $500 According to Acts 12:12, whose house did Peter go to after the angel let him out of prison? Mary the mother of John Mark Get Answer

19 Converts: $100 According to Acts 8:18 – 19, who wanted to buy the power of the Holy Spirit from the apostles? Simon Get Answer

20 Converts: $200 DOUBLE JEOPARDY According to Acts 8:26 – 28, who was sitting in his chariot on the road from Jerusalem to Gaza, reading Isaiah the prophet? A eunuch from Ethiopia Get Answer

21 Converts: $300 According to Acts 10:1 – 2, what is the name of the centurion of the Italian Regiment who feared God and prayed to God always? Cornelius Get Answer

22 Converts: $400 According to Acts 13:7, what is the name of the proconsul, an intelligent man who wanted to hear the word of God from Barnabas and Saul? Sergius Paulus Get Answer

23 Converts: $500 According to Acts 13:44, who came out to hear the word of God the next Sabbath? (the 2 nd Sabbath in Antioch) Almost the whole city Get Answer

24 Commentary: $100 Name the 3 early church writers who considered Paul to be the author of 1 Thessalonians? Clement of Alexandria, Irenaeus, Tertullian Get Answer

25 Commentary: $200 From the earliest Greek manuscripts, what is the title of 2 Thessalonians? Pros Thessalonikeis B Get Answer

26 Commentary: $300 Why did the title “Acts” get changed in the King James Version to “Acts of the Apostles”? To distinguish between the canonical Acts and the apocryphal imitations Get Answer

27 Commentary: $400 What bible text serves as the theme around which the Acts of the apostles is developed? Acts 1:8 Get Answer

28 Commentary: $500 DOUBLE JEOPARDY The book of Acts may be said to stand as a partial record of who’s accomplishments through the apostles and their followers? The Spirit (Holy Spirit) Get Answer

29 Final Jeopardy According to Acts 11:26, the disciples were first called Christians where? Get Answer In Antioch

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