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Witold Zglenicki was born on January 6, 1850, in Mazovia,in a noble family. In the years 1859-1866 he studied at the provincial secondary school in Plock,

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2 Witold Zglenicki was born on January 6, 1850, in Mazovia,in a noble family. In the years 1859-1866 he studied at the provincial secondary school in Plock, and from 1866-1870 he studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Warsaw School of Economics. From 1870 to 1875 he was a student at St. Petersburg State Mining Institute. His person pointed out Mendeleev (the famous Russian chemist who was the creator of the periodic table), but Zglenicki decided to devote himself to mining, seeing in the oil industry an important factor in development. He graduated as the best student, and must be remembered that at that time the St. Petersburg Mining Institute, presented the highest in the world - in their field - the level of teaching Exempted from military service - in Russia only engineers miners were exempted from it (Poland was then in the ongoing 123 years of slavery and the occupation of Russia, Germany and Austria) - has received a referral to the Mine Polish Kingdom. There he was in the operation and modernization of blast furnaces for smelting iron. In 1890, he was employed on the Board of Mining in Riga (now Latvia), and as a reward for excellent work, he was offered the position of chief engineer of the District of Donetsk mine. Zglenicki however, refused - which was not accepted by the tsarist authorities – and franksto the patronage of Count Beckendorff began working in Baku, where he worked until his death.

3 Baku Baku on the Caspian Sea (now Azerbaijan), was then a remote military garrison in Russia. At the same time there was created the world's largest center of oil production and refining industry. In 1873, there were only 9 wells in 1879 already 251, in 1900 - 1710. In 1901, supplied 50% of world oil production. Its oil wells and refineries were there brothers Alfred, Louis and Robert Nobel, Alphonse Rothschild. Caspian petroleum will soon also be interested Rockeffeller. But before it he sends his employees to Poland, then known as the province of Galicia.He sends them to study the oil industry to the pioneer, the inventor of the paraffin lamp - Pole Ignacy Lukasiewicz The Roman Catholic Church in Baku, which was supported by Zglenicki (architect: Joseph Płoszko)

4 Baku developed spontaneously - during the years 1897-1903 it more than doubled the number of inhabitants. It was the lack of sanitation, water supply, was plagued by diphtheria epidemics, typhoid, cholera. Available water was salty and contaminated with kerosene. For this reason, engineer Zglenicki initiates paraffin to build urban water supply, and with his financial support in the center of the city the Polish church was buil

5 Personality and achievements of Witold Zglenicki The engineer also supports education, as evidenced by his support for the Library in Baku. And so, for example, the Nobel Brothers Company on its Behalf paid 60 rubles, 45 rubles Rothschild Company, the millionaire Tagijew 33 rubles and 1.000 rubles Zglenicki engineer. In the professional field, the engineer was valued for its honesty, even to the natives, conscientiousness and professionalism, qualities rarely found in Tsarist Russia.Zglenicki’s passion, HOWEVER, were geological research. All his free time and private funds devoted to this activity. In the meantime, developed and Donated paraffin people the instrument for measuring squareness of mining drilling. Measurement errors were the cause of many failures then, fires, explosions and human death. He designed a device for offshore drilling and production of crude oil, making it an absolute, a global pioneer in this field. Today's drilling rigs have Their origin from Baku and Zglenicki’s engineer. He Designated offshore oil lands and Determined Their abundance.He identified 31 areas of oil on He land, not Including offshore,He also found deposits of iron, pyrite, barite, cobalt, molybdenum, coal, manganese, copper, salt, gold, silver, arsenic.

6 For his professionalism, conscientious work and discoveries that makes available free of charge, has been promoted to the rank of colonel, and the car gave him the rights to land and land-based oil in the Caspian Sea. Some of them he buys from his own resources. Suddenly discovers that he is terminally ill. Diabetes is an incurable then.The engineer saves so much of his wealth to Polish science, and part of Russia, as a token of his gratitude for the education received in St. Petersburg The Church in the parish Witonia, Diocese of Lodz. In this church two brothers were baptized Boleslaw and Witold Zglenicki

7 Witold Zglenicki-Philanthropist According to his record,from the revenue foundation, in every province of the Polish Kingdom Catholic Church and technical school, are going There poor students will receive education for free.The support are to obtain the scientific communities, created and supported to be testing laboratories, funded awards for outstanding scientific achievements All of these works is to realize Kasa of. Joseph Mianowski in Warsaw. Zglenicki - in his will -et categorically prohibits the sale of assets or rights to him and tells him to use the Polish science the use it forever.The Income of one of the plots he writes for the Imperial Russian BakińskiTechnical Society.He Also made ​​ a number of records for example for Polish Catholic Charitable Society and individuals, does not overlook even the janitor. Witold Zglenicki died July 6, 1904. Witold Zglenickiego Monument Street in Plock. chemists

8 The grateful residents of Baku, on the waters of the Gulf of Bibi Ejbatskiej on artificial land, put the monumentfor the engineer that has survived historical storms to the present day (the body was transported to his homeland and buried in the family grave in Wola Kiełpińska.The Engineers vision is soon realized, and the city of oil rigs is formed on the sea. The lack of professionals having knowledge of the actual oil deposits beneath the seabed, the way of mining it, just started the operation of one of the parcels of land, all of this made ​​ sense and skepticism about the value of the will. It must be remembered that even today humanity knows more about the universe than the depths of the oceans, and then only a year has passed, and the American airmen - the Wright brothers - for the first time broke off from the land of heavier-than-air machine.

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