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CONCIOUS COOKING CHALLENGE By: Juliana Rueda Julianarueda Newman School – Bogotá, Colombia.

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1 CONCIOUS COOKING CHALLENGE By: Juliana Rueda Julianarueda Newman School – Bogotá, Colombia

2 Bogotá’s Farmer’s Market

3 FARMERS  This is Ciro  He’s been working at the farmer’s market for over 10 years selling fruit and vegetables.  He says it is thanks to the farmer’s market that farmers make their wage because the government hardly helps them.  He and his family plant everything they sell.  They don’t use any pesticides and he compost.  My family has bought from him for the last 5 years.

4 AMOUNT OF MONEY SPEND IN AMERICAN DOLLARS  23.500/2000= 11.75  TOTAL: $11.75  11.75/6= 1.958  PER PERSON: $ 1.95 IN COLOMBIAN PESOS  Plantain  Spinach  Raisins  Cabbage  Eggs  Panela  Honey  Cuajada  Tea leaves  TOTAL: $ 23.500 $2600 $2500 $2400 $3000 $1000 $2000 $4000 $5000 $1000  TOTAL: $ 23.500

5 WHILE COOKING…  BEFORES Iced Tea Plantain and Spinach Pie Cabbage Salad “Cuajada con Melao” (Dessert)



8 RECAP  FARMER’S MARKET: I woke up at 6am and left my house at 7. Due the enormous size of Bogota and the incredible amount of traffic we arrived there at 8am. I first went to don Ciro’s stand and bought some cabbage, spinach, and plantain that he grows himself. Afterwards I went to doña Eugenia’s stand and bought honey and panela. She as well as Ciro prepares what she sells herself. Finally I went to don Andres’ and got some “Cuajada” which is raw warmed milk mixed with rennet or with plant extracts and left to curdle. It looks like fresh cheese. Also here I bought the natural yogurt and eggs. He produces the chesse and the yogurt from the milk of the cows he milks himself and the eggs are from the chickens he owns, he does not feed his animals with food that has hormones.  THE COOKING: First we prepared the salad, we cut the cabbage in julianas and added the raisins and the yogurt and left it in the fridge. After that, we warmed up water with tea leaves and added some honey to add sweetness. Then we made the plantain and spinach pie, I am really bad at making this so my mom helped me, she peeled and cut the plantain and fried it, to be added later to the spinach as I scrambled the eggs. While the pie was getting ready, the tea already boiled and we put it in the fridge to cool it down and started boiling water with panela to make the “melao” for the dessert. Finally the pie was ready and we served the salad, the pie and the iced tea. After we were done the “melao” was ready as well, we poured it on the “cuajada” and we had dessert. All to the cost of $11.75 which means just $1.95 per person! Everything was delicious and organic!!!  LESSON: It turns out you can eat healthy and organic while eating on a budget. That something is organic it doesn't mean it is super expensive. So there are no excuses to not eat healthy and organic and everybody should do it!


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