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E v e r y t h i n g ! B y : F r e d d i e T a y l o r I I I A n d r a y c o W a t e r s.

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1 E v e r y t h i n g ! B y : F r e d d i e T a y l o r I I I A n d r a y c o W a t e r s

2 What is this? This is a mixture of everything: Andrayco Waters And Freddie Taylor III Did. Enjoy!

3 Pantheon T h e G r e a t B u i l d i n g T o H o n o r A l l G o d s

4 What is this? 0T0T he Pantheon is a building, first built by Agrippa, in the rule of Augustus. 0T0T he first Pantheon was burned down, in the reign of Titus. 0I0I t was rebuilt, just to be burnt down again. 0T0T he third time it was built, is the Pantheon that stands today.


6 History IIt was built more than 1800 years ago. TThe first Pantheon was but in 27-25 BC by Marcus Agrippa son in law of emperor Augustus. TThe first Pantheon was burned down in 80 AD TThe second Pantheon was rebuilt in 110 AD, but it was burned down by lightning.  Pantheon means “To honor all gods” IIt was finished in year 125 (The current Pantheon)

7 Building It 0T0T he Pantheon couldn’t be built without the creation of concrete. 0I0I t was built by/for Publius Aelius Hadrianus 0I0I t’s dome was so big, it was the largest dome for 1300 years. 0T0T he new Pantheon used marble and brick. 0T0T he dome is 43.3 meters high.

8 A Day In The Colosseum

9 Who are you? (name, job, class of society, any other details) Ulfric Baylor-Titan, Engineer, normal On a regular day what would you be doing? Working, doing whatever I need to do. Where do you live? (type of house, what it looks like, etc.) In a normal house; has a stone exterior and wooden and stone roof. What will you wear to the games? (type of clothes, what they look like, made of) Normal clothes; rags; leather

10 What will you see as you enter the colosseum? (the structure, materials, architectural details, the outside, the inside, the people) A circle, stone, white outside, dirt circle in the middle, about 45,000 people to 70,000 people. Where will you sit in the colosseum? (why, who is around you) I wouldn’t have a specific spot to sit, because I am not special, and random people would be around me.

11 What did you see? (describe the spectacle of the games from your perspective- your character) I would see the gladiators fight animals and each other.

12 What did you like or dislike about your experience at the colosseum? I would like all the killing going on. What did you like or dislike about the Colosseum structure? I liked that it could cave in the gladiators for they can’t run away or back out. If you could be another person at the games, who would you be? Why? I would be Emperor Titus because he gets a special spot, and he rules everyone. If you were the Emperor of Ancient Rome and could make one new law, what would it be? Why? It would be that everyone has to learn how to fight because it could be for self-defense.

13 Gladiator Glory


15 0 I was captured in a battle when the Romans invaded Gallia. 0 It felt weird, knowing I would probably never come home again. 0 It was a very long trip to Rome. It was hot, and we were treated well. Not great, but not bad. 0 I felt angry since I was being sold like property. 0 At gladiator school, not everyone spoke the same language, and it was hard. I was whipped a lot because I would try to take a short break. There was all types of gladiators there.

16 0 I became in Essedarius, which is a gladiator on a chariot. 0 I wore chain mail armor. 0 I died in battle, and my dead body was dragged off the field. 0 The sensation of fighting was crazy! The noise was distracting me, the emperor watching me made me nervous, and the few seconds before death made me calm. 0 I asked the emperor to ask the crowd, and the crowd wanted me to die.


18 Myths and More

19 The Midas Touch is a myth about a king who wished for everything he touched to be turned into gold. King Midas was informed that a satyr was in his garden. He recognized the satyr as one of Dionysus’s, and let him go. Dionysus granted one of Midas’s wishes to say thank you, and Midas wished for everything he touched to turn into gold. He liked this perk until he tried to hug his daughter, in turned his into a golden statue of herself. Dionysus let Midas take back his wish.

20 Hercules is the son of Jupiter and Juno. He is half god, half mortal. Juno was always jealous of Hercules, and tried to kill him while he was young. But, he was very strong as a baby, and survived. Jupiter sent Hercules to live with a normal earth family to protect him from Juno. Hercules’ mortal father told him that he was part god. To gain immortality, he had 12 tasks he had to complete. It was designed by his mother and hateful cousin, to kill him. But, Hercules survived, and completed the 12 tasks.

21 I think that the myths about Midas Touch and Hercules were entertaining and informative. Midas Touch shows what happens when you wish for something that could do things to others, and Hercules is about a half god, half mortal, that gained immortality by completing 12 tasks.

22 God Arcade 0 This game is to teach people who was the god of what. 0 This is a matching game. 0 The game has seven rounds of matching. 0 I learned that Hera is the goddess of marriage, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, and Peneus was a god of a river.

23 0 The game is about 5 of the 12 trials Hercules did to become immortal. 0 The game includes: 0 Swimming 0 Fencing 0 Archery 0 Throwing a minotaur, 0 Showjumping (jumping over things with a horse.) mes/4384654.stm

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