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Prešov and famous people

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1 Prešov and famous people

2 Basic facts Position Tourist attractions


4 Ivan Tásler He was born on 16th July 1979 in Prešov, Czecho-Slovakia.
He is a Slovak composer, guitarist and siger, famous especially for his singing in the band IMT Smile This band was created in 1992. They have already recorded 6 albums. The best known songs are: Nepoznám, Za dedinou, Nedá sa újsť, Duch človeka... . Nowadays the most played songs on the radio are from the newest album Odysea dva . It was recorded in 2010.

5 Peter Nagy He was born on 9th April 1959 in Prešov, Czecho-Slovakia.
He is a singer, composer, producer and photographer and he plays the guitar. He was one of the most popular singers in Slovak pop music in 80´s and 90´s of 20. century He started as a folk singer His first bands were Profils and Fultura When he was 17, he recorded his first song. His first famous song was “Profesor Indigo” which was recorded in August He composed some songs for children like Ferrrari, Bobi and Darinka Mandarinka. Nowadays, he devotes oneself to taking photos, mostly act photos of Slovak and foreign women.

6 Katarína Knechtová She was born on 14th March 1981 in Prešov.
She is a Slovak singer and composer. She also plays the guitar and piano. In the begining of her career she was singing in the band of her friend Ivan Tásler. Later she was singing in her own band Peha that disbanded in This band won an award “Objav roka” in 1999. Her most popular songs are : Slnečná balada, Za tebou , Spomaľ, Môj Bože.

7 Katarína Koščová She was born on 11th February 1982 in Prešov.
She is a singer but she studied philosophy and esthetics. At first she was singing with her sister in the band called Haven´s Shore Later in 2004 she took part in the vocal compatition SuperStar and she became the first Slovak SuperStar It made her famous. Her most played songs are: Pehatá, Pomätená, Koľko ešte krát ...

8 Michal Hudák He was born on 27 th June 1969 in Prešov.
His nationality is Ruthenian. He is a Slovak actor and moderator of many different competitions and TV programmes. He studied dramatic art in Kiev. He played in the Theater of Alexander Duchnovič in Prešov and worked for radio Flash in Prešov ,too. “Správny kľúč“ was the first programme where he worked. Nowadays, he dubs the movies.

9 Thank you for attention.
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