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Synpromics Ltd Re-writing the source code for life to better harness the power of the genome for commercial applications Dr David Venables, CEO

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1 Synpromics Ltd Re-writing the source code for life to better harness the power of the genome for commercial applications Dr David Venables, CEO BESPOKE. SPECIFIC. EFFICIENT

2 Investment Overview Cutting edge, IP generating, company in the emerging field of Synthetic Biology. Platform technology and IP has broad application across biotechnology; enabling more optimal commercial exploitation of The Genome Project. Multiple revenue generating opportunities through development milestone payments and attractive royalties. Low risk investment strategy, with short term revenue and long term revenue growth from rich royalty stream. Partnering agreements already in place – validated approach. Experienced Board and Management Team.

3 Synpromics Board Chairman: Dr John Brown, CBE, FRSE is the Chairman of the Cell Therapy Catapult, Mode Diagnostics Ltd and CXR Biosciences Ltd and a Non-Executive Director of Vectura Group plc. Previously, he was the Chairman of BTG plc, Axis-Shield plc, and, CEO of Acambis plc, and was a Director of Cambridge Antibody Technology plc until its acquisition by AstraZeneca. John also chairs the Roslin Foundation and co-chairs the Life Sciences Industry Advisory Board for the Scottish Government. CEO: David Venables, BSc, PhD has served as CEO of Anatara Therapeutics (a life sciences company he managed through private fund raising and IPO in Australia), CEO of Ark Therapeutics (until the sale of the company), and Managing Director of BioMelior Services Ltd, providing management and consultancy services to the biopharmaceutical industry and investment funds in the areas of bioprocess CMC, CMO/CRO services and business & product development strategy within the vaccine, gene therapy and cell therapy sectors. Previously at Intercell, he was responsible for building Intercell’s manufacturing capabilities in Europe and the USA. As Site Head for vaccine manufacturing operations in the UK he was responsible for the European and US licensure, pre-approval inspection and commercial supply of Ixiaro®, a Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, followed as Chief Operating Officer of Intercell USA Inc. based in the USA. Founder & CSO: Michael Roberts, BSc, PhD is the founder of Synpromics and developed the science behind the company's technology. He has extensive experience in the biotech industry and academia developing novel tools for genetic engineering. Michael graduated from the University of Glasgow with first class honours and completed his PhD at Cambridge University. Following academic roles at Royal Holloway University of London and the National Hellenic Research Foundation (as a prestigious Marie Curie Fellow), he joined Regulon Inc., as head of Research & Development and Board Member, where he remained until 2009 prior to founding Synpromics. NXD: David Lawrence is a highly experienced, dynamic business professional with a wide experience in leadership, strategy, business development, commercial/ operational management and trouble shooting. His experience over 25 years spans a variety of sectors in Lifesciences including pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biotech/medtech. David also has extensive international experience of mergers and acquisitions, fund raising and investor relations. Previous roles have included: Vice-President of Finance at GSK, Vice-President of Finance, Business Development and Strategy at Chiron Vaccines, CFO at Acambis PLC, (Board member of dual FTSE and NASDAQ listed company), CEO at Tayside Flow Technologies, a privately backed Medtech company and formerly Chairman at Acambis, a privately owned medical devices company. David is currently CEO of Sentinext Therapeutics, a vaccines company based in Malaysia.

4 Capital Structure ShareholderNumber of Share% Michael L Roberts325, David Lawrence149, David Venables100, Andrei Lyne75, Others178, Investment to Date£ Seed Investment270,000 Convertible Instruments500,000 Grants725,000 TOTAL1,495,000

5 Synpromics: Global leader in synthetic biology; Create synthetic promoter technology and IP to enable the controlled expression of a protein product in: a specific place, a specific environment a specific time response to a specific biological condition Partners will adopt our IP in a wide range of biotechnology applications The universality of the application, and specificity of control, means that every gene derived product can benefit from using Synpromics synthetic promoter IP.

6 The value of Promoters Biotechnology is based on the commercial exploitation of gene technology to create: novel therapeutic products to treat, and in some cases cure, disease personalised & regenerative medicines smarter diagnostics Better Products - Better Processes The power, and value, of novel technologies is increasingly reliant on the advancing the underlying mechanisms of gene & drug delivery. Synthetic promoters will be a key enabling & differentiating tool in the delivery of next generation therapeutic and regenerative medicines.

7 Better than existing promoters FeatureViralNaturalSynthetic High production levelsYESNOYES Predictable production for all proteinsNO YES Constitutive (non-stop) productionYESNOYES Active in multiple cell typesYESNOYES Temporal regulation of productionNO YES Cell type - specific controlNOYES Multiple genes stably delivered in one product NO YES Inducible upon biological/chemical stimuliNO YES Temperature sensitiveNO YES

8 Cell & Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccine Market Opportunity The Application Delivering a therapeutic gene to the patient Higher-producing vectors and cell lines, reducing manufacturing scale / cost of goods and overcoming the current limitations of scale-up. Targeting vector transgene expression to improve product safety and increase efficacy, overcoming current off-target gene expression. Improved targeting of autologous and allogeneic cell therapies in regenerative medicine and cancer treatment. The Market Gene and Cell Therapy is a rapidly emerging market with high unmet need and low barrier of entry to Synpromics IP Current gene therapy market opportunity for Hemophilia A est. $650 million $13 million annual revenue opportunity for Synpromics in this one indication Current Status DNA vaccine collaboration agreement in place with commercial partner. AAV collaboration agreement in place with commercial partner

9 Bio-Processing Market Opportunity The Application Synthetic promoters driving increased protein yield, reducing process scale and reducing cost of goods. Increasing efficiency and yield of difficult to produce therapeutics. Improved adaptation of producer cell lines to industrial production environment. The Market Forecast biomedicine market value of $287 billion by 2020 A conservative 1% market penetration of Synpromics IP represents $60 million annual revenue Forecast industrial biofuels market value of $184 billion by 2021 Current Status 3 Funded proof of concept studies in progress Term sheet for partner program in CHO cell line development under discussion

10 TOTAL Operational Costs£330,000£435,000£765,000 G&A Costs£175,000£250,000£425,000 Project Costs (A) Bioprocessing£170,000-£175,000 (B) Cell and Gene Therapy£130,000£430,000£560,000 (C) Platform£170,000£103,050£273,050 Total Program Costs£470,000£533,050£1,003,050 Total Program Costs net R&D Tax Credits £329,000£373,135£702,135 TOTAL TO RAISE£834,000 £1,058,1 35 £1,892,135 Use of Funds

11 Staged Use of Funds The initial £850,000 investment allows: Completion of current projects and commercialisation of resulting promoters Initiation and completion of NGS screening approach allowing the company to develop its 3 rd generation promoter technology and proprietary databases Initiation of the lentiviral library system to improve efficiency of screening Initiation of additional Bioprocessing project Business development activities to increase and convert on new business leads The second £1,150,000 investment: Triggered upon completion of CHO, Ingenza, Touchlight & Synthace projects Allows completion of Bioprocessing, NGS Screening and Lentiviral projects Allows initiation of two additional projects in the cell and gene therapy sector Allows initiation of four additional projects in the cell and gene therapy sector Allows increase in business development activities, including key BD hire

12 Defining The Next Frontier Synpromics promoter IP will become the technology of choice in the biotech industry because it provides: unique and synthetic promoters; sequence and application are patentable custom designed promoters for maximum productivity and stability promoters which are controllable, and non-leaky, by time, place and environment promoters specific to target tissue or biological condition promoters ubiquitous in their application across all cell & gene derived products.

13 Appendix Supplementary Slides

14 Key Company Milestones Patent Application for core technology Proof-of-concept in colorectal cancer POC Project with Avanticell (co-funded Innovate UK) Commercial project initiated with Dow Agrosciences (DAS; co-funded by SE SMART) SynBio POC for creating CHO cell promoters (co-funded by Innovate UK) Scientific team increased to 3 x PhDs Commercial project with Ingenza for yeast promoters (co-funded Innovate UK); Commercial project with Touchlight Genetics (co-funded Innovate UK); POC Project with Synthace (co-funded Innovate UK) Two patent applications submitted relating to screening in plants and mammalian cells Three new patent applications being prepared relating to super-expressing promoters, protoplast screening method and NGS screening Advanced stage of negotiations for projects with uniQure and Lonza Licensing out protoplast screening method to DAS resulting in the removal the DAS £250k (plus interest) charge to the company Q1 2012: 1st seed round:£ per share post money = £1.0 million Q3 2012: 2nd seed round:£1.666 per sharepost-money = £1.5 million Q4 2014: 1st series A:£TBD per sharepost-money = £TBD million

15 £850k Investment£1050k Investment BD Activities CHO Bioprocess Collaboration Ingenza Touchlight Synthace Undisclosed AAV Collaboration NGS Screening Lentiviral Libraries Occular Muscle BioProcessing New Project Q1 Brain BioProcessing New Project Q3 Heart Platform Cell / Gene Therapy Project Bioprocessing ProjectCompletion of CHO, Ingenza, Touchlight & Synthace projects used as trigger for 2nd tranch of funding Timing of Project Activities

16 IP Strategy Patent Application in Preparation Patent Submitted, National Phase Patent Submitted, 2014 Patent Application in Preparation Bioinformatics proprietary selections algorithms NGS screening methodologies and barcoded libraries Library Construction SOP Proprietary database of cis-element interactions Methods to screen libraries in specific cell types Proprietary plasmid/ viral screening vectors Panels of synthetic promoters specific to target condition

17 Example Deal Terms Milestone Example Revenue Upfront payment to access our platform technology will allow the partner access to our libraries in order to select specific promoters for defined fields of use £ Where appropriate milestone payments at following points: Selection of promoter £ Successful phase 1 / £ Successful phase £ Regulatory filing / commercial approval £ Royalties on net income derived from product incorporating a Synpromics promoter 2.5% - 5.0% * Synpromics reserves right to produce other promoters for the same field of use

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