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Semarang, 11 th July 2011 Renewable Energy For Productivity and Added Value.

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1 Semarang, 11 th July 2011 Renewable Energy For Productivity and Added Value


3 REGIONAL ENERGY POLICY * For electricity generation

4 RENEWABLE ENERGY UTILIZATION Current Condition Type of Energy Energy Utilization (SBM) Avtur94.922,06 Premium1.462.157,36 Kerosene365.204,95 ADO for Electricity 1.163.826,98 ADO for Transportation 550.109,73 LPG44.987,79 Coal2.563.503,97 Renewable Energy (microhydro, solar power and biogas) 3.215,43



7 RE POTENTIAL AND IT’S UTILIZATION Type of EnergyPotential Installed Capacity Utilization Minihydro198,75 MW-- Microhydro13,73 MW0,979 MW1.274,02 BOE/Year Geothermal145 MWe-- Biofuel - Oil (Jatropha) - Cake 115.186 BOE 125.424 BOE - Biomass667.479 BOE Listrik -- Biogas61.198.712 m 3 /Year 98 m 3 1.300,60 BOE/Year Wind--- Solar-0,448 MW640,81 BOE/Year Current Sea---

8 RE DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES Type of EnergyDev’t OpportunityMaximum Capacity Minihydro power plantConnect to grid (tradeable)198,75 MW Microhydro power plant Rural electrification (local)12,57 MW Geothermal power plantConnect to grid (tradeable)145 MWe Biofuel - Crude Jatropha Oil - Cake Commercial Household use 115.186 SBM 125.424 SBM Biomass power plantElectricity667.479 SBM Listrik BiogasHousehold use10.220.185 m 3 Wind power plantElectricity- Solar (SHS/centralized)Electricity- Current sea power plantElectricity-

9 RE UTILIZATION PROJECTION Note. Value are accumulative of the previous year Type of EnergyUtilization2010201520202025 Minihydro Power Plant Grid-96.941,8699.338,44 Microhydro Power Plant Local1.274,021.449,421.952,59 Solar PowerLocal640,81927,201.141,991.356,79 BiogasLocal955,549.648,319.847,3810.046,45 Geothermal Power Plant Grid-289.974,00579.947,00608.944,00 BiofuelCommercial-240.610,21 Biomass Power Plant Industry-409.118,00413.905,00418.748,00 Wind PowerLocal-1.342,47

10 NEW ENERGY MIX TARGET Type of Energy20102025 Minihydro power plant-100.000 Microhydro power plant1.2742.000 Solar (SHS/centralized)6411.500 Biogas1.30110.000 Geothermal power plant-600.000 Biofuel-250.000 Biomass power plant-400.000 Wind power plant-1.500

11 RE ACTION PLAN Minihydro Power Plant NameRegency/Municipality2010201520202025 PLTM SegaraLombok Utara-5,8 MW-- PLTM Kokok PutihLombok Timur-3,8 MW-- PLTM SantongLombok Utara-0,85 MW-- PLTM KukusanLombok Timur-0,2 MW-- PLTA SumbawaSumbawa-10 MW-- PLTM Bintang BanoSumbawa Barat-8 MW-- PLTM ReaSumbawa Barat-5,7 MW-- PLTM RheeSumbawa-4,3 MW-- PLTM Kokok Putih - 2Lombok Utara-1,8 MW-- PLTM SesaotLombok Barat--1 MW- Total-40,45 MW1 MW- Note. The value are accumulative every 5 years

12 Microhydro Power Plant NameRegency/Municipality2010201520202025 PLTMH MurpejiLombok Utara0,05--- PLTMH Kok SabangLombok Utara-0,05-- PLTMH SedauLombok Barat-0,08-- PLTMH PemotohLombok Tengah-0,03-- PLTMH Kalijaga TimurLombok Timur-0,025-- PLTMH Kalijaga SelatanLombok Timur-0,012-- PLTMH SesaotLombok Barat-0,05-- PLTMH Karang SidemenLombok Tengah-0,05-- PLTMH JelatengLombok Barat-0,022-- PLTMH Tepal - 2Sumbawa-0,098-- PLTMH Baturotok - 2Sumbawa--0,441- PLTMH Rarak RongesSumbawa Barat--0,05- PLTMH PekatDompu--0,025- Total0,05 MW0,417 MW0,516 MW- Note. The value are accumulative every 5 years

13 Solar Home System Regency/Municipality2010201520202025 Lombok Utara100300200 Lombok Barat-400200 Lombok Tengah100400200 Lombok Timur-400200 Sumbawa Barat-200150 Sumbawa-300200 Dompu-200150 Bima-300200 Total200 Units2.500 Units1.500 Units Note. The value are accumulative every 5 years

14 Centralized PV Regency/Municipality2010201520202025 Lombok Utara-222 Lombok Barat1222 Lombok Tengah-222 Lombok Timur-333 Sumbawa Barat-111 Sumbawa-111 Dompu-222 Bima-222 Total1 Unit15 Units Note. The value are accumulative every 5 years

15 Biogas Regency/Municipality2010201520202025 Lombok Utara113033 Lombok Barat915444 Lombok Tengah6118444 Lombok Timur1916144 Sumbawa1--- Dompu7--- Total98 Units629 Units15 Units Note. The value are accumulative every 5 years

16 Wind Power Plant Geothermal Power Plant Note. The value are accumulative every 5 years Regency/Municipality2010201520202025 Lombok Barat-0,60 MW-- Lombok Tengah-0,60 MW-- Lombok Timur Dompu - 0,65 MW ---- ---- Total-2,50 MW-- Regency/Municipality2010201520202025 Lombok Timur-40 MW20 MW- Sumbawa-20 MW40 MW6 MW Dompu-20 MW40 MW- Total-60 MW 6 MW

17 Biomass Power Plant Note. The value are accumulative every 5 years Regency/Municipality2010201520202025 Lombok Tengah-0,03-- Sumbawa--0,03- Dompu---0,03 Total-0,03 MW

18 IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY 1. Establish and carry out a forum consist of related institution responsible for RE implementation; 2. Formulate and implement funding sheme; 3. Increasing the quality of human resources and technology; 4. Formulate the detail of implementation plan.

19 Regional Energy Forum (FORKENDA) RE Dev’t Team Minihydro Microhydro Solar Biofuel Biomassa Geothermal Biogas 1. RE INSTITUTION SET UP 1. There are 2 (two) teams have been established, both team responsible for the development of microhydro and biofuel in West Nusa Tenggara Province; 2. The problem is, starting from 2011, each dinas budget based on target, so it would be difficult to ask another dinas to lead a team which goal is for RE development, because it is not their target/responsibility.

20 2. FUNDING SCHEME Gov’t Sharing Investment CostRp. 201520202025 Sharing 25 % Sharing 50 % 732.848.350.000588.893.082.223120.487.498.932 Sharing 75 % 366.424.175.000294.446.541.11160.243.749.466 Note. Rate interest = 12 % Type of EnergyInvestment Cost MinihydroUSD 2.000/kW MicrohydroUSD 2.890/kW Solar home systemUSD 694/unit 50 Wp Centralized solar systemUSD 9.000/kW BiogasUSD 153/m 3 Geothermal Power PlantUSD 1.200/kW Biomass Power PlantUSD 1.500/kW Wind PowerUSD 5.000/kW

21 3. HUMAN RESOURCES AND TECHNOLOGY Increase human resources competency by following training and short course in the field of renewable energy; Join cooperation with institutions to conduct research in the field of renewable energy; Provide community development funds to educate people who lived surround RE project area.

22 4. DETAIL IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Identification of village and sub village which are have not been electrified; Collecting data and information about RE potential, for instance microhydro, hydro power plant, wind power etc; Conduct feasibility study and detail design engineering on potential locations; Increasing the local content of RE technology; Creating healthy and safe climate of investment; Implementation of feed in tariff.

23 Powerpoint Templates THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR ATTENTION Renewable Energy for Productivity and Added Value

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