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N T Author: Jack London Per. 8 4/15/13 WHITE FANG.

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1 N T Author: Jack London Per. 8 4/15/13 WHITE FANG

2 INTRODUCTION White Fang is a book about how a half dog half wolf that is brought from the wild into human hands. It includes the many challenges that this wolf faced when put into domestication, and the many things he has to learn in order to survive and become superior above all other dogs, wolves, bobcats, and even men. Jack London creates the perfect scenario where a wolf must face life or death in the battle to become domesticated and change his wild nature and facing his own nature and personal thoughts and actions. This takes the perspective of many multiple characters that made and changed his life and creates a book like non other. I would highly recommend this book because of the different perspective it takes and because of the amazing story of how this wolf battled against the wild and his own nature.

3 SETTING This takes place during the gold rush in the “Northland Wild” a region in the artic and eventually shifts to the Mackenzie river in an Indian camp, then shifts again to southern California. This is all taken place in 1906 when gold rushes were beginning to erupt with popularity all around the entire world. These are the people headed towards Cali. and this can show how popular gold was in these days.

4 CHARACTERS Supporting Characters – Kiche, Grey Beaver, Lip-lip, and Weedon Scott Weedon Scott- He was very loving and caring for all living things and was just a very loving and caring person all together. He had black hair, blue eyes, and was 6’ tall. His role in the book was the care and love for White Fang which was accomplished very well seeing that White Fang had something he finally loved which was Weedon Scott. He changed from thinking that White Fang was not trainable to thinking he was and came to love White Fang more than anything else in his world as he described. Grey Beaver- Grey Beaver took White Fang in and cared for him very well though him and White Fang never loved each other but somewhat of a mutual friendship. He was chief in his Indian tribe and looked like chief sitting bull. His role in the book was to take care of White Fang and his sons. This character did change though his thoughts did, he went from thinking of White Fang as just another stupid dog into something more he felt after awhile that he was like one of his sons. His thoughts on this topic completely changed after awhile with White Fang.

5 CHARACTERS Kiche- She is very kind, smart, sly, and protective and is full husky yet has lived with the wolves for very long and eventually had White Fang. She is not like the usual husky she is red like the fire as described in the book and eyes black as night. Her role in the book was to take care of White Fang as a puppy which was accomplished yet for her a hard task. She did not change throughout the book. Lip-lip- He was the alpha dog in the camp young and strong and hated any new comers who intruded upon his family like White Fang. He had tackled stole and nearly killed White Fang simply because he didn’t like dogs that did not fit in. He was simply a big bulky plain husky and his role in the book was to keep White Fang outside of his pack he so loved. He did not change throughout the book merely because White Fang did not give him a chance and killed him.

6 PROTAGONIST/ANTAGONIST Protagonist- White Fang White Fangs problem he had to face was the fight after fight he had to fight in order to survive and that if he did not win these fights die in his struggle. He was faced with many enemies not just one or two but 46 of dogs, wolves, and even bob cats. Antagonist- Beauty Smith Beauty Smith was a cruel man who liked violence and killing and thought somehow death and fighting was very amusing. He is the one that made White Fang fight all the fights he had fought it was he that almost killed White Fang out of greed and almost thought nothing of it and that it did not matter who won. There was no history between these characters they had seen each other once or twice but no contact. Then literally one day Beauty Smith showed up at the camp wanting to buy White Fang from Grey Beaver which is obvious was accomplished by Beauty Smith.

7 MY FAVORITE CHARACTER White Fang personally was my favorite character in this entire book. I thought what was going through his head was very interesting and intriguing and got me wondering about life as a whole. I’ve also never gotten a character I’ve read about in a book to get me thinking about something even after I finished it weeks ago I still think about what exactly he meant by all the things he thought. Plus his thoughts of determination and requirements to always be at the top of his pack and always be the alpha dog. They make me wonder human possibilities and actions if we thought like that, this character just got me thinking of multiple things and no other character in a book has done that.

8 BEGINNING In the beginning the story starts with 3 men that die at the hand of Kiche. The beginning also tells about how Kiche and her mate came to meet and how they survived and raised White Fang.

9 MIDDLE The middle of this story consists of many different but similar events. In this part of the story White Fang is in a struggle for survival against domestication and the other dogs within the camp. He became the alpha dog in his pack and was very assertive. He protected every person in his life that he cared about nobly and wouldn’t let them even get a little scratch.

10 END In the end he was sold into a dog fighting ring and had to fight for his life every single day when night came. He never came close to dying not until his last fight was he at the mercy of another dog. When out of no where Weedon Scott jumps in to save White Fang from his certain death. White Fang came to love Weedon Scott and he has never loved anything else, Weedon takes him back to his home in California where he saves Scotts father from a murderer out to get him. Imagine the most gruesome of dog fights and just think like a disgusting sick person for a second. Try to put yourself within a dog that has to fight for his or her life and with one slip of the foot a deadly blow to the neck and your life is over, that is what happened in my book a dog at his defeat and then his life was returned because of a very generous man.

11 RECOMMENDATION I loved this book, it was like no other book I have read in my entire life. It gives you a different perspective on life itself and how precious it is. This book has showed me a different side of life and what it has to go through in order to survive. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves life who thinks life is amazing and fascinating because this book was written to show people those very things and how we can cause so much harm to an animal we think has no feelings what so ever. This is would be your perspective of what you would see and how, this is exactly how this book makes you see.

12 THEME This theme of the book is very unusual for any character and uses the theme of naturalism. I always felt that the moral to the story was while we appear to be free, we are also confined to what we can adapt to. I feel that what Jack was trying to get across was that even though adaption doesn’t seem like much work it is. It is confusing hard and sometimes against everything that you live for.

13 JACK LONDON Jack London was a brilliant author that made over 50 other books. He was born January 12 th, 1876 in San Francisco to November 22, 1916 Glen Ellen. His books were also so loved that they made 45 of those books into movies and his children made a lot of money off them. He in conclusion was a very talented writer and a very smart person. I would recommend all of his books to anyone and think people should read his books.

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