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Book Showcase Project (The Maze Runner)

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1 Book Showcase Project (The Maze Runner)
By Ryan Zhang Click ONCE to start Don’t click if you’re not interested 

2 (Don’t click until asked to. Just wait for 21.5 seconds.)
Imagine This: You wake up in a dark box like thing. You don’t know anything, except for the fact that your name is Thomas. The box thing is moving up. You think it’s an elevator. You try to see if you can remember anything – your parents, how you got here, your last name. It doesn’t work. The box is slowing down. You hear a siren above you. A door above you slowly starts to open. You look up.

3 (You probably have heard of it before.)

4 The Maze Runner By James Dasher
If you don’t want to enjoy the PowerPoint, please press this button to reset the PowerPoint. PowerPoint by Ryan Zhang Yes, it’s just a PowerPoint. This is the real title slide. Click to continue.

5 Guess what? You’re in a maze!
As Thomas woke up, he saw a really bright light. Like the sun. Teenagers (just like Thomas) come out and greet him. Thomas learns about how he is in a gigantic maze (and is stuck there forever), and how things work around here. He learns about the community, called the glade, all boys. They use words Thomas have never heard of. He also learns that hey, they don’t have any memories either! Thomas starts to look around.

6 Going around Thomas decides to go to the forest, where he meets Chuck. They chat Thomas leaves the forest and goes to the house with Chuck. He got kicked out of the house. Chuck takes Thomas back to the homestead. Thomas goes back to sleep – he will take a tour soon.

7 The Tour After a while, Alby, the leader, comes and takes Thomas to the tour. Thomas learns about the four areas – the slaughterhouse, the deadheads (graveyards), the farms, and the house. He will go to each place to train for two weeks until his job is determined. But hey look – a siren goes off! What’s that about? Thomas realizes that someone has arrived – twice in a month! Thomas leaves the tour and goes look into the box.

8 Hey look, it’s a girl! It’s the first person that’s a girl (and the only one) since the maze started! The girl seems to still be unconscious and everyone approaches her. She suddenly sits up and says “Everything is going to change”, and clutched a piece of paper saying “She’s the last one.” The girl gets taken to the med-care and Thomas starts training at each place.

9 Minho One day after working, Thomas sees someone coming back from the maze exhausted. He runs over there and see a boy, who he later finds as Minho. Minho didn’t answer questions that Thomas asked, but talked with Alby (a leader) about how he saw a dead griever (That machine/human like thing that tries to kill and torture you and seems indestructible) This made Thomas really interested in becoming a runner and he asks Newt (another person) how he could be a runner. Answer: Maybe one day. Minho and Alby decide then to go out and take a look at the dead griever. They don’t come back.

10 Into the Maze Since Alby and Minho didn’t come back, Thomas has a really great (not really) idea! Let’s go into the maze and get them out even though the gates will close and we will be trapped inside with the grievers! So Thomas runs into the maze. Now, Thomas is stuck in the maze with Minho and Alby and the grievers! Thomas strings Alby up to a wall and get the Grievers to chase him and Minho all night. At the end of the night, Minho and Thomas run to the cliff and hey look – the grievers jumped into the hole (man they’re dumb) and disappeared. When Thomas got back everyone agreed to throw Thomas into jail for a day and then let him train for being a runner.

11 “The ending” After jail, it was determined that Minho (Leader of runners) would train Thomas into becoming a runner. Thomas first got special runner-only supplies including some special “Runner- undies” (special underwear) Then, Thomas gets lectured about how the mazes work and ran through a section of the maze with Minho. When he returns from running, Teresa (the girl) tells Thomas “I’ve triggered the ending”. Thomas drifts to sleep.

12 Where’s the sun? When Thomas wakes up, hey look! The sun is gone and the sky is gray! The maze stopped moving around. The maze didn’t close and now grievers are coming to attack every single night! Thomas realized they needed more answers on how to escape. So, he let himself get stabbed by a griever because that will give Thomas a little bit of his memory back.

13 Why did you let yourself get stabbed by a griever?
Everyone yelled at Thomas for letting himself getting stabbed by a griever (On purpose). While Thomas was recovering from the stab however, he got some memories back – including how to escape the maze. Thomas tells everyone how to escape the maze – exit where the grievers come in. Allow that to happen by typing in a code into a computer. The people agreed and started to plan for escape (from the maze).

14 The escape? Or the end? Thomas and the other people of the maze finished planning for the escape! Right during sunset, everyone runs into the maze. A small group went into the hole where all of the grievers were, while everyone else fought the grievers already out outside on the maze. As Teresa (the girl) types the code, Thomas and another person fight off the grievers. But when Teresa finishes, the group realizes that they had to push a button nowhere near them! And the grievers were about to kill them! Will they be able to push the button and shut down the maze? Read the book! You will get the answer to this question and a brand new cliff- hanger! And also many more fun and interesting events that happen between! (This is just a summary)

15 The PowerPoint has ended.
The PowerPoint will automatically reset in 6 seconds; Do not click the screen or you may break the system. PowerPoint and everything in it (Transitions, Animations, VBA, that button, content) can be done in just PowerPoint alone. This does not use anything external. Everything by Ryan Zhang (6th Grade Laughlin)

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