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HO’OPONOPONO Music by Enya Joe Vitale’s Message This message is one of those ones that really changes our lives. Often, we have heard, we create our.

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2 HO’OPONOPONO Music by Enya

3 Joe Vitale’s Message This message is one of those ones that really changes our lives. Often, we have heard, we create our own reality and the World reflects what we are. We are just one and everything starts and finishes in us, etc.,etc.. I supposed you have already learned it. But, it is totally different when we see the thing happening and by then, we understand the real meaning of those words. Therefore, in my humble opinion, the simplicity of this message brings an AHA to our minds. Music by Enya

4 Two years ago, I heard a Hawaiian psychotherapist healed insane criminal patients of an entire sector of Hawaii State Hospital without talking or even seeing any of them. The psychologist read the records of the patient/criminal. Afterwards, he looked into himself to check how he (The psychologist) had created the enfermity in that person. Since the doctor was getting himself healed, the patient also improved his health condition. Music by Enya

5 The first time I listened to the story, I supposed it would be a Urban Legend. How could somebody heal somebody else, only through his own healing process? How could, even being the supreme master of the self- healing, to cure somebody else criminally insane? Music by Enya

6 It didn’t make sense, and I discarded the story. However, I listened to it again one year later. I knew the therapist had applied a Hawaiian healing process called “Oponopono". Music by Enya

7 I had never heard about that process, but I could not take it out from my mind. If the fact were a truly one, I had to know more about it. I had always known the total responsibility means: “I am responsible for my thoughts and actions”. Everything beyond it, was far from my horizon of actions. I suppose most people think the same way about responsibility. Music by Enya

8 We are responsible for our actions and not for somebody else’s ones. But it is wrong. The Hawaiian therapist, that had healed those mentally sick people, would teach me an advanced way to understand what is total responsibility. Music by Enya

9 His name is Dr.Ihaleakala Hew Len. We have likely talked for one hour in our first telephone call. I asked him for telling me all the history about his job as therapist. Music by Enya

10 Usually, the psychologists resigned their positions after one month working there. He explained me he had worked at Hawaiian State Hospital for four years, The sector where the psychopat criminals were enjailed was the most dangerous. Music by Enya

11 Most Hospital’s employees used to be sick and resigned. People walking through that sector used to do it with their back facing the walls fearing to be hurt by the patients. It was not a good place to live. Even for working or visiting. Music by Enya

12 While he read the records, he worked over himself. Dr. Len told me he never saw or talked to the patients. He signed a contracted to have an office in the hospital and to review the patient’s medical records. Music by Enya

13 While he worked over himself, the patients started healing. “After few months, the patients under chains, received permission to freely walk”. He said. Music by Enya

14 “Other ones, strongly sedated, had their medication reduced. And those ones, without any chances of being healing, were discharged.“. I was astonished! Music by Enya

15 “There is more”, he followed, “Even the employees started enjoying to come to work. The absenteeism and staff replacement vanished. In the end, we had excessive staff, because the patients were discharged and all employees used to come to work. Today, that sector of the Hospital is deactivated." In that moment, I asked him a one million dollar question: Music by Enya

16 “I was healing that part of myself that had created them”, he said. “What did you do to yourself to cause the change in those people?" Music by Enya

17 I did not catch it. Dr.Len explained me: “Total responsibility for our life results in responsibility for everything it is present and we see along our life. And just because it is in our life, it is our responsibility. Under a general overview, the world we see is our own creation. Wow! Music by Enya

18 It is hard to understand and to accept. To be responsible for I do and say is something and I can understand it. To be responsible for something said or done by somebody else is very odd. Besides, the truth is: If we assume complete responsibility for our life, then everything we see, listen, taste and experience is, in any way, our responsibility because it is in our life. Music by Enya

19 It means terrorist activity, the president, the economy or anything else you experience and dislike, exist with the purpose to be healed by you. Those are projections of what is inside you. The problem is not outside you. It is in you, and to change it, you must change yourself. Music by Enya

20 I know it is hard to understand, more difficult to accept and really difficult to experience. Blame somebody else is easier than assuming total responsibility. But when talking to Dr. Len, I started understanding this kind of healing and that “Ho‘Oponopono” means self-love. Music by Enya

21 If you are willing of improving your life, you should heal your life. If you are willing of healing somebody, even a criminal patient, you will do it healing yourself. I asked Dr. Len how he healed himself. What he really did when he was looking at those patient’s medical records. Music by Enya

22 “I merely remainned saying ‘I am sorry’' and ‘I love you', continuously“. He explained me. -“Only?“ - “Only! The self-loving is the best way to improve ourselves and, when we improve ourselves, we improve our World." Music by Enya

23 Allow me, now, to tell you a simple example showing how it works. But that time, I chose to differently do it using Dr.Len’s method. Sometime, somebody sent me an email emotionally unbalacing me. In past times, I would have reacted trying to solve my emotional problems and arguing to the email’s sender. Music by Enya

24 In silence, I started thinking “I’m sorry” and “I love you”. I did not say it to anybody. I simply invoked the spirit of love, for it to heal inside me, what was causing the external circumstance. Music by Enya

25 After one hour, I received an email from the same person, apologizing to me for the message he sent before. Notice. Neither I made any external action to receive the apology nor I had answered the first email. Music by Enya

26 Only repeating “I am sorry” and “I love”, anyhow I healed something inside myself that had created that person. Lately, I went for a seminar about “Ho‘Oponopono”, leaded by Dr. Len. He is now 70 years old an he is considered an Grampa Xaman and lives kind of lonely. Music by Enya

27 He made eulogies to my book “The Atractive Factor”. Told me, since I was improving myself, the vibration of my book will increase and everybody will feel the same when reading it. Concluding, since I will improve, my book’s readers will improve too. - “And what will happened to the already sold books that went out from me?" I asked. - “They didn’t go out.” He explained me, touching my mind by second time with his misthic wisdom. “They are still inside you". Music by Enya

28 Concluding, nothing is outside. It would be necessary a big book to explain that advanced technic with the details it deserves. “It is enough to say: When you want to improve anything in your life, there is only one place where you must look for it. Inside yourself. And when looking at it, do it with love!” Music by Enya

29 Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. Music by Enya

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