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Tom Green County Coalition Against Violence “Standing United Against Violence In Rural Texas” Conference February 14 & 15, 2011.

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1 Tom Green County Coalition Against Violence “Standing United Against Violence In Rural Texas” Conference February 14 & 15, 2011



4 Full Bio at

5 23+ years, international law enforcement trainer & case consultant Helps Writers of Criminal Minds TV show Author: “Answers”, “Written Violence”, “What’s Going on Upstairs”, “Case Files” & Several More Full Bio & Many References Online at

6  The following is a list of the most common questions and their corresponding answers. * Please read these at your leisure * BOOKS & QUICKIES Books for sale today starting at $ 10.00 Get your mini handwriting profile (“Quickie”) for only $ 10. For privacy, results are emailed to you within 72 hours.

7  Cannot reveal age, gender, handedness, or anything identifying so therefore it is… 100% non-discriminatory & public knowledge  Is beneficial for personality assessments as it relates to lies, suicide, violence and more but definitely does not predict the future!  On March 31, 2003, United States v. Crisp, 324 F.3d 261 (4th Cir. 2003), stated expert testimony on handwriting is admissible under the Daubert ruling set forth by United States Supreme Court.  FOR LIST OF SCIENTIFIC STUDIES that prove validity, please email

8 Who does not trust others very easily? (A) (B)

9 (A) Notice how far apart the word spacing is? Each word on paper represents the writer and the word that follows represents other people within society. Because he keeps his words far apart it indicates that he keeps people far away from him (because he does not trust them).

10 (A) (B)

11 Notice the lower loops of the letters g and y swing down into the line of writing below them. This indicates someone who is confused and probably stressed out because of it.

12 (A) (B)

13 ANSWER (A) Think of all the goal-setting commercials and comments we hear from successful people or organizations. For example, the Air Force says, “Aim High”, the Army says, “Be All You Can Be” (as the soldier looks up to the flag), CEO’s say, “Reach for that star” & more. With handwriting, imagine a star in the upper right hand corner of the page. Writing upward progressively goes toward that star & represents people that stay focused and do not let things upset them. On the other hand, downhill writing progressively gets further away from that star therefore causing the individual to become worn out & prone to depression.


15 The zones in our writing match our body in order…

16 Anxiety - is indicated by extremely straight horizontal strokes, a lot of crossing out or corrections, left-to- right pressure, various line and word spacing, strange letter shapes, portions of or entire letters missing, unusually wide letters when the rest is average, stencil-like letters and broken strokes. He does not like his inner self and tries to avoid it at all costs. He has a latent feeling of inner terror that he cannot explain. He lacks self control and cannot assimilate his apprehension toward life. Internally he does not feel rational but, on the outside, he appears so. He may overact to small events or everyday occurrences because he tries hard to avoid problems. He is pessimistic, unenthusiastic and has a difficult time with decision- making. He is prone to becoming reclusive and depressed.

17 (1) Capital I changes… self-image is damaged (2) Words start going downhill (baseline)… prone to depression (3) Letters / words tend to get one size (middle zone)… self-absorbed into being the victim (ie: acceptance that that is her role (pessimistic in nature)).

18 (4) Spacing gets wider… fear of pain; lack of trust (5) Slant starts going leftward… emotionally withdrawing. If the slant goes farther rightward she is willing to communicate. However too far right = excessive emotion. (6) Lowercase t-bars are low… self-esteem is becoming less and less. (7) Size shrinks… emotionally withdrawing and becoming reclusive due to fear

19 (8) Margins… left becomes wide (escaping past) - right becomes wide (fear of future) (9) Pressure becomes excessively light… subconsciously hiding (10) Cursive to print… detaching emotionally

20  Just like you do not usually see signs of depression before someone commits suicide, the handwriting does not usually show depression before showing suicide.  This is why the act of suicide usually comes as a shock and feeling of disbelief to the loved ones left behind…“we didn’t see it coming”, “she didn’t seem sad or depressed”, “I cannot believe it”, “I think someone did this to her”…  How do you know the difference in handwriting?

21  Depression shows most of the line of writing going, or attempting to go, downhill.  Suicide shows the writing going straight or uphill and just the last couple of letters fall.


23  Stacking: compiling individual traits together to answer your question… “How much violence potential does he have?”  The more “danger” traits present, the more likely the acts of violence – especially significant are 3 or more individual traits

24 The location of exit stroke is important in order to find out the type of violence he is capable of! Lower: physical Middle: self Upper: mental

25 NOTE: When it only appears on someone’s name then the writer is telling you the name of at least one intended victim! In the sample below you will notice the aggression on ‘Jayme’ (almost killed by her boyfriend).

26 Weapons or X’s: If one shows weapon shapes in writing it is an indicator that he could hurt someone. If one has random x-shapes within the writing it can indicate ‘obsession with death’ – ones own but usually the death of another. These people may collect weapons but could use them inappropriately. Tip: turn it upside-down and remember if a stroke looks like it could hurt you – the writer probably can!


28 Strokes that become excessively thick at the very exit are called ‘clubstrokes’ and this indicates that he can be a brutal and ruthless enemy.

29 RIVERS RUN THROUGH IT Rivers: can commit a violent crime without hesitation or remorse. Most frequently is physical violence.


31 A manipulation trait that so many convicted felons and troubled adolescents use. Over 93% of convicted inmates and “teenage terrors” use this style.


33 He enjoys harassing others by ‘teasing’ or poking fun at them in a condescending, derogatory manner. This root for harassment is insecurity. He wants to prove his alleged superiority by tormenting those who are weaker and at his mercy. The more exasperated the ‘victim’ becomes the more satisfied he gets.

34 Feeling Resentful ? He harbors anger, resentment and / or hatred toward someone or something. He tends to be emotionally immature. He frequently feels indignant toward others from a sense of being insulted or offended. He feels piqued about the real or imagined encroachment upon his time, possessions or privacy. 1 mm = 1 year back from date of writing sample


36 Corrugation: this can be hard to detect without a magnifying glass. He has an authoritarian and brutal character that also lacks empathy or remorse. Tip: This looks like corrugated cardboard.

37 Excessive ‘tick’ marks: this indicates misplaced, misdirected and untreated anger issues. Often the individual is in denial about his anger and it may be the root of “evil” behavior.



40 Ask her to write about the people in her life (mom, dad, brother, sister, boyfriends, husband, co-workers, boss, best friend, etc.). Then 1 st identify the “angry” parts of the writing. Then pay attention to what words they appear on. Then match to the gender of the Capital I…






46 Vowels are communication letters. If someone is being honest – the vowels should be open and clear. Remember communication is speaking, listening, and body language.

47 1. Child Abuse – did she kill her child?

48 2. Is he guilty of sexual misconduct and force?

49 3. Did the babysitter shake this baby to death?

50  The best way to detect illegal drug use is to look at the vowels.  The more inconsistent the size the more likely the individual is using drugs.  As long as the drug shows in the body is as long as it shows in writing.




54 DRAW A PIG Head-to-Toe

55 Toward the top of the paper: you are positive and optimistic. Toward the middle: you are a realist. Toward the bottom: you are pessimistic, and may behave negatively. Facing left: you believe in tradition, are friendly, and tend to remember dates Facing right: you are innovative & active but don't have a strong sense of family Facing you: you are direct, enjoy playing devil's advocate, & neither fear nor avoid discussions. A lot of detail: you are analytical, cautious, and don’t trust others easily. Not much detail: you are emotional, care little for details, and may be a risk-taker. Less than 4 legs: you are insecure or living through a period of major change. With 4 legs showing: you are secure, stubborn, and stick to your ideals. The bigger the ears: the better listener you are. The longer the tail: the stronger your sex drive.

56 In each class we try to recognize previous students who have contributed much to the law enforcement field. Detective Joseph Scaramucci McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Gang Investigator John Bowman Killeen Police Department Detective Toby McLaughlin Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

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