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R EBECCA C AUDILL Y OUNG R EADERS ’ B OOK A WARD Books Nominated For 2008-2009.

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1 R EBECCA C AUDILL Y OUNG R EADERS ’ B OOK A WARD Books Nominated For 2008-2009

2 C ORNELIA AND THE A UDACIOUS E SCAPADES OF THE S OMERSET S ISTERS Cornelia is a lonely girl living in a New York apartment with household servants for company while her mother, a famous pianist, travels around the world. When Cornelia makes friends with the elegant woman next door, her world changes and expands in unexpected ways.

3 B LOOD ON THE R IVER : J AMES T OWN 1607 Samuel Collier, an orphan from the streets of London, is chosen to serve Captain John Smith on a voyage to the New World. As one of the founding members of the James Town Colony, Samuel faces hardship and danger during the first year as he learns a great deal about himself and the world around him.

4 S HUG Annemarie Wilcox, a.k.a. Shug, has a lot to deal with: a father who’s almost never home, an alcoholic mother, a beautiful older sister, a fight with her best friend, and the painful rejection of her crush – not to mention all the normal trials of middle school.

5 P ENNY FROM H EAVEN Penny Falucci lives in Brooklyn with her mother and grand- parents but loves to visit her Italian-American relatives across town. During the summer of 1953 when Penny turns 12, she deals with physical and emotional crises but emerges wiser and happier – with herself and the people she loves.

6 A LABAMA M OON Moon Blake has been raised in the wilderness by his government- hating father. As the story begins, Moons father has died, and though he is sure he can survive alone, the government has other ideas. Though the odds are stacked against him, Moon manages to come out a winner.

7 T HE G REEN G LASS S EA Dewey and Suze become unlikely friends during a year at Los Alamos, New Mexico, as their scientist parents work night and day developing a “gadget” that will end the second World War.

8 H ATTIE B IG S KY Hattie is a young woman alone who inherits a 320-acre spread in Montana – Big Sky Country. The author takes a humorous and even- handed look at the homesteading way of life in the early years of the twentieth century.

9 B LACK D UCK In 1929 a rum-running boat named the Black Duck lost most of its crew during a run-in with the Coast Guard. In this book, based on the actual event, 14- year-old David finds the story he’s been looking for in order to be published in the local newspaper.

10 R ULES Although Catherine loves her younger brother David, who is autistic, she also feels embarrassed by him; so she creates behavioral rules for him. Then she meets Jason, and she realizes that normal can have many meanings.

11 G OSSAMER A dream-giver named Littlest One and her trainer named Thin Elderly have the task of gathering happy memories from objects in the home of an elderly lady and giving them back to the lady and the troubled young boy staying in her home in the form of good dreams.

12 H EAT Michael Arroyo is the best pitcher in his Little League district and is determined to take his team to the championship game at Yankee Stadium. But he must deal with the death of his father and get a copy of his birth certificate from Cuba to prove his age before he can realize his dream.

13 O H R ATS ! T HE S TORY OF R ATS AND P EOPLE This book explores the love-hate relationship that has existed between rats and humans throughout history. Read about rats’ habits and intelligence, and how they are regarded by different cultures worldwide.

14 P ROJECT M ULBERRY Julia Song is the only Korean American in her new neighborhood in Plainfield, IL. As she reluctantly begins raising silk worms with her neighbor Patrick for a State Fair project, she begins to value both her heritage and her friendship with Patrick.

15 W OLF B ROTHER The 1 st book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness introduces Torak, who promises his dying father that he will travel to the Mountain of the World Spirit to put an end to the demon- possessed bear who has been terrorizing the forest.

16 L IFE AS W E K NEW I T At the end of Miranda’s sophomore year a meteor crashes into the moon, creating destruction and catastrophic weather changes on earth. Miranda’s journal entries describe the changes she, her family, and the world must make to survive.

17 T HE L IGHTNING T HIEF At the end of 6 th grade, Percy Jackson learns that he is not just a problem child, but a half-blood – the offspring of a Greek god and a mortal. As the story unfolds, Percy sets out with two friends on a hero’s quest to settle a feud between Zeus, Hades and Poseidon.

18 A D ROWNED M AIDEN ’ S H AIR : A M ELODRAMA When 11-year-old Maud is rescued from the orphanage by the Haw-thorne sisters, her life changes for the better. But when she discovers why they adopted her, she must decide whether to do as they ask despite what her conscience tells her.

19 T HE I NVENTION OF H UGO C ABRET Hugo is an orphan who lives in the walls of a Paris train station and survives by keeping the clock and occasionally resorting to thievery. He guards his identity closely until he meets a young girl and an old man and the mystery of his life unravels.

20 L ETTERS FROM W OLFIE Mark impulsively volunteers his German Shepherd Wolfie for the Vietnam War, but regrets it almost immediately. His efforts to get Wolfie back, and the letters written to him by a young soldier who serves with Wolfie, form the core of this story.

21 B LACK S TORM C OMIN ’ After his father abandons the family while traveling west in a wagon train, 12-year-old Colton Wescott must become the family provider. He has to lie about his age, his mixed race, and his riding ability in order to get a job with the Pony Express.

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