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Battle of the Books Battle of the Books Selections taken from SCBA nominees 2011-2012.

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1 Battle of the Books Battle of the Books Selections taken from SCBA nominees 2011-2012

2 * Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity Steve Brixton wants to be a detective just like the Bailey Brothers in his favorite mystery series. He is assigned a writing project about quilting of all things! When he goes to the public library to get a book about the subject, his life is turned upside down!

3 * Touchdown Trouble Sam loves playing football for his team-the Cowboys! In a key game, he makes a major play to lead his team to victory over their arch rivals. But the celebration ends when he and his teammates make an unwelcome discovery. Will the Cowboys’ season be in jeopardy?

4 * Extra Credit Andrew Clements’ latest book about a sixth grader named Abby who is in danger of failing. Her teacher tells her that if she does a pen pal project over the summer, she will be able to go on to the next grade. She is given a pen pal in Afghanistan, and they learn a great deal about their different lifestyles and traditions. Along the way, their growing friendship becomes a problem.

5 * Christmas Genie Have you read any books by Dan Gutman? He wrote the Weird School books and many other funny books. His latest book is about a teacher who is crazy about science. When a meteorite crashes into her classroom the day before Christmas break, a genie pops out. The class only gets one wish to share- which one will it be???

6 * Love, Aubrey A tragic accident has turned 11-year-old Aubrey’s world upside down. She has trouble talking about what happened, and writing letters seems to be the answer for her. With the help of her grandmother and some new friends, she gradually begins to come to terms with her new life.

7 * Neil Armstrong is My Uncle & Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me It’s the summer of 1969 and 10-year-old Muscle Man McGinty has bragged that he can beat the entire block in a game of kickball. Tamara Ann is excited. She’ll finally get the chance to prove what a squirrelly runt and a wormy little liar he really is!

8 * 11 Birthdays Leo and Amanda have always celebrated their birthdays together-for the past 10 years in fact. However, last year words were said that could not be taken back. This year they will have separate parties for the first time. Amanda can’t wait for the day after her birthday so she can stop thinking about it. There’s just one problem…the next day is her birthday all over again!

9 * The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis Nothing ever happens in Fayette, South Carolina. That’s what Popeye thinks anyway. His whole life has been nothing but boring! All that changes when an RV containing 5 rowdy kids gets stuck near his house. He and his new friend Elvis find some handmade boats floating down the creek and the adventure begins!

10 * Captain Nobody When Newt Newman’s brother is knocked into a coma during the biggest football game of the season, his friends try to get his mind off of it. They are creating the ultimate superhero Halloween costumes. Newt feels so confident in his that he decides to keep wearing it and ends up being a real hero. But can he save the one person he cares about the most?

11 * Justin Case Worry, worry, worry. That seems to be all that Justin can do. He’s a worrywart and it doesn’t help that the school year does not seem to be starting out well. He doesn’t get the teacher he wanted, his best friend is in a different class and his little sister will be starting kindergarten at his school. Could things get any worse? Read and find out!

12 Join the Battle! You get to compete against your schoolmates BoB team members get to check out the books first The winning school team competes against other schools in the district Winning school team gets a cool t-shirt! What do you have to do to be a part of BoB? - Just read at least 3 of the books on this list by the time we come back from winter break! - Listen for announcements about practices starting in January

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