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Lesson 5+: Using He- Builder/She-Builder And Adding Text! Slides are adapted from or

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1 Lesson 5+: Using He- Builder/She-Builder And Adding Text! Slides are adapted from or

2 The hebuilder and shebuilder are for creating your own characters in a world. You can find it under the “people” folder of your Local Gallery Lets start with the shebuilder. Click on the “Add Objects” button to get to your local gallery. Scroll right until you see the “People” Folder. Scroll to the very end, click on shebuilder. When you open the shebuilder folder, this screen will appear (you may have to wait a moment for it to load). Objects – He/She Builder

3 You can change the leg, upper body and head shape of your person, using the red arrows. He/She Builder – Body/Hair Select the “hair color” button. You can change the shape and color of your hair, using arrows.

4 Now, select the tab labeled “skin/eyes”. You should have three options: skin color, eyes and lips. The skin color is controlled by a slider at the top. The eyes and lips can be selected by the arrows. All of the changes you make will appear on your person, to the left. He/She Builder – Skin/Eyes

5 By selecting the “clothing” tab, you can choose shirts, pants and shoes for your person. Finally, you can give your person a name at the bottom of the “person builder”. Click OK when you are finished. He/She Builder – Clothing/Name

6 Try creating another character but this time using the hebuilder folder. Objects – He/She Builder

7 Look over on the right side of your screen. There should be two types of camera views Single view and Quad view. Quad view is good for fixing the positioning of your characters in the world Positioning Objects – Quad View Using the control buttons we went over earlier, try to position your characters so that they appear in all four screens.

8 Look over on the right, under quad view. Note the button that looks like a hand. This is the scroll tool and it allows you to move around the camera in Quad View. The Magnifying glass allows you to zoom in and out while in quad view, to better position your characters You’ll need to click and drag on your viewing windows when using both of these buttons. Try them out now to center your characters in each view. Positioning Objects – Quad View Note: You cannot use the scroll and zoom tool on the first screen in the upper left.

9 Once you have your characters in your world you can start to animate them using simple and built in methods. Click done to go back to the main window. Click on one of your characters in the object tree. For us it is Matt. Look on the left of your screen under Matt’s details. There should be a list of methods. This is the list of actions that your person can already do. Methods – Introduction

10 The large tan part in the center of your screen is called your “Method Editor.” The method editor is where we can call our methods to animate the characters. You can click and drag any of the character’s methods into the method called “ first method”. Try this with a few of them. Now click “play” in the top left hand corner. Your character should animate however you have coded him. Methods – Introduction

11 Lets add some 3-D text to our world This can say “That’s all folks!!!” You can change the font below in this square. Press OK to add it into your world. 3D Text – Font Your text should appear in your world. Resize and reposition so that it looks like the picture shown. Your screen should look like this.

12 To change the color of your text, you can go to the properties tab of your text and click on the box next to color. Select cyan. 3D Text – Color You can animate your text to spin around, and do things just like any other object in your world, simply by writing a method. Let’s write a new method to move the 3-D text in and spin it around.

13 Create a new method for the text called “Animate”. Drag in code so that it matches the picture. Change the event “when the worlds starts” to call the “animate” method and try it out! 3D Text – Animation

14 Lab 5 Complete a he-builder/she builder Give your character a name Add text to your world that says Introducing (the name that you wrote) Have the text be visible for a few seconds and then disappear Use some methods to have the character complete a task. (no more than 2 additional objects added to the world) Create a lesson 5 folder in your folder on the Student File drive: L Save the file as lab5

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