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Star Soap Center Investment Teaser Dec 2014 Bangalore.

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1 Star Soap Center Investment Teaser Dec 2014 Bangalore

2 Consistent and predictable cash flows

3 Deal Summary Syed Rizwan has a convenience store in Neelasandra, a 150 sqft shop Promoter comes with a strong institutional sales experience of about 7 years working for brands such as Titan and Recap Jeans in Bangalore Central where he rose to the position of supervisor An orphan, he worked on his own to get his sister married and comes across as a simple and honest but an astute salesman with a good business sense Created a niche in his area focusing on baby diapers and wipes which he sells in bulk at a significant discount to the MRP Expected monthly sales in the shop around Rs. 1.8 lakh Expected Net profit per month around Rs. 25,000 Investment requirement – Rs. 2.5 lakh Investment tenure – 2 years Expected average monthly payment – Rs. 5,000 Profit sharing ratio for the investor – 20% Investor’s expected annual return – 24% Note – In the unlikely event of a business loss, it will be shared in the ratio of investment

4 Highlights of his business model He purchases the quantities from local marwadis in bulk and gets a significant discount on the items. These items are typically purchased by the marwadi suppliers in bulk from the hypermarkets et all from the items which the hypermarkets discard for reasons of minor damages or low sales. Majority of his customers ask for a small number of diapers. He opens up a big pack and starts selling these smaller number of diapers to the customers, thus increasing his margins even further. All of his purchases are in cash ensuring a lower purchase price and hence higher margins. He draws his inspiration from one of his friends who has basically tutored him on this business model of low price - high volume and high margin. His friend who does business on a similar model has been able to grow multi-fold. He sees this round of investment as an opportunity to prove himself by giving healthy returns to the investor and raising more funding for the future.


6 Investment Score CriterionScore Promoter Background4 Business Profitability4 Business Cash Flow Consistency4 Financial Security of promoter3.5 Upside probability in returns4 Expected returns4 Social impact rating4.5 Overall investment rating4 1 – Very Poor2 – Poor3 – Average4 – Good5 – Excellent

7 Appendix – Investment Details (I of II) Meeting with the promoter – 29th Nov 2014 – Faizullah Shareef works in the security department of Noor Masjid for the past 8 years and is closely associated with Hira Welfare (thus known well to Biju and Husain bhai) for the past 5 years. Syed Rizwan, the promoter of this business is his son in law. Syed Rizwan differentiates himself in two ways: 1. He specialises only in baby products, especially diapers and baby wipes 2. He sells his products at a discount to the MRP He needs Rs. 2.5 lakh of investment to increase the inventory in the shop, located in Neelasandra. He is willing to repay the amount in 2 years. After 2 years, he has plans to move to a much larger shop on the main road. He plans to add a few more racks in the shop while the remaining inventory will be stored in his house. The main item for sale in the shop is the baby diapers. He sells large volumes at wholesale price to customers or at a significant discount (which is generally proportional to the volume purchased). He seemed to be a very astute and aggressive salesman. He speaks good English and appears to have a good business sense. He is an orphan, lost both his parents, got married a couple of years back. He was able to convert the customers to purchase the items which he had (which were very few in variety) even though the customers came for other products (this while I was watching him do the business). Sometimes when the customers ask for items which he does not have in the shop, he asks them to come later when he will purchase and keep the item for them. I spent a few hours with him on two occasions and have seen that he has a decent footfall. The shop is located in a semi- residential area where there are quite a few other shops too in the vicinity. He misses quite a few customers due to lack of complete inventory (clear case of potential increase in profits with higher investment). I myself saw a couple of customers leave as their requested items were not available. Prior to this, he worked for 2 years in a smaller and older shop just opposite the current shop; then transferred to this location where he has been working from for little more than a year now. He will keep re-investing the profits generated back into the business. He has studied with Xth. He is 24 years now. After his Xth, he joined Bangalore Central Retail for 4 years where he worked for the sales of Recap Jeans brand. Then he was transferred to another branch of Bangalore Central where he worked for sales of Titan Watches for 2 years. At the time of leaving, he was the Supervisor earning a salary of Rs. 18k along with incentives of Rs. 8-10k a month. He got his elder sister married after borrowing Rs. 3 lakh from chit funds and then went to Saudi, worked for 1 year in Riyadh for a large retail chain – Aziz Pand Group. In his last assignment in Saudi, he was earning Rs. 35k per month, along with accommodation and travel allowance. He had hired a small boy at the shop but that did not work well with him. His brother in law works at his shop when he is free (the boy is studying currently). I have asked him to give me the exact sales and gross profit made per day over the next ten days in order to make the financial model for him.

8 Appendix – Investment Details (II of II) Meeting on 9th Dec 2014 – He gave the details of all the items sold along with the margins made on each transaction for 8 days of his business. Based on these numbers and the other inputs regarding the business trend etc, the financial model for the business was made. I told him that he has two options – get investment for a lower return of say 18% but then this will be the first and last time he might get the investment. The other option is to offer a higher return to the investor in which case, we have a better chance to raise more funds in the future too. He chose the later option saying that he wants to consider this investment only as an opportunity to prove his potential and then wants to raise a larger investment in Shaa Allah. I have prepared the financial model with a 20% profit sharing structure where the investor is expected to get an annual return of investment of 24%.

9 Rehbar Financial Consultants Our Mission – To enhance Sharia-compliant value creation for businesses and investors while bringing them together Our Approach – To utilize the best practices from the finance industry and leverage expertise and resources from across our network to create greater value for our stakeholders Our Strength – A professional team with over 100 years of experience in diverse industries like IT, Manufacturing, Banking, Private Equity and Asset Management

10 RFC’s Success so far… Analyzed and studied more than 120 deals so far across all industries and sectors Successfully executed 22 deals with a total deal value of around Rs. 2.3 crore Average return on investment realized across all the deals executed so far is 21%

11 Disclaimer We have exercised due diligence in checking the correctness and authenticity of the information contained herein, so far as it relates to current and historical information, but do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The opinions expressed are our current opinions as of the date appearing in the material and may be subject to change from time to time. Prospective investors are cautioned that any forward looking statement are not predictions and are subject to change without prior notice. Recipients of this material should rely on their own investigations and take their own professional advice. RFC or any of its affiliates or employees shall not be in any way responsible for any loss or damage that may arise to any person from any inadvertent error in the information contained in this report. RFC and/or its affiliates and/or employees may have interests/ positions, financial or otherwise in the company mentioned in this report. For more information, contact Mr. Mudassar Baig, CEO, Rehbar Financial Consultants Email: Mobile: +91-8105676677 Website –,

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