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The Biography Museum (2nd Branch)

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1 The Biography Museum (2nd Branch)
Visit the Curator Room One Room Two Room Three Room Four Museum Entrance Welcome to the Lobby

2 Biography Museum Mrs. Barker Mrs. Barker has been the Media Specialist at River Ridge Elementary since its opening in She also directs the Morning Show and is the school’s Web Master. Working with the Fourth Grade Students on this Virtual Museum has been a great adventure! Back to Lobby

3 Biography Museum Room 1 Back to Lobby

4 Biography Museum Room 2 Back to Lobby 4

5 Biography Museum Room 3 Back to Lobby 5

6 Biography Museum Room 4 Back to Lobby 6

7 River Ridge Elementary
River Ridge Elementary School opened our doors to students on August 21, Our 100,000+ square foot building includes: computer labs, state of the art Media Center, Cafetorium, Gymnasium, Art, and Music rooms. We serve over 700 students ages 3 through 4th grade. Back to Room 1

8 Thomas Edison Thomas Edison was born in Ohio on Feb. 11,1847. He married Mary Stillwell, had six kids: Marion, Thomas, William, Charles, Theodore, and Madeline. He had three months of formal schooling. He set up shops in Park Sand, New Jersey. He had more than 1,000 inventions. The biggest were the light bulb and the movie camera. By Emma & Mikayla Back to Room 1

9 Louisa May Alcott Louisa May Alcott was born on November 20, The members of her family are her mom and dad. In eighteen thirty four Alcott, Louisa May moved to Boston Massachusetts. Louisa May wrote books for adults. Most of Louisa May’s life she was in bad health. Louisa May Alcott was best known for her book, Little Women. Back then women had very few jobs. She died March 6, 1888. By Mia & Anslee Back to Room 1

10 William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was born in April 26, His parents name was John and Mary. He also had 2 sisters and three younger brothers. After a few years his parents died and he married his wife. He had a daughter and sons that are twins. He wrote many comedies, tragedies, and poems. He died in April 23, 1616. By Trey & Grace Back to Room 1

11 Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was born 500 years ago. His father was a weaver. He had a young brother, Bartholomew and a wife named Dona. When he was 31, he became a master mariner. His first wreck was in He sailed the Atlantic Ocean in 1492 with his ships the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. He is credited with discovering America. By Amanda & Chelsea Back to Room 2

12 Isaac Newton Isaac Newton was born on December 24, His father died before he was born. His mother decided to remarry and raise another family. His childhood was unhappy. In Isaac Newton’s adult life, He went to Trinity College. The school was closed for 18 month’s for epidemic. An epidemic is a widespread outbreak of illness. Newton went home to study. He was never married or never had children. He graduated in 1667 from Trinity College in Cambridge, England. He was a teacher, and also continued experiments. In 1670, he became interested in optics and invented the reflecting telescope. In 1679, he studied gravity and came up with the three laws of motion. By Hudson and Destiny Back to Room 2

13 Eli Whitney Eli Whitney was born on December 8, 1765 in Westboro, Massachusetts. He was born into farming family. He graduated from Yale University in He moved to Georgia when he was 32 years old. He married Henrietta Edwards in January Eli Whiney invented the cotton gin. By Mandy & Kristina Back to Room 2

14 Napoleon I of France Napoleon was born on August,15,1769. He lived on a small farm in Corsica. He had one son and then got divorced. Later he had two more sons. He became an emperor of France in the 1800’s. He died on May 5,1821. By DJ & Amber Back to Room 3

15 King Henry VIII of England
He was born in He had a brother, father, and mother. In his early life he had a good education. In his adult life he was a wealthy king. He had 8 wives and beheaded 2 of them. He died in 1547. By Te’Andre & Aimee Back to Room 3

16 E.B. White E.B White was born in Mount Vernon on July 11, His mother took care of 6 children. His dad made pianos. A publisher asked him to write a book called “The Elements of Style”. In 1929, he got one of his poems published. His wife was Katherine his wife and his kids were Nancy, Roger, and Joey. He was known for writing children books. By Evin, Christian & Breanna Back to Room 3

17 Thomas Edison Thomas Edison was born February 11, He lived in Ohio. When he was 7 years old he was a news paperboy. He became an inventor. He invented the light bulb in 1879. By Shawn & Carmen Back to Room 4

18 Thomas Edison Thomas was born on February 11, 1847 in Ohio. He has six people in his family. Thomas did some good stuff in his early life. He created the first light bulb. He died on October 18, 1931 in New Jersey. By Thomas & Sabrie Back to Room 4

19 King Phillip II of Spain
Phillip II of Spain was born in He had a mother, dad, and one sister named Elizabeth. He was hard working, but he didn’t trust anyone. Phillip married Maria in He became the king of Spain in He died in 1598. By Maddy & Zechariah Back to Room 4

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