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A story book written by the students of 3C.

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2 A story book written by the students of 3C





7 Once upon a time in a small town there were two children: Sanah and Barack. In this country there was famine and war: in fact their father died fighting and the mother died trying to save the two children. So the two children were homeless and wander aimlessly. They walked and walked for days and days until they arrived in Cape Town. They went to sleep under a bridge and during the day they looked for iron in order to sell it. One day they met an Italian missionary who helped the children : he brought them into a foster home. Here the boys found many friends and happiness. Bertolino Irene, Cannella Rossella, Daniela Maghini and Martina Savoca.

8 Once upon a time, in Burundi there was a child called Kirikù. He was poor, and he was forced to work to live. He wanted liberty and a friend to SMILE with. One day while he went to the well to get water, he met Michael, an English kid, son of a rich man. Michael and Kirikù became friends, and the English boy realised that they had a thing in common : their SMILE. Michael's father didn’t give him attention because he only thought to his work One day Michael's father discovered the friendship with a poor kid and he forbade his son to see him again. Michael was angry and began to see Kirikù secretly. His father discovered the secret friendship and so he realised that money and different colour of skin are not important. So he decided to adopt Kirikù when the family came back to England. Nicolò Novarino, Elena Lupia, Mirko Camagna and Eleonora Padrini


10 Once upon a time, in India, there was a poor boy called Kakulè. He was forced to work as a slave to get a piece of bread. One day a woman asked him to buy some medicine for her because she was very ill. The woman introduced herself, her name was Shailine. She invited Kakule to dinner. He was very happy and accepted her invitation. During dinner the woman told him she had a house in a nearby village and she wanted to give him the house and the opportunity to go to school. From that moment his life changed and it was possible for him to have a future. Luppi Lorenzo Manciu Nic

11 Upon a time, an eleven-years-old Indian boy called Taj- Mahal, was poor. He survived from a tidal wave; but his father and his mother died. One day he met a little stray dog that become his mate of adventure. Without food and clothes the boy was very thin, and he slept in a little hut made by himself; he lived there with all his rags. After some months his dog died. So he felt alone and abandoned by the all world... Finally he met an old lady that decided to help him and to take him to an orphanage. In this place he received food, water, clothes and cure. Taj-Mahal found a home and he recovered his health. Two years later an Italian family adopted him and so Tay-Mahal lived happily... Brozzu Samanta, Caravati Adriano, Pruonto Emma, Tarateta Daniel


13 Once upon a time, in a far away country there was a boy called Amid. He had eight brothers and sisters. Amid was born on December 8° 2000. He worked in a mine to give food to his family. His mother and father died during the war. Amid hoped to find a family and have education for him and his brothers and sister like other children in other parts of the world. Although he is 9 he knows that his dreams can’t come true, but he hope for a better life for him and his brothers and sisters. Alessio di Pietro, Gianluca Guidobaldi, Davide Turri, Roberto Verzicco


15 We’ve found the pictures on the web. We did not mean to steal any copyright. Thanks to everybody who with their photos made this project possible, but we want to wish all the children of the world a better future. Project supervision by the teacher of English Ms Patrizia Schirosi

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