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1) king of Ithaca, creator of Trojan horse Odysseus 2) : wife of Odysseus Penelope 3) : son of Odysseus and Penelope Telemachus 4) : a group of Greek (Achaeans) princes and lords who want to marry Penelope (they believe Odysseus is dead) The suitors 5) : Odysseus’ island kingdom Ithaca

1) : king of Mycenae (rich kingdom) and leader of allied forces that went to fight in Troy Agamemnon 2) : Agamemnon’s wife Klytemnestra 3) : Klytemnestra’s lover Aegisthus 4) : Agamemnon’s and Klytemnestra’s son Orestes 5) : the bard / singer / poet  Phemius

3 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ 1) Who is Antinous A leader of the Suiters
2 Who is Eurycleia An old serving woman in the house of Odysseus The story: 3) Odysseus had been away for how long? approximately years: 4) How had that time been spent? Fighting in Troy for 10 years, Lost at sea and in Circe’s island for approximately 2 years, on Calypso’s island for 7 years. 5) When in that period does Book 1 takes place? during Odysseus’ last year away from home ie years after he left Ithaca to go to Troy. 

4 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ Prooemium (Lines 1-11):
1) Who is the speaker of the words opening the Epic? Homer 2) What is a muse? Goddesses of the arts 3) Name the muse of epic poetry. Caliope 4) Who is “that resourceful man? (line 1) Odysseus 5) What does the word resourceful suggest about him? He always finds ways to solve the problems he meets

5 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ 1) Who does Homer blame for the loss of Odysseus men? themselves (NOT Odysseus) 2) Why? For eating the Cattle of Hyperion (sun god) Page 3 Explaining why Odysseus is delayed from returning home: 3) Who is Calypso? Daughter of Atlas, a goddess 4) Why did she prevent Odysseus from returning home? She wanted I as her husband 5) Which other god prevented Odysseus from returning home? And why? Poseidon, for the harming of his son, the Cyclops Polyphemus

6 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ Pages 4-5 Athena represents Odysseus’ interests
Where is the council of the Gods occuring? on mount Olympus where the gods live. 2) Zeus thinks it is unfair that humans always blame them (the gods) for everything bad that happens to them. Who does he give as an example Aegisthus 3) What is this story? Aegisthus had an affair with queen Klytemnestra. When her husband Agamemnon returned home after the Trojan War 4) What is Zeus’ evidece for the gods’ being not responsible? the gods sent Hermes to warn Aegisthus to end the affair. Instead of obeying, Aegisthus and Klytemnestra killed Agamemnon. 5) Who is Orestes, and what is his part in the story?  Agamemnon’s son. When he grew up, he avenged the death of his father by killing his mother and her lover.

7 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ 1) Athena tells Zeus, she doesn’t care about Aegisthus. Who does she care about instead? Odysseus 2) What does she complain about? Odysseus captivity still after nearly 10 years 3) Who keeps Odysseus away, according to Zeus, and why? Poseidon – because his son the Cyclops Polyphemus has been blinded by Odysseus Athena is pleased with Zeus’ reply and suggests that they should help Odysseus return home. 4) What does Athena suggest Hermes should do? Go tell Calypso that the gods require her to let Odysseus go 5) What does she propose to do? Go to Ithaca to give encourage to Telemachus find his father

8 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ Page 6-11: Athena in disguise visits Telemachus
The setting is now the palace of Odysseus in Ithaca. Who is Athena disguised as? Mentes 2) What is Telemachus doing and how is he feeling when Athena visits him? Provide evidence to explain your answer. He was sitting with the suitors, his heart troubled, thinking about the suitors and how they might be overcome if his father would return 3) Who welcomes Athena / Mentes? How does he welcome her? And what does this show about him? Telemachus, walked to the gate to greet him and offered him food and comfort, he is observant of the courtesies of his people. 4) This is an example of the custom of guest friendship. What does this custom involve? Why did it come about (give 2 points)? Great hospitality, and gift exchange. It arose when travel was hard and dangerous Describe the entrance of the suitors. What does this suggest about them? They entered and lounged on the couches, helping themselves to the food . They DON’T follow the etiquette of the time – overstaying their welcome

9 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ On pages 6-7 we have a description of what happens in a symposium. Describe. Food (espcially Meat) is served with wine, and song, with servants doign the work 2) When Telemachus speaks to his guest, what is the tone of his voice and how does he feel? Provide evidence to explain your answer. Hushed voice, he is ashamed at what is occurring in the household (160) 3) When Telemachus asks Athena who he is, she tells lies to be more convincing. What is her answer? (Page 8) Mentes – that he has come on a ship with comrades, and that he & Odysseus are guest froends 4) Outline what Athena says to Telemachus in lines Discuss her tone and her purpose. That Odysseus will turn up soon as he is a resourceful man, and nothing cold hold him longer. She is trying to put heart into Telemachus who has lost all hope 5) What reasons does Telemachus give in lines to explain why he feels so unhappy? His household is now in decline, and he cannot mourn has father as if dead, becasue he may not be, and his mother doesn’t know if she should remarry or not

10 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ 1) What advise does Athena give Telemachus in lines ? Think of ways to get rid of the suitors, and send his mother back to her father, with dowry, to arrange her remarriage. He go to Nestor in Pylos and Menelaus in Sparta for info about his father. 2) What does Athena say to Telemachus in lines in order to force him out of his depression? He must stop acting like a child, and act boldly, like Orestes. 3) How did Athena depart from Telemachus’ home? What is the significance of this? Flying off like a wild sea bird. Makes Telemachus thing she/he must be a god 4) What effect did Athena have on Telemachus? Quote key words to provide evidence. In his heart she put courage and strength [320]

11 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ Pages 11-12: meeting Penelope
Why does Penelope come into the dining hall? To tell Phemius to stop his song of Odysseus as it grieves her 2) What evidence is there that Penelope is bold yet abides by the customs of her time? She is prepared to make her feelings felt even in this man’s world. She has 2 attendents, and her face is veiled. (330) 3) What is Telemachus’ reaction? He contradicts her to say phemius should be able to continue. 4) What does this show about him? That he is beginning to find courage to rise to his position as head of the household 5) How does Penelope feel about Telemachus’ response? Quote from the poem to explain your answer. She was astonished, but saw and loved his emeging wisdom - “set in her heart the prudent words her son had said” [360]

12 ODYSSEY BOOK 1 QUIZ Page 12-13: Talking to the suitors.
Page 12-13: Talking to the suitors. At the end of book 1, Telemachus talks bravely to the suitors. Briefly outline what he says. Says they must stop eating him out of house and home, and leave 2) Why this sudden change? Athena has given him courage 3) How do they react to him? They are astonished , but say they will not leave 4) How do they justify their bad behaviour They blame Penelope for leading them on


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