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Roberta Learning with Robots

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1 Roberta Learning with Robots
An initiative of Fraunhofer-Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS)

2 Agenda Intro / Vorstellungsrunde IAIS Google Timeline
Proposal, Projektstart, Kick-off, Planned Events Live Demo                         User Experience             Open Roberta Logo, IDE Open RobertaLab, NEPO Architektur                        Aufbau Komponenten Projekt-Infrastruktur    Jira, Stash, Wiki, Links, URL Roadmap                           UI-Flow Simulation, User-Management, Kommunikation Meilensteine

3 Roberta – Learning with Robots
What is Roberta?

4 Overview Situation in Germany:
VDI: Lack of approx engineers in Germany Unequal gender distribution PISA-Study: Education in Germany has to become better On the long run Germany needs more engineers! The potential of women in technical based jobs are mostly unused

5 Overview Is an initiative of Fraunhofer IAIS Is a concept Is a brand
Is based on gender sensitive Roberta courses The aim of the Roberta-Initiative is, to get boys and especially girls interested in STEM.

6 History – coding since 2002! BMBF Funding 2002-2006
EU Funding Local Funding (Berlin, NRW, Schleswig-Holstein) Funding by corporate (Google, Oracle, Stemmer, …)

7 The Roberta-Concept Roberta Courses Roberta Series Roberta Trainings
Roberta Network

8 Überblick Roberta area-wide in Roberta-Series Basics
Themes and Experiments Programming with Java Geschöpfe aus einer Box Roberta-Network Roberta area-wide in Berlin: eEducation Masterplan NRW: zdi-Initiative Saarland: Ministerium für Bildung, Familie, Frauen und Kultur Schleswig-Holstein: Ministerium für Bildung und Wissenschaft des Landes Schleswig-Holstein 24 RobertaRegionalCentres in Deutschland 12 RobertaRegionalCentres in five European countries

9 Open Roberta Overview

10 Open Roberta Timeline | Highlights
Signing of a contract Involvement Googlers Open Roberta Events First contact 05/ / / / / …. Final proposal Initial meeting Kick-off Open Roberta Launch Open RobertaLab

11 Open Roberta Live Demo

12 Open Roberta User experience

13 Open Roberta User experience | Logo

14 Open Roberta User experience | Open RobertaLab

15 Open Roberta User experience | Programming Language
New Easy Programming Online but NEPO is much more…

16 Open Roberta Architecture

17 Open Roberta Project infrastructure

18 Open Roberta Roadmap - Milestones
> active users (and userinnen) of Open RobertaLab Lego Firmware Open Roberta Challenge Tutorial Editor Kick-off Event Final Project Event Tutorial Launch RobertaLab Collaboration 3D Simulation User Management Design Hackathons Workshops Barcamps …. Roberta Car License Initial Kick-off

19 Open Roberta Work Packages
IAIS Google Community NEPO x leJOS Transformation Server to robot communication User management IDE Design Tutorials (2D Animation) Collaboration Mobile apps X Lego Firmware integration (x) More Robots integration eg. NXT More feature integration eg. sensors and motors 3D Simulation Tutorial editor

20 Open Roberta Discussion
JavaScript Frameworks LEGO Firmware

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