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Lessons in Devotional Service

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1 Lessons in Devotional Service
From Chaitanya-Charitamrita Krishna’s love is the highest form of love. Srila Prabhupada explains that mothers love is one of the purest forms of love in this material world. Lord Chaitanya is The Hidden Incarnation of Lord Krishna for the age of Kali. He appeared 500 years ago. He comes as a Bhakta and thus teaches by example. He comes with the loving mood of our eternal mother Radharani

2 DS is without any personal motivation or desire
SELFLESS DS is without any personal motivation or desire Govinda was the god-brother of Lord Chaitanya, who became The Lord’s personal servant on the order of his guru. Lord Chaitanya was sleeping in the doorway. Govinda tried to ask him to get up and move but Lord Chaitanya did not do so So Govinda stepped over him. When asked why he did not leave, he explained “ For my own sense gratification I am not ready to cross over you, but for your service I am ready to do anything.

3 DS continues on despite difficulties and obstacles
STEADY DS continues on despite difficulties and obstacles Thakur Haridas would chant the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra constantly. He was born in a non-Hindu’s family. He was extensively tortured by the non-Hindu’s due to his chanting Hare Krishna and also the orthodox Hindu's would not accept him. When asked by Lord Chaitanya, please reduce the vow of chanting so much due to old age, he said “The real problem is not my body but my mind” and despite old age continued chanting.

4 SENSITIVE DS is performed with consideration of others.
Perception is reality for the person who is perceiving. Lord Chaitanya met his mother after becoming a sanyasi monk He told his mother that he was ready to give up being a monk. His mother said no to this proposal as she did not want her son to have bad reputation She said her only concern was to get some news of him, so she requested him to not go and live in far way Vrindavan and go to Jagganath Puri instead where many Bengalis go for Rath Yatra and she would know of Him Lord Chaitanya agreed !!!

5 DS is performed cooperatively with other devotees
Co-operation DS is performed cooperatively with other devotees Lord Chaitanya is leading the temple cleaning of Gundicha temple. All devotees are working in co-operation to help Him do this I am asked to make 20 kilo puri, instead I think that people like sweets so I make 20 kilo of sweet rice. Being right and being co-operative can be two different things Complaining – tamo guna (ignorance) , Competing – rajo guna ( passion), Co-operation – sattva guna ( goodness)

6 DS is performed under the guidance of the acharyas
Follow Authority DS is performed under the guidance of the acharyas Rupa and Sanatan Goswami’s who are disciples of Lord Chaitanya were tasked by the Lord to do many things, among the tasks was to establish Vaishnava Culture which they followed to the letter. We must always follow authority even though we may have some mental difficulties or differences in doing so. We want to give Krishna’s culture to the people who are coming and not give material culture to Krishna. (jeans on Krishna)

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