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M.Y.R.C.A. 2015 Chosen from books published in Canada in 2013, written by an author born or currently living in Canada.

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1 M.Y.R.C.A. 2015 Chosen from books published in Canada in 2013, written by an author born or currently living in Canada.

2 By Robert Paul Weston  Juvenile Fiction  Perfect for a read a-loud.  Fantasy Genre  Princess Francesca likes to settle in nooks, in her pajamas, to read all her books.  But the Kingdom of Spiff will not let it slide, there are rules of fashion which she must abide.  Then she meets Puggly, the crown Prince of Spud who wears paisleys with plaids, he is clearly a dud.  This story’s moral, as you may have guessed…there’s more to a person that how they are dressed.

3 By K L Armstrong  Juvenile Fiction  Fantasy Genre  Based on Norse Mythology  First in a series  Perfect for fans of the Percy Jackson series  While Matt knew he was a modern-day descendent of Thor, he’s always lived a normal kid’s life. In fact, most people in the small town of Blackwell, South Dakota, are direct descendants of either Thor or Loki, including Matt’s classmates Fen and Laurie Brekke. No big deal. But now Ragnarok is coming, and it’s up to the champions to fight in the place of the long-dead gods. Matt, Laurie, and Fen’s lives will never be the same as they race to put together an unstoppable team, find Thor’s hammer and shield, and prevent the end of the world.

4 By Charles DeLint  Juvenile Fiction  Fantasy Genre  Gorgeous Illustrations by Charles Vess  Based on A Circle of Cats (picture book)  Lillian, out searching for fairies in the woods, is bitten by a venomous snake and she feels her life beginning to slip away. Her friends, the cats of the forest decide to use their most powerful magic to return her to life by transforming her into a kitten. Unhappy in that form, she must convince the old Possum-Witch to transform her back into a girl. Will Lillian learn that she must accept the consequences of her choices?

5 By Rachelle Delaney  Juvenile Fiction  Mystery Genre  JR is a Jack Russel terrier whose human is a Canadian ambassador stationed in Russia. Their cleaning lady has a terrible habit of leaving the living room window open just enough for a small dog to get through. JR begins to escape nightly into the street, meeting the strays from the Moscow Metro only to discover a mystery! Someone is kidnapping dogs.

6 By Jessica Scott Kerrin  Juvenile Fiction  Mystery Genre.  When Derek was very young, his friend Dennis was killed by a car after running into the road to catch a ball. Ever since, Derek has had recurring nightmares, and he is afraid that spending his volunteer time in the local cemetery will make it even harder for him to sleep. When it rains, the lessons take place in the nearby public library. One day, a book arrives at the library, Derek and his group mates find a secret code written on the inside of the margin. One code leads to the next, with the last code leading the students to a mysterious secret.

7 By Bev Terrell- Deutsch  Juvenile Fiction  Historical Genre  Sixth-grader Gregory takes the long way home from school every day to avoid passing the Jiffy Mart where his minister father died in a car accident. Gregory was in the car at the time, which further intensifies his anxiety. His friends Matt and Teisha try numerous schemes to help Gregory face his fears, but nothing works. Will Gregory be able to conquer his paralyzing fear?

8 By Sam Fisher  Juvenile Fiction  Fantasy Genre  Perfect for boys who are fans of Goosebumps/Pokemon  Morton Clay is a huge fan of a kids magazine called Scare Scape, and he has a large collection of plastic figurines to prove it. But when Morton and his siblings, James and Melissa, find an old stone gargoyle buried in the yard of the old house they’ve just moved into, they discover that the mysterious epitaph claiming to grant 3 wishes really do come too. Too bad Morton wishes for his Scare Scape figurines to come to life!

9 By David Carroll  Sports Genre  Juvenile Fiction  Was mentioned in the OLA Most Notable Books for 2013.  Quinn, 13, is a gifted distance runner. He enters his first ultramarathon: a grueling 100-mile, 24-hour- long race that will push him to the very limit of his endurance. Quinn is deeply determined to finish the race, struggling up a mountain, running through the night even as his muscles break down and he begins to hallucinate. It is then that Quinn begins to discover the real reason why he pushes himself to the limit.

10 By Eric Murphy  Juvenile Fiction  Mystery Genre  A year after his father’s death, Will is thirteen and living with his mother in Toronto. Heartbroken, Will runs away to his grandparents’ in Lunenburg for solace. When he gets there, he discovers his grandparents are on the verge of losing the family home and their sail making business. Exhausted by the turmoil, Will falls asleep aboard a hidden schooner and dreams that his great grandfather, William ‘The Real’ McCoy, is hiding a secret treasure capable of solving all of his family’s problems.

11 By Tom Earle  Juvenile Fiction  Sports Genre  Great for hockey fans  Jake is a rising hockey star and dreams of playing in the Ontario Hockey League. However, nothing is ever good enough for his Dad who is physically and verbally abusing him. When his home life becomes unsafe, Jake runs away, and seeks shelter inside the empty Maple Leaf Gardens. All too soon, he is terrified to discover that he isn’t the only one taking refuge there.

12 By Jill MacLean  Juvenile Fiction  Realistic Genre  Sigrid Sugden is a Shrike, a member of one of the toughest group of girls in school. But one day, the Shrikes go too far. Their favourite victim, Prinny Murphy, is in real danger. Sigrid makes a decision that will save Prinny’s life but will turn the Shrikes anger onto her. For Sigrid, this is a transformative moment. She wants to be a better person. But overcoming her bad-girl image is a whole lot harder to do than she originally thought. No one likes her, no one trusts her – no one is willing to give her a second chance. Should she return to her old ways or strike out on her own all alone?

13 By Karen Autio  Juvenile Fiction  Historical Genre  Sabotage concludes a trilogy of historical fiction based on a family of Finnish immigrants living on the north shore of Lake Superior. John's Ukrainian friend Fred has had his father herded away to an internment camp. Then a man at the grocery store calls the Mäki family "enemy aliens". Even Saara has worries that she may not progress from Junior Fourth to Senior Fourth because she's been away for months helping her aunt who has TB. But when their own actions are misinterpreted as suspicious, and their father is accused of attempting to blow up the grain elevator, John and Saara must work together and ask for help of those who disapprove of them and prove that all landed immigrants are not dangerous enemy aliens.

14 By Luanne Armstrong  Juvenile Fiction  Historical Genre, ancient Khazikstan  Strong Female Protagonist  Morven is caught between her loyalty to her clan and the horses she loves that are merely seen as food by her tribe mates. She has a strong will and is quite introverted, preferring the company of the horses despite the ridcule of her human family. As her clan faces drought and starvation, they must keep on the move, making some friends and terrible enemies along the way.

15  Teen Fiction. Aboriginal Resource  Strong female Metis protagonist  Historical Genre, based on true events in York Factory and Red River  When a young orphan named Amelia first spots a red stallion, she is convinced he is her spirit guide, what her tribe calls a pawakan. But the beautiful Foxfire's journey is not over-- he's headed west to the Red River valley. But then Amelia discovers a long-lost letter from her father--a man she's never met--asking his family to join him in the Red River valley. Should Amelia stay with her mother's tribe in the only world she's ever known or follow Foxfire in the hope that her father may still be alive? By Troon Harrison

16 By Meaghan McIsaac  Teen Fiction  Fantasy Genre  For fans of Lord of the Flies and the Hobbit  Urgle (aka Useless) is living in a volcanic pit within a society of wild boys, where abandoned babies are raised by a Big Brother. One day, a wounded man appears, hunted nearly to death; the boys begin to wonder what lies in the world beyond the pit. Soon they are engulfed in more danger than they ever imagined and Useless must find hid little brother or die trying.

17 By Teresa Toten  Teen Fiction (some strong language)  Realistic Genre  Recommended for fans of The Fault in Our Stars  Adam struggles with OCD and falls instantly in love the day Robyn joins his support group. Each member uses a pseudonym and Adam chooses to be Batman to his Robyn. Their love is awkward and slightly impossible, given the state of their mental health. Yet Adam courageously tries everything to get better even as he loses control over his life.

18 By Amy McCulloch  Teen Fiction  Fantasy Genre  Raim lives in a desert world where oaths are sealed by knotting cords together. He was found with a promise string on his wrist as a baby, the oath a mystery. As he grows to manhood he seeks to join the Yun, a warrior class but before being sworn in, he somehow breaks his forgotten promise and is cast out to the desert as an outcast to die.

19 By Elizabeth Wennick  Teen Fiction – language warning (swearing)  Realistic Genre  Jenna Cooper was only a few days old when her father was murdered and her family was shattered. Now fifteen, she daydreams of a picture- perfect sitcom family as she struggles with the gritty realities of her life. When Jenna finds out that Travis Bingham, the man who shot her father, has been released from prison, she becomes obsessed with tracking him down and confronting him.

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