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The Pilgrim’s Progress Response to Literature Oral Presentation Chapter 4: In the Valleys of Humility and Death. By: Anna Hart.

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1 The Pilgrim’s Progress Response to Literature Oral Presentation Chapter 4: In the Valleys of Humility and Death. By: Anna Hart

2 Christian said, “I will walk in the strength of the Lord God
Christian said, “I will walk in the strength of the Lord God.” After this, the creatures in the valley of the shadow of death drew back and came no farther. The Lord’s strength also helps Christian defeat Apollyon. Fear Christian says, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me.” Even though he has great fears in this chapter, he finds peace through God. Strength Apollyon said, "You go back, and whatever the country can afford in the way of pay, I will see that you get it." However, Christian resisted this temptation and the temptation of leaving the valley of the shadow of death as Self-love and critic did.

3 Chapter Summary I think the main idea from chapter four is that if you stay faithful in the Lord, He will deliver you and help you. That after the darkness comes the light. On page 60 it says, “There came to him a hand of mercy with healing leaves from the tree of life.” This was God’s mercy helping Christian heal after he was faithful to Him in the battle with Apollyon. This just amplifies how the Lord shows his mercy and love to you when you put all of your faith in Him. Christian had two main situations in chapter four where he had to put his faith in the Lord. Christian exemplified great faith in chapter four. First he had a battle with Apollyon in the Valley of Humility. There Apollyon tried to convince him to come back to the city of destruction. However Christian did not let him persuade his actions. On page 58 Christian says to Apollyon, “I like His service, His wages, His servants, His government, His company, and His country much better than yours and all you can promise.” Christian defies Apollyon and they have a battle. Christian does not die, but is fatally wounded. Later on, Christian travels to the valley of the shadow of death. Here he is on a narrow path with creatures lurking in the shadows. He finds strength in prayer and makes it safely through the valley where he can see the light.

4 Symbolism in Chapter Four
Apollyon= The Devil Battle With Apollyon= Every Christians struggle with sin, trying to fight it and resisting the temptation to sin again and go back to old ways Healing leaves from tree of life= God’s love and mercy Self-Love and Critic= Christians who turn from the Christian ways when life gets too hard. Cowards. Valley of the Shadow of Death= A Christians struggle. Creatures in the valley represent people who do not want you to follow the Christian ways. Filled with discouraging souls.

5 What does the Narrator see at the end of the valley of the shadow of death?
The narrator saw blood, ashes, bones, and thousands of mangled bodies of pilgrims who had gone through the valley. He then realizes that the cause of these deaths were two giants, Pope and Pagan. But, Christian could pass safely through for the giants present conditions were weak. Pagan had already been dead for many years and Pope was very old and had grown crazy. I think Bunyan used this to say that evil creatures grow old and weary but the strength of the Lord and His believers never will.

6 Interpretations Of Chapter 4
Personally, I think that chapter four was all about maintaining your faith even when it is hard. When Christian faces Apollyon he could have easily gone back with him or have been killed. But he found faith in the Lord and fought Apollyon and survived. Also in the Valley of the Shadow of death, “Christian’s sword was ineffective; yet he had another weapon that was always effective: Effectual fervent prayer. "So the Lord is where Christian found his strength. This relates to the Christian walk of faith in many ways. For example, when Christian could not find strength in his sword but in prayer, it symbolizes how sometimes Christian’s turn to worldly things instead of God in times of trouble.

7 The Wilderness The emptiness, wandering, and excitement of the wilderness in the Pilgrim’s progress all represent one thing, inner struggle. The wandering soul away from God’s stability. Christian is constantly wandering through the wilderness as his soul is wandering as well. At times he is stable and with God, but sometimes he slips and falls down the path of destruction. The whole reason for his journey is to find peace and strength with the Lord. But this does not come easy. Christian’s path is hard and difficult both physically and spiritually. But in the end, Christian stops wandering and finds the Lord and His city of glory!

8 Good-will Good-will helps Christian at the Wicket Gate when Beelzebub shoots arrows at him. Good-will represents God because he is a good judge of people He only let Christian through the gate because Christian was true in spirit. Without Good-will, Christian might not have made it to the Celestial City because he let him in the gate that leads to the path and saved Christian from the arrows.

9 Essential Questions Why do some people reject God even though His love is so great? Is it human nature to run away in sight of danger? What makes the Celestial City worth all of the struggles to get there?

10 My Personal Impact The Pilgrim’s Progress has taught me many valuable lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It has taught me that even though the Christian walk can be hard and troubling, in the end it is worth it. If you stay with the Lord, you will find strength through Him to carry you through. The final destination makes the journey worth it, for if you stay faithful to the Lord, the prize is eternal life in Heaven. 

11 Apollyon Celestialcity Christian Critic Death Evil Faith Goodwill Journey Pagan Pilgrimsprogress Pope Prayer Selflove Shadowofdeath Strength Struggle Wicketgate wilderness

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