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Which amendment is it? Know your amendments….

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1 Which amendment is it? Know your amendments…

2 Read the following scenarios
Decide which amendment was being protected or broken. Be sure you can explain what you and your team members believe/

3 Martin Smith is an African who was brought to the United States by slavers. As a former slave, he fought for the Union and helped win the Civil War. Now as a free man he is excited because he will be voting in his very first election. As he walks to town he sees a larger crowd outside of the voting station. He is afraid. As he walks up to take his turn to vote, but the man who works the ballot box tells him to go home. He is not allowed to vote. Can this happen? Explain.

4 It is the year Mrs. Mayah Cole is a well-educated and respected Victorian lady. As a well-respected member of the community, Mrs. Cole is excited because she is headed to the pole to vote in the presidential election. Is this possible? Do you think she will be allowed to vote? Explain your answer

5 The year is As Mr. Jones walked into the cloth factory in New York City he had a huge smile on his face. He was expecting a large amount of money in his pay envelope. He had to pay out extra to his land lady. His wife had become ill and he had borrowed from her to pay for the doctor. With excitement, he opened the pay envelope that was handed to him. What! It was less than he was suppose to be paid! Talking to the owner he discovered that he had been taxed. Government! Taxes! This is unfair. Is this possible? Explain

6 As a new citizen of the United States, Ricardo excitedly looked forward to going to work in the steel factory. There he would earn good money to send back to his family. They too would come to the United States. As Ricardo walked to the factory, a policeman stopped Ricardo and arrested him. Ricardo, frightened, doesn’t know what to expect. He hears that people in this country receive a trial by jury and that he will be freed when it is proven that he is innocent. Shortly, a man comes to see him stating he is a lawyer and he will help. Ricardo is later released and allowed to go back home. He was found to have been innocent. This is an example of what amendment?

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