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VEYEISHEV (AND HE SETTLED) Bereishit 37:1 – 40:23 Genesis 37:1 – 40:23.

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1 VEYEISHEV (AND HE SETTLED) Bereishit 37:1 – 40:23 Genesis 37:1 – 40:23

2 Joseph – Foreshadow of the Messiah? Making the Connection TThe Meaning of Three’s SSlavery and Success JJealousy and Dreams PPrison and Interpretation’s

3 Jealousy and Dreams The Chronicles of Jacob Why did Joseph’s brothers hate him? What about that Coat? Why did Joseph tell his brothers his dreams? Sheaves of Wheat Sun, Moon & Stars Physical/Spiritual? Joseph the Messiah?

4 Slavery and Success Why does the Torah say that Jacob sent Joseph from the depth of Hebron when Hebron is in the Judean hills above what would become Jerusalem? Why was Joseph lost in Shechem and why did the man ask him “What do you seek?”  Why did Jacob find it necessary to send Joseph to check on his brothers?

5 Slavery and Success Even Onto Death Thrown in a Pit Sold for 20 Pieces of Silver Ruben’s Distress A King’s Robe Covered in Blood Potiphar’s Slave Head of Household A Boast, an Accusation and a Garment!

6 Prison and Interpretation’s Thrown in Prison Favor Found The Cupbearer & The Baker The Dreams & Interpretations’ The Wine The Bread Crucified & Forgotten

7 The Meaning of Three’s Level’s of Interpretation Pashat (Simple) Remez (Hint) Drash (Search) Sod (Hidden) The number 3 & the Messiah

8 Making the Connection The Sign of the Barren Womb The Sign of Divine Election Joseph the Sheppard The One Who Was Hated Why did Jacob love Joseph over his brothers? The Rejection of Joseph by His Brothers They Hated Him More on Account of His Dreams

9 Making the Connection The Messianic Significance of Joseph’s Dreams Joseph was sent to Shechem to check on his Brothers and the Flocks Seeking Lost Sheep The Conspiracy Against Joseph They Couldn’t Kill Joseph Themselves They Threw Joseph into a Pit

10 Making the Connection Joseph was not in the pit when Reuben went to rescue him. Joseph was stripped of his garment Sold for 20 Pieces of Silver His Kingly Coat was Dipped in Blood Jacob Rent His Garments When He Learned Joseph Died Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

11 Making the Connection Joseph the Servant/Slave Joseph in Prison Joseph, the Egyptian Jesus said, “For if you believed Moses, you would believe me; for he wrote about Me”. John 5:46

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